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April 26, 2007

Buffalo ’66 & Rooney(s)

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So a person has been rambling about Vincent Gallo. He is mainly an actor but he definitley does not stop at that point (Writing and Directing films he stars in that sometimes get nominated at Cannes, no big deal or anything, he also does the editing and scores for his films. One man wonder, if you want to see it like that), Tonight this person shouted through the halls that his 1998 film, Buffalo ’66, was arriving at a rare appearance on one of the HBO channels. I scurried over to that room, and focused intently, watched the movie. It was quite spectacular in the ways of it’s simplicity and reliance on the characters, who just do a piercing job with their homages to the characters (the film is loosely based around Gallo’s life, certainly not the murdering of a certain field goal kicker misser, but I’m near sure the family members and friends are cleverly depicted) from Gallo’s life. The music is beautiful, done by Gallo, the shots and cinematography are lovely and masterful (especially the dinner scene shots at Billy Brown’s parent’s house), also done by Gallo, and the writing is witty and horrifying at the same time, another job done well by Gallo. Besides Vincent Gallo, the film stars a notable and impressing cast, Christina Ricci, Angelica Huston, Ben Gazzara, Mickey Rourke, and Rossana Arquette. A very eery rendition of mundane life, but in my opinion a must see. I never said, but I did really enjoy it.

Here is a little sample of Gallo’s musical background.
mp3: Vincent Gallo- So Sad

Two days ago held a very intense Football battle between two of the Premiere Leagues finest opponents, Manchester United and AC Milan. Although being an Arsenal fan and being too upset to post about their injury-stricken year, I have to see I was happy to see Wayne Rooney pump that quality goal in during the final moments of the tied game, but more happy to just see AC Milan lose. Kaka played well like always and is just so darn fast, but Rooney pulled his act together from nothing more than a lackluster performance early on to win the match and give Man U. the advantage. A pretty fun game to watch I must admit, and if you like English Premiere League Soccer (And I guarentee you will, it is plain old fun to watch with some friends) then you should check out your listings for the next game held at Milan’s stadium.

* * * * * * * *

Also I got a chance to hear some of the new Rooney album, Calling the World, that’s looking to make its way to the stores by June 19th. The songs, from what I can tell at this point, are pretty much all and all Rooney-ish. I do like the single (“When Did Your Heart Go Missing?”) better than the title track right now, but they’re both very fun listens, because Rooney’s typical pop sound is always fun to groove to. Groove this. Enjoy for the morning.

mp3: Rooney- Calling the World
mp3: Rooney- When Did Your Heart Go Missing?


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