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April 30, 2007

pre-modest mouse post

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An excellent weekend that began with a shaky and very scary debacle with entrance of a very-old looking 17 year old into a bar hosting a giant party called Craig’s Fest for most of the Loyola College in Maryland’s student body. Oh and that 17 year old was me. And I pulled one past the law once again with the help of someone with a picture I.D. that looked practically nothing like me. Boring Boring Boring. Anyway, the next day of festivities was killer. I was at first only expecting the likes of Guster to show up, but I was pleasantly surprised to arrive a bit early and hear the opening notes to “If Work Permits” and see the energetic boys of The Format making their rounds. I felt they rocked a solid set, I mean I was never crazy about the band, but I always had tons of appreciation and I do generally enjoy most of their songs to the point to hum-a-long to. Now Guster, I must admit, didn’t really impress me. I mean it wasn’t like I was going down there to see them, like that was the specific reason, but I was down there conveniently the same weekend they were playing, and I had seen them in concert with Ben Folds and Rufus Wainwright and had loved every minute of their set, but the difference this time was more Ganging Up on the Sun, and less Keep It Together/Lost and Gone Forever. It was a cheerful little afternoon nonetheless, free burgers, dogs, colas, t-shirts, cotton candy, snowcones, rides, inflatable games. Good weather. Friendly people. And most importantly, music you could hear behind conversing with friends and strangers, and taking that moment in.

mp3: Guster- Happier (My favorite song that they played during the show. Not live though. Psh.)
mp3: The Format- Pick Me Up

Now that was one hell of an entertaining Sopranos episode. Very emotional in every aspect, and very defining of the main outlook of things to come. The heavy use of steady cam and close ups really highlighted the shaky-ness of everything, and the nervousness present the entire time really sunk in deep to solidify the realization that Tony reall is losing it. And with this episode, he’s finally starting to see that. Although I will say this much, the ending provided a possible theory that he may be losing it, and he may know that he’s losing it, but he certainly isn’t going to just let that happen.

Thank God this picked up this week. 28 minutes, funnier Ari, more emphasis on Johnny Drama, and less (although it was certainly there) on E and Vince’s relationship. And the best part of the episode was the way it left off, and the previews for next week. It was what I like to call, a perfect “bridge” episode. It wasn’t such a great episode on its own, but it played out very entertaining and it created a lot of different paths to take off to. Basically this was the first episode of the season to really start mapping out what direction the show will be taking.

And for the rest of my blah-blah, here’s a track getting a lot of buzz and a track from a band that should be getting a lot of buzz.

mp3: Interpol- The Heinrich Maneuver (Radio Rip)
mp3: M. Bison- Jealousy

Modest Mouse in a couple hours, so that should be a fun time, I’ll post back later with how it was. Cheers.


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