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April 15, 2007

new kids in town

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I really really really do have to up my number of posts, I’ve been slacking off I will admit, and I will also state that I will do my best to keep ’em coming. Otherwise, great music has been coming out lately, like GREAT music, and I’m sitting back and just enjoying the full of it, I haven’t been able to catch some movies I really want to see, like Zodiac looks incredible, and at the top of my list of things to see that are out in theaters. The others I want to see include Dead Silence, because it’s from the guy who wrote the first Saw, and you gotta admit that that fact sparks some curiosity, and The Hills Have Eyes 2, simply because the first one was so unbelievably unneccesary that it was funny, and this one is said to be worse. I’m also in the midst of a nother Bret Easton Ellis book (Finished Rules of Attraction and Glamorama, both fantastic and absolute favorites after first read), Less Than Zero, it’s so far great, like everything else this guy writes, and it really just draggs the reader in with the descriptions, the intricate outlook of the teenager, the clever and hip characters, the lurking in the background of something that goes much deeper than just an old Elvis Costello poster. But that’s what I’ve Been up to lately, so I’ll leave you with some new new mp3s from some new ready-to-rock-and-take-over-the-scene rockers that have been tasting pretty tastey. Always with love…BK
(Pictured on the Right: Thomas Dybdahl, the Norwegian man of the hour, in my opinion it will be many hours, many many hours. Check out Science here)

mp3: Ted Leo & the Pharmasists- La Costa Brava
mp3: The Rakes- Cold
mp3: Coconut Records- The West Coast
mp3: The National- Fake Empire
mp3: Thomas Dybdahl- Dice
mp3: Donovan- Hurdy Gurdy Man(not new, just badass as hell on the trailer for Zodiac)
mp3: Rosie Thomas- Much Farther To Go feat. Sufjan Stevens
mp3: Tokyo Police Club- Box


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