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April 15, 2007

Movie Madness! (well not so much…)

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I just felt like a movie post. It’s cool right? I mean movies mean more to me than music, yet I haven’t even written a true post about where I am right now with them and what I’m looking forward to seeing. So let’s start it off, with anitcipation…

Here is a list of films I am very jazzed up about seeing in the near future.

Where the Wild Things Are by Spike Jonze
Yes! An adaptation of one of my favorite children bedtime stories. Paul Dano will play Alex which makes it all the more worth while, with appearances from some other fine actors. I’m really quite excited to see what Jonze does with this, I love the branching out that seems to be becoming more and more apparent in the independent film bracket.
Scavenger Hunt by Eli Roth
Now I’m not too sure about the legitamacy on this puppy, but Gosh darn do I want to see it. I did heavy research on the “true events” that it is going to be based off of, and wow. These kids did some crazy things, I even got a peek at the Scavenger hunt list they used one year, kids are messed up, and getting messier, and I am (or was) hoping that this will be the Kids of this decade.
There Will Be Blood by Paul Thomas Anderson
This film is the most anticipated of any coming out ever for myself. The screenshot samples that have been on p.t.’s unofficial site, cigarettes and red vines. I have the book that it is adapting just lying on my shelf (Oil! by Upton Sinclair), because I had a change of heart when i realized that I wanted to experience this film head on, I didn’t want any form of a spolier for this already epic film.

mp3: Aimee Mann- Cigarettes & Red Vines (p.s. something for p.t.a. and f.a. to dance too)

Wristcutters: A Love Story by Goran Dukic
This is very interesting. Purgatory for the suicidal? and love blossoms? According to the title. This is very interesting. Tom Waits also stars.

mp3: Tom Waits- November

The Darjeeling Limited and The Fantastic Mr. Fox both by Wes Anderson
New Wes Anderson movie (wide angled shots, excellent ensemble cast, beautiful scenery, clever dialogue, cool themes, pretty music), Wes Anderson doing animation (? I don’t know I’ve never seen this before).

So that’s that for what I need to see. I just finished watching Science of Sleep, and of course Gondry made masterful tricks out of ordinary things to make the film into a realm where it was hard to distinguish between the real life and the dream, and I believe it was meant for that way. But that’s about the only serious movie I’ve seen lately. Still wanna see Zodiac, and witnessed the very very very funny Blades of Glory last night (Will Ferrell never fails), supremely funny movie and reccomended for a good time with friends. I’m out on the night now. It’s Saturday. Always with love…BK


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