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April 15, 2007


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So I had the devine pleasure of seeing Frank Miller’s/Zack Snyder’s “300” in one MASSIVE ASS movie theatre (it’s new and it’s in the Rockaway Mall in Morris County New Jersey, and like, my God, this thing was ridiculous, it was like an orgy of Hollister, teenage predators, heavily buttered popcorn, and about the biggest movie posters and screens I have ever seen) tonight and I think it’s only appropriate for me to give my review.

The film was visually stunning, and it should’ve been with all that crap they did in effects to this thing, from the behind-the-scenes thing I saw on HBO it looked as if the only real thing in the film was the actors (which I think sadly is true), but the make up piled on a film is not what makes it what it is, the actual film does, and this film fit my standards beautifully. Although fake, the shots were gorgeous, and set a definitive tone that flowed and made me much more comfortable and familiar with the story. There were also some very cool speed-up and slow-down techniques during the fighting, mixed with darkness and lightness experiments and high contrast, this baby pumped out some unforgettable images. I would have to say my favorite would have been the pushing of the Persians off the cliff (which can be seen on some of the movie’s posters and in the trailers, I believe). Plotwise, man this film is something you want to watch to get your blood pumping. This thing was fun fun fun to watch, from start to beginning, mucho excitement, and badass fighting scenes, these Spartans were some crazy f***ing people (sorry to resort to use that word but it fits there so well). All in all the film did its job: It entertained the heck out of me, it made perfect sense and was actually a very interesting plotline, the character development was far greater than I expected, the cinematography ruled my ass, and it was as epic and radical as the trailer made it out to be. “300”: 8/10.

* * * * *

Now also I realized I gotta give a shout out out out out out to my boys who are pretty talented musicians, their style isn’t really my bag, but they rock it and they have some real potential in that genre. Their band is called Otis (which I strongly fought against), and they sound a bit like that whole jam band scene, mainly like Umphrey’s Mcgee. But seriously, these guys can jam, I’ve seen it many a times, they’ve been actually blowing my mind with some of their newer stuff but they’ve been just too damn lazy to record that shit to mp3 and hit me up with it, but like all high school bands, it’s not really their NUMBER 1 priority, and it’s all a little scattered, but they are making some heavy progress and if they could continue I think they would be a real contender for that world.

There’s Bruno (Far Left) who beats the drums, Jimmy (Middle Left) who can basically shred the shit, Craig (Middle Right) who pumps the bass, and John (Far Right), who does lead vocals and rhythm, but there seriously off the hook (they now use this renevated barn for their studio, and they have some hi-tech equipment stuff, like I’m not lying these guys are on their way). But enough of me talking about them, here are some mp3’s for you to see for yourself, it’s their old stuff, and I’m definitley gonna post the new stuff if they ever help me out there, but until then, enjoy these. Always with love…BK

mp3: Bump
mp3: Soundtrack


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