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April 17, 2007


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First and foremost, I’m sure I speak for everyone when I address the horrible and destructive acts that took place yesterday morning in Blacksburg, Virginia at the Virginia Tech campus. My condolences go out to all those who knew or were in relation to the victims, both deceased and injured. This was a shocking and ungodly act, and in all my wishes, I hope that something like this never repeats itself or is closely mimicked. RIP to the students at Virginia Tech. Stay strong to those who knew the victims. And for everyone, be glad for every day you live. I find it more ridiculous how an event so morose is finding its way into the political world, and how this is becoming an issue of gun rights and our President. I’m sorry if I am preaching my opinion here, but I find it unbelievable how fingers are attempting to be pointed at President Bush, even more unbelievable for how fingers are being pointed in a situation like this. Nothing bigger than the campus or the state of Virginia could have been involved in halting the event from happening, and yet this is turning into an issue with that label. The only person to blame for this was the troubled man with the gun, and you can only frown upon whatever the college slipped up on, for this was something so unthinkable that making a mistake in the midst of a situation like this is inevitable. Still the sorrow is overwhelming that 33 bright and young individuals lost their lives yesterday, and they shall never be forgotten. Rest in peace students.

mp3: Elliott Smith- New Disaster
mp3: Elliott Smith- Placeholder
(Both off Elliott’s new b-sides and rarities compilation New Moon, which you can purchase right here)

I add things up and I feel like I have some reviews and things to say.

I gave the new Arctic Monkeys album Favourite Worst Nightmare, and suprisingly, I really loved some tracks on first listen. At first my impression of the Arctic Monkeys during the whole Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I Am Not” era was that this whole in-your-face alternative rock sound was too much and not distinctive enough to fit their indie-Brit personas, and to me it didn’t fit, and didn’t make sense. I didn’t understand the hype. But this one, this one claifies it all for me. Favourite Worst Nightmare justifies this bands purpose and style by showing them more detailed with their songwriting, and more crafty, and all in all it makes me appreciate their first album scores more than I once did. The album itself really kicks some hard rock tail, and Alex Turner’s over-obvious accent stricken vocals actually speak to me this time, I really do love it, this album is really bringing them to life for me, sending a real poignant sense to my initial listening to the group. It is either that or a metaphor I like to think of it as: a rocketship taking out destined for greatness and starting off a little off path, a little shaky, but then emerging into flawless flight, and the realization that nothing was wrong with the shakyness in the early stages, the realization that it was all in the head. Anyway, this album really stamps down the approach of the Arctic Monkeys and their trademark in music. I am very impressed with the detailed rhythms and diverse sound of songs from a genre so narrow. This is a great band, and this album really solidifies that claim. Take a listen.

mp3: Arctic Monkeys- 505
(Remarkable track. Starts out so unlike them, but blooms right into the best of what they do best. The lyrics are divine and tender. An excellent feat, may be my favorite song on the entire album at this point)
mp3: Arctic Monkeys- Fluorescent Adolescent

That, I think had to be the most urgent of my downloads so far, but do not disregard these. First off we got the new collaboration of hip hop and about every other genre in Timbaland‘s Shock Value. Now, I’m hearing some things out there that I am strongly disagreeing with, most specifically the bashing of this album, the fact that people are sounding so presumptuous when saying, “This is a disappointment, Timbaland and all the groups he collaborates with on this album have done better things, it’s sad to see this happen.” I know this is only my opinion, but I feel real strongly about this one, I happen to believe that any of these tracks would be complete hits off of any of these artists’ new CDs, and I happen to believe that this disc is exactly what the public has been brought to know about Timbaland, that he makes chart toppers and hits and that is exactly what this record is filled with.

mp3: Timbaland feat. She Wants Revenge- Time

Via Audio is this sweet and sour little group from Brooklyn (or is it Queens? or is it Boston?) that makes really catchy poppy songs that are also great indie rock songs. I would compare them to a more indie-alt form of the folk-alt band Rilo Kiley, but Jessica Martins’ voice is softer and draws more attention when it busts into pop choruses filled with the perfect orchestra accompanying her going exactly where you want it to go, and with unforgettable lyrics like, “It’s been a brilliant fucked up day.”

mp3: Via Audio- We Can Be Good
(The beginning of this tune really draws you in, and you stay in for quite a show of an overpour of pop-alt)

mp3: Via Audio- Developing Active People

and for those Magnetic Fields fans, check this puppy out ->
mp3:Get Him Eat Him- Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side (Magnetic Fields cover)

that’s it for this Tuesday. I’ll speak out later. Always with love…BK


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  1. Sorry, the Elliott Smith- New Disaster link was a little f’ed up before, but it’s all good now.

    Comment by thatguyfromla — April 19, 2007 @ 10:53 pm

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