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April 28, 2007


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It seems that there’s a new bully in the town of the Shout Out Louds. It’s name is “Normandie”. I have not given the full new album, simply titled Our Ill Wills a full listen at all yet. Just this track and a pair of others. The sounds that refresh me to instances from my favorite Cure song, “Close to Me”, engulf and influence this gorgeous indie rock anthem by trend setters under the band name of a fairly popular command. It dips and dives through the depths of a commercial representation of Howl Howl Gaff Gaff while keeping individualism and a quality that makes the group more themselves than ever before. I cannot stop listening to this song at this moment, perhaps that is why the other tracks are remaining alone and hollow for the night and the weekend, and perhaps I should explain more thoroughly:

I saw Disturbia tonight. For the second time.

Tomorrow morning I will be traveling to the great city of Baltimore for a college’s annual fun-fair-weekend, and will not return till late Sunday night.

Monday I will be hitting up Man Man and Modest Mouse at the United Palace Theatre.

All and all it should be a fun 3 days. And Heeeeere’s “Normandie”

mp3: Shout Out Louds- Normandie

Check out the new album and other swell information in this link that I will label link!


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