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April 15, 2007

THE albums out of 100 Part I (100-81)

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Slowly and slowly things are piling back up, only to be knocked right back down., that’s how I feel with my uploads. I got them all back up, but who knows for how long, all I know is I’ll do everything in my power to keep them available. BUT glad that debacle is over with so I can dive fresh into this…

This is just my point of view on things, it’s fine if you disagree, I’d actually be surprised if anyone agreed to my particular choosing of things, but I feel like a big fun bond can form with these next few posts, and we’ll be all close and cool afterwards. But keep in mind, some of these will be E.P.s or even Soundtracks to movies. So to quote Jon Brion , “Here we go…”.

100. The Little Ones- Sing Song EP
This thing came out of no where, I’m still highly anticipating their full album debut but I haven’t heard anything about it. I think I came across this little diddy on iTunes called “High on the Hill” and literally the words that came out of my mouth were: “Oo daddy like,” and I regret saying that a hundred percent (not the song, the song well deserved that praise, just the fact that I said ‘daddy like’ to myself). But anyway after that it was like a domino effect, I would get another song of the E.P. and be astonished, and get another one, and get another one, until poof, I had all 6 stacked up. A great little listen if you have the time, and a great album will be the product of these guys in time, I’m that confident.

mp3: The Little Ones- High on a Hill
mp3: The Little Ones- Oh MJ!

Buy here.

99. Nine Days- The Madding Crowd
Yeah that’s right, Nine f***ing Days. I don’t care what anyone says, this was like one of my favorite albums when I was pimping the middle school days. Both John Hampson and Brian Desveaux’s voices kick ass throughout the whole album producing such a crisp and beautiful pop alternative sound that it’s scary. I’m sure people are just gonna disregard this but I’m telling you, Nine Days made a quality album here, and I love it, and I’ll stand by it to the end of the world. From Absolutley (Story of a Girl) to the corny tribute to Bob Dylan, I love it, and I’m sharing this love. And for those closet Nine Days fans, new album coming out this year, and I am beyond pumped.

mp3: Nine Days- Absolutely (Story of a Girl)
mp3: Nine Days- So Far Away
mp3: Nine Days- Bob Dylan
mp3: Nine Days- Revolve

Buy here.

98. Phantom Planet- Negatives
Phantom Planet has always found a way to make me need them. This disc is part one of b-sides and rarities during the self-titled album era, which is the last we’ve heard from them, and is filled with gems reaching up to 19 tracks.Negatives provides so much for me, basically it reassures me that Phantom Planet is not turning on it’s old sound of happy alternative, but also, being released shortly after their self-titled and latest album, it shows that the band is also experimenting with new sounds. It’s the best of both worlds, a band sticking to its orginal sound, but exploring other sounds that they kick ass at as well! All in all this album really hits me hard, definitley my top B-sides and rarities album, because any of these songs couldv’e been put on a regular record and been spun non-stop.

mp3: Phantom Planet- Infatuation
mp3: Phantom Planet- Do the Panic!
mp3: Phantom Planet- Get Into It

Buy it on iTunes, or check it out here.

97. Bell X1- Music in Mouth
ok OK, so what if I first heard these guys on the O.C., if you got a problem with that then your lying because you know the O.C. has been a great outlet for music for the past 3 years. But after hearing the great song from the O.C. (In Every Sunflower) the rest of the album unraveled on me and took me by the hand through a labyrinth of Irish Alternative bliss. Strong vocals (considering the fact that their old frontman and singer from their old band Juniper, left them, oh and his name was Damien Rice) and chords, very diverse songs throughout the entire album (each genre as entertaining and clever as the next), basically, this album kicks it, and it’s very cool and hip, and the lyrics to some of these songs make me belt them out along with the song, it’s all that provocative.

mp3: Bell X1- I’ll See Your Heart and Raise You Mine
mp3: Bell X1- In Every Sunflower
mp3: Bell X1- Next to Me (*Sometimes in the Fall’s personal fav. of the album*)

Buy here.

96. Rilo Kiley- More Adventurous
To put it in terms short and simple, I wish Jenny Lewis and Blake Sennett began recording together again. This album is the best representation of that wish. Whenever bandmates branch out to different projects or go solo from a great revolutionary band, those projects always tend to be missing something that your expecting to hear before listening to it, and it is disappointing, don’t get me wrong, I love the Elected, but on Sun Sun Sun I seem to miss those once-in-a-while pop explosions like “Portions for Foxes” on this grandiose disc.This is also just an album that I look at saying “Oo I love that song, and that one, and that one, and that one.”

mp3: Rilo Kiley- Portions for Foxes
mp3: Rilo Kiley- It Just Is
mp3: Rilo Kiley- More Adventurous

Buy here.
–p.s. my wish has been answered with Fourth, said to come out later this year.

95. KanYe West- Late Registration
This is a great hip-hop album, KanYe is literally redefining and rejuvenating the rap scene, he has two albums, and both are lush and unique in each and every track. Late Registration is my favored of the two, because it steps up on so many levels, and it is a bit pretentious, and it has the right to be, with Jon Brion producing the album is much more mature than College Droupout. KanYe has the best lyrics out in rap right now (with Eminem being assumed retired, but that just means he’ll have another album in 3 years), and the best beats you haven’t already heard. Very innovative and time-consuming album, because you can’t help but listen to some tracks twice.

mp3: KanYe West feat. Adam Levine- Heard Em’ Say
mp3: KanYe West- Addiction
mp3: KanYe West feat. Consequence and Cam’Ron- Gone

Buy here.

94. The Dears- No Cities Left
This album is very very very cool, it’s like an orchestra of modern alternative style music. With haunting/pretty vocals from Murray Lightburn, the band is really different, and fun to listen to. No Cities Left was the first sign of this. There is just such a beauty to this album, completely noticable in the opening notes of “We Can Have It”, you can feel something connecting with your inner self, or at least I can, and I assume it does that to everyone. The song picks up real fast after a very emotional verse and is just flawless. Pretty much, No Cities Left is the same way.

mp3: The Dears- We Can Have It
mp3: The Dears- Warm and Sunny Days
mp3: The Dears- Never Destroy Us

Buy here.

93. Pavement- Terror Twilight
First Pavement album is up to the plate. This was the first I heard of the band, and the cover-art was fantastic, like an electro-magnetic Toto, so I was immediatley impressed and curious, and this album would be the start of a fantastic listening relationship with what I believe to be, tied as the best band of the 90’s (with Sebadoh). Terror Twilight holds gems of songs like all Pavement albums do, and is the most up-to-date project of the group, so it is the most relative. Although “…Carrot Rope” is awesome, and the most known of the album, there is so much more behind the album. Practically every song has its own charm and catch, making the CD such a pleasant listen. Do not think that this album lacks something because it is this high up, and because other Pavement albums are coming, it is a damn good album.

mp3: Pavement- Major Leagues
mp3: Pavement- Spit on a Stranger

Buy here.

92. Chad VanGaalen- Infiniheart
Canadian native, although it is absolutely mindblowing for how many talented acts have been coming out of our northern neighbor lately, Chad VanGaalen recorded what is rumored to be hundreds of original songs in his ever-so famous bedroom studio in Calgary. And with his selections from these songs he made a CD, and Sub Pop liked the CD and cut it down a bit and sent it out to us, who also liked the CD, I personally loved it. He captures that lo-fi sound so well, because well… it is lo-fi, but behind the lo-fi is amazing music, music definitley worth a listen, or in my case, about 30.

mp3: Chad VanGaalen- Clinically Dead
mp3: Chad VanGaalen- Traffic

Buy here.

91. Pavement- Brighten the Corners
Second Pavement Album. It brighten’s my corners. This was actually the most recent of all the Pavement albums I have been told about, and they have yet to disappoint me. “Shady Lane/J vs. S”, “Stereo”, and so many more come together to create another unforgettable Pavement album. I also love this stage in Malkmus’s career vocal-wise, because he just loses it at some points, and it contributes to the crazyness and excellence that is Pavement.

mp3: Pavement- Shady Lane/J vs. S
mp3: Pavement- Stereo
mp3: Pavement- Date w/ IKEA

Buy here.

90. Ben Folds- Rockin’ the Suburbs
Here’s one of those instances where someone goes solo from a group that I love (in this case: Ben Folds Five, kinda obvious), but with this album, it isn’t quite a bad thing. I mean, it makes me said that I won’t be able to hear the Ben Folds Five sound again, but this album produces a sound that I also have learned to love and long for. By far the best of Ben Folds solo work as of now, as every track is a great performance of musical talent, and tearing vocals.

mp3: Ben Folds- Fred Jones pt. 2
mp3: Ben Folds- Not the Same
mp3: Ben Folds- The Ascent of Stan

Buy here.

89. Pinback- Summer in Abaddon
Rob Crow and company has made some fabulous records through the years under the Pinback name, but this is by far the most catchy, mainstream, consistent, and complete by the band. Pinback holds a sound that is untouchable by any other musical group out there, and on Summer In Abaddon captures that sound in its perfect essence. Track after track a song takes control of you and makes you hum along until you’re beginning to hum the next song. Great modern indie album, style of its own, and strong consistency, that’s my story.

mp3: Pinback- AFK
mp3: Pinback- Syracuse

Buy here.

88. Ben Folds Five- Whatever & Ever Amen
The difference with this album and other Ben Folds Five releases, is that this presents more of an emphasis on the emotional and slow-paced songs (That of the likes of “Brick” and “Evaporated”), but that emphasis is productive, because when I listen to these songs, I focus in on the music, the lyrics, everything, I just pay attention more, and I become affective. Don’t forget though, this album also pumps out shouting and dancing anthems that have you jeering along, shouting “Ba ba da, ba ba da, ba ba da, bop’im ba da”, so the balance that comes from these two original genres familiar to Ben Folds Five fans is quite astonishing. The result is a masterful disc that defines what is, Ben Folds Five.

mp3: Ben Folds Five- Brick
mp3: Ben Folds Five(p.s. I love when Ben Folds whispers “see” after singing out the words “it evaporated”)

Buy here.

87. Phantom Planet- Phantom Planet
When I got this album about 3 Decembers ago, I was expecting The Guest pt. 2, and when I heard something completely different, I must admit, I was initially upset. I searched through the tracks to find just one song that slightly resembled “The Anthem” or “California”, but I got nothing that came even close. But after many listens, the anger turned into appreciation for the new sound, and that new-found appreciation soon turned into need and praise. This album introduced me to a sound that I was more than OK with Phantom Planet rocking to.

mp3: Phantom Planet- The Happy Ending
mp3: Phantom Planet- Knowitall
mp3: Phantom Planet- By the Bed

Buy here.

86. Yellowcard- One for the Kids
Back to the middle school days with this pick. There will always be a place in my heart for this little album from a bunch of kids from Jacksonville who thought they were from the beach cities of So Cal. I love this album because it introduced me to the genre, at that point in my life, that I would be obsessed with (until seeing the trailer for Garden State with Postal Service’s “Such Great Heights” and Frou Frou’s “Let Go”) up to Freshman year in highschool. This is a great pop punk album though, the essential vocals are shouted by Ryan Key, and the catch is the electric violin that compliments the whole thing very nicely. This band (and Relient K) was my middle school band.

mp3: Yellowcard- Sureshot
mp3: Yellowcard- Big Apple Heartbreak

Buy here.

85. The Strokes- Is This It
This album is like nothing else. This album doesn’t miss a beat. This album is a great debut. This album is Is This It by The Strokes. Such a great first-showing for the band, it seems like they left the gates completely ready to showcase their soon-to-be embraced qualities. “Wow”ing guitar riffs, beats mixed with the drum smashing, and Julian Casablancas moaning voice that goes along perfectly with everything else. Another great characteristic about this album, is just how damn likeable each song is. “Hard to Explain”, “Last Nite”, “Someday”, it’s re-donkeya-lous. All and all excellent album, has to be on this list because I just can’t not have it on here.

mp3: The Strokes- Hard to Explain
mp3: The Strokes- Soma (p.s. Love the lo-fi recording style of this version. Yeah huh it’s hardcore)

Buy here.

84. Broken Social Scene- Broken Social Scene
When you’re hearing lyrics like “Why are you always fucking ghosts?”, and your still loving that song to the fullest, then you have to realize that there’e is magic in the air. BSS brings that magic to every song with it’s orgy-of-band-members experimental yelling rock, and they kick ass doing it. They also help other bands kick ass with their rocking good record label, Arts & Crafts (Bands include The Dears, Stars, Feist, The Most Serene Republic, and the newly added Phoenix). Broken Social Scene is a great album because it’s BSS showing their maturity and experience in music, and it just has powerful lengthy track after poweful lengthy track, each unique and individual in its own not-so-little way.

mp3: Broken Social Scene- Windsurfing Nation
mp3: Broken Social Scene- 7/4 (Shorelines)
mp3: Broken Social Scene- Handjobs for the Holidays

Buy here.

83. Band of Horses- Everything All the Time
I first heard of these guys back during the listening to the gigantic torrent file of the 2006 SXSW Showcasing artists (here they are, 2006, 2006 extras, 2007). Everything All the Time, for me, puts my in an imaginary realm where intellectuals live in a southern boomtown, wearing trucker hats and flannel vests, but they all seem to have Symposium memorized, and they are perfectly contempt with living that lifestyle. I don’t know why I picture that… It could be the swamp-like album cover mixed with the hint of southern rock dribbled into the songs. But one fact remains solid, Ben Bridwell’s haunting vocal chords over the background of an alternative orchestra made an album that planted two songs that could have both been candidates for the best song of 2006.

mp3: Band of Horses- The First Song
mp3: Band of Horses- The Great Salt Lake
mp3: Band of Horses- The Funeral

Buy here.

82. My Morning Jacket- It Still Moves
MMJ has some of the best energy in music today. I saw these guys at the Roseland in NYC back in November and they rocked the house. They opened up with my personal favorite on this CD (it is because of how awesome it was as the opener), “One Big Holiday”. That riff will send shivers down your spine, and when you hear “Waaking Up feeeling, good and limberr” you know your in the moment. Jim James has a one-of-a-kind voice, and he broadcasts that with It Still Moves, a quintessential southern jam rock album that is near flawless.

mp3: My Morning Jacket- One Big Holiday
mp3: My Morning Jacket- Mahgeetah

Buy here.

81. Ben Folds Five- Ben Folds Five
Ben Folds Five is one of my favorite debut CDs of any artist. In this album, the group shows all the potential that they will not fail to accomplish in the future. This album basically paves the way for a new group who is different then all the other guitar playing groups at the time, and who are damn good at writing songs. Each song complex in its own way with clever lyrics and sharp twists and turns that make you enjoy the ride. Ben Folds Five is a great memento of how dominating of a band Ben Folds Five would become, and it’s not only an indicator, it is also a contributor.

mp3: Ben Folds Five- Best Imitation of Myself
mp3: Ben Folds Five- Alice Childress (p.s. awesome part of the song is where Folds sings about getting knocked out cold, just the sound of everything is breathtaking)
mp3: Ben Folds Five- Philosophy

Buy here.

Well that post was a lot harder than I thought, but I will not cease with my top 100 albums. It may be a little while to the next 20, but they’ll be on here don’t you worry. Always with love…BK


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  1. you have an absolutely splendid taste in music

    Comment by Stephen Mather — May 6, 2007 @ 3:37 am

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