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April 24, 2007


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My favorite song lyric (not continuous, but four lines split in two seperate chorus sections) of the week (being that from the song “Coat Check Dream Song” off the album that continues to overwhelm me with it’s catchy bluegrass hint and electro-folk foundation: Cassadaga): “And in the South, the sun is shining. Back in the East, the lights went out… Out in the West, the cars are crashing. Up in the North, the ice gave out. Gave out, gave out, gave out.”. For me this collection of a phrase through two runs at the chorus establishes this emotion that flows so wonderfully with the song
and says, different things are happening all over the place, good or bad, happy or sad, calm of harsh, boring of life-altering. Things are happening everywhere.

mp3: Bright Eyes- Coat Check Dream Song

I continue loving some of these albums of 2007 with such ecstacy and pride. Cassadaga being one of them, songs that just seem to be emptying into one’s hollow body and filling it with wonder and relaxation (Songs like “Lime Tree”– Has me quivering at the point from when the violin strength that begins in the beginning of the song and climaxes at points where the lyrics hit and cease for a moment at “you left another message, said it’s done. It’s done,” and “Make a Plan to Love Me”– Reminds me of a modern fairytale with the string movements and the brittle yet guiding voice of Conor Oberst). The other album that has really never stopped tugging me on the back of the shirt, is We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank. Not one song from this album has been taken off my recent iTunes playlist for the near 2 months it has been on there, and that is a rare (if never ocurring) occurence. Just about every song on the CD packages such power and emotion. And those elements are bottled up to the point that they explode, mixing with elements of perfect indie rock, remarkable guitar movements, the harsh shreiks of Isaac Brock’s voice, and the fact that each song has fragments that hold their own special qualities that build the song up to something you will never forget. So here’s my updated list of favorite albums so far this year (It’s two bad that We Were Dead cannot be moved up on my Top 100 list, because it is already posted. Yes, it would definitley be moved up, it’s that astonishing and spellbinding).

My Top 5 So Far (of 2007)
1. Modest Mouse- We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank
2. Arcade Fire- Neon Bible
3. Bright Eyes- Cassadaga
4. Arctic Monkeys- Favourite Worst Nightmare
5. Cloud Cult- The Meaning of 8

Speaking of Cloud Cult’s The Meaning of 8, I think I should faint any moment now. This album is beyond a necessity. This band is rapidly approaching grandoise frontrunners to join the crew of my favorite bands, simply because they are rocking and making some of the best music around. Their past two albums, this, and Advice from the Happy Hippopotamus are two very special albums that deserve all attention garnered. 8 has such a spectacular vibe produced through these songs, from lyrics like “These are things that I keep hidden in my belly, I can’t see them, but they control my life. For a moment you could see right through me, see right through me, help me make this right. Look at those skeletons running from their closets, get them in the light,” to the heart poured onto the disc during the captivating acoustics of “The Deaf Girl’s Song”. The feel this album shines is that of something that can’t be seen or heard, beauty that cannot be seen or heard, and their rendition of this beauty through their own style of conveyance. This album shouts renascent qualities and a brand of a band that throws solid effort and masterful musical talents together with intelligence to create something real timeless.

mp3: Cloud Cult- The Deaf Girl’s Song

And finally, here are some songs from some albums I’ve just picked up and just started listening to, these are some of the songs from the albums I felt, but I certainly do not have my full grasp on them at all at this point. Enjoy though, and I hope ya like them.
Limbeck- s/t
A great hard rocking alt listen. Sufficiently cool album artwork as well.

mp3: Limbeck- Sunset Limited
mp3: Limbeck- Let Me Come Home

right about here.

The Moonbabies- At the Ballroom
The Moonbabies sound darn swell. Pretty acoustic guitar with your choice of male or female vocals, and soft tunes that really make you grin.

mp3: The Moonbabies- Walking On My Feet
mp3: The Moonbabies- Shout It Out

See that fun stuff at this palace.

And last but not least, I forget to include this song on yesterday’s post along with my recent favs. This definitley charms the soul. You can’t help but smile and dance and appreciate Of Montreal (even a long with their slight wierdness).

mp3: Of Montreal- Du Og Meg (Great love story and great sounding song, off the Icons, Abstract Thee E.P.)


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