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April 15, 2007

my.were.they. + MGMT

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my were they is like Interpol, a lot like Interpol, with a dash of Hot IQ’s, get the picture now? No? Ok, math equation time. my were they= (Interpol) – (the experience and sophomoric qualities) + (more clever guitar rythyms x very noticeable potential). Still don’t get the picture? I give up. Just listen to some mp3’s of them. I’ve listened to this little album a couple of times now and I can see a band forming here, I mean like a band that will be in the Hot Indie Rock section of iTunes (Wait what? No. I don’t look at that or anything? What?). But seriously, these guys are from Chicago (a place where a lot of great people go un noticed), and have this new album coming out, I seriously think you should be on the look out for, it’s called ‘after they threw me in the river and before i drowned’ (I love that album name). Read about the new album and the band here, and check out the band’s webpage here. Have a good one, world. I’ll see you sometime with something. Always with love…BK

mp3: my were they- afterglow
mp3: my were they- velocity

p.s. my friend showed me how this kickass band MGMT (they are electronic and funky and great, show a great resemblence to SITF favorite Brothers Past, check them out here) has gotten signed to Columbia Records and is adding what I believe will be a great album to the endless list of them so far for 2007. Here’s a song from their ep Time to Pretend. And check out some demos from the new album coming soon (Ornacular Spectacular) on their MySpace. Enjoy this one hitter.

mp3: MGMT- Time to Pretend


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  1. […] out with called After They Threw Me In the River and Before I Drowned. I had heard them, liked the Interpol and Hot IQs similarities, which I know slightly frown upon because of my lazy clumping, all three of those bands have unique […]

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