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April 23, 2007

Me and You Baby, We Got Busy-ness

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Sorry for the busy-ness and the business that consumed me over the past week making it practically impossible to post. Endless reconstruction and renevation of the site has come to a stop (for now, we’ll see if I remain satisfied), and my last college visit has been visited. So now we can start up slow and hopefully I’ll have those final 20 albums for you in the real near future. So to start this escapade off I’ll lay out some songs I’ve really been into in the past 72 hours.

mp3: Le Guillotine- Raccoon
mp3: Rich Boy feat. Polow Da Don- Throw Some D’s
mp3: CocoRosie- Rainbowarriors
mp3: Klaxons- Gravity’s Rainbow (Love the last minute of this song when they’re shouting, “come with me come with me, we’ll travel to infinity, I’ll always be there my future love,”)
mp3: The Go Find- Bleeding Heart
mp3: BUILT TO SPILL- KICKED IN THE SUN (The ultimate, I love when I find a song I never really appreciated and it out of no-where becomes an unhealthy obsession)

Sopranos and Entourage Two Week Roundup

Two Weeks Ago…
Sopranos: Good, very good. The Whacking scene in the restaurant was the best part of the season so far, remarkably filmed and executed. Cleaver is such a fun plot twist, and Christopher is one of the characters to watch right now. Tony continues to question near everyone he’s friends with, and the final scene with that song. Made me sweat a little bit, it was an excellent final scene and in my opinion the best episode yet for this season. Here’s that closing song from the episode.

mp3: John Cooper Clarke- Funky Chickentown (zShare download)

Entourage: Meager episode, it seemed to rely on the wits of Ari and Lloyd O so much, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it could have been crafted more carefully. The weekend excursion escapade was also a lame and drawn out, only to point out the complete obvious: Vince’s problem with committment and E’s life of relaxing in the boasting shadow of Vince. It was overall an episode just to fill an episode slot. I do not mean to be so harsh, I just think they can do so much better and I want them to just start kicking tail like the first episode so I can be more than extraordinarily pumped for every time the clock hits 10:00 P.M. on a Sunday this Spring. (p.s. Emmanuelle Chriqui was worth watching every minute of the episode)

Last Night…

Sopranos: A rather slow episode. It made me scared every time Tony contemplated killing Paulie. But the end was suffice for everything else that happened. First reason being Tony’s look when Paulie continually talks just complete and utter shit, the look as if Tony had made a mistake that would harm him because he cared for Paulie (Like he is getting soft, and like he is made at himself for making this mistake he wouldn’t normally make). And the second reason of course being that killer whack job at the end. POP. Right in the eye. Brilliant, daring, it made the fans sigh a breathe of relief because last seasons Sopranos are gone and not coming back.

Entourage: Sucked. I’m seriously pissed off. Did anyone else look at their clock as the episode ended, dumbfounded, and whisper, “what the f**k?” Well I certainly did, and so did everyone in the room with me, so those whispered made it kind of evident that they need to make next week’s episode real worth it, because this cannot last.

Well gosh darn it, it’s gotten late. Well this post wasn’t as thorough as I would have liked it to be, but I’m promising a post tomorrow to cover the rest and more. Always with love…BK


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