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May 30, 2007

more rap, tegan, sara, more

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more more rap from my friend’s alter ego, DJ Sawce. I may be overloading on my presentation of hip-hop & r + b, but it is what is recently on my playlist, well it’s that and the new Tegan & Sara album. Which is outstanding, and I’ll leave some sample tracks for you to test out because it is highly recommended. But for the rap, that’s all good as well (especially the gross but catchy David Banner [pictured above] song), because there is nothing better than pumping some beat driven hip-hop with windows open in your car in the previewing stages of Summer in Spring.


** Bonus **: As a small extra I’m gonna throw in another AIH I’m warming up to from the new album I’m having trouble warming up to as a whole, the New New Pornographers song that I. Am. Loving,another The Bravery that I’m really enjoying, and FINALLY, a new song from Sufjan (Boy I am really getting my fill this week), carpet rolled out by Stereogum, described as taking a new angle, which is a definite thing when you hear the heavy influence of Sufjan fav’s, The Ex. Enjoy em’.


Allstar Cashville feat. Lil’ Wayne– Grey Goose
Khao- Keys In The Air
Bobby Valentino- Anonymous
David Banner- Suicide Doors
Kanye West- Can’t Tell Me Nothing
Tegan & Sara- Back In Your Head (DH highly recommended AND personal favorite)
Tegan & Sara- Nineteen
Architecture in Helsinki- Nothing’s Wrong
The New Pornographers- My Rights Versus Yours
The Bravery- Split Me Wide Open
Sufjan Stevens- The Words of the Governor


May 29, 2007

Sufjan Stevens Gets a Makeover

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Sufjan’s early straight banjo/guitar folk masterpiece is getting an encore. Seven Swans is being re-issued off Sounds Familyre [Purchase] and being thrown in is a 7 featuring two unreleased b-sides from the Swans era of crackily vinyl sufjan-y goodness. So much excitement for the other bonus song, because Shameless Complacency got a hold of one of them and calmed our anxiety by posting it, thanks so much for us who are impatient. Sufjan deserves the re-issue, can’t wait for any news on the new state or project, doesn’t matter to me.


Sufjan Stevens- Sister
Sufjan Stevens- Waste of What Your Kids Won’t Have (Courtesy of Shameless Complacency)

demolition in helsinki

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As much as I hate saying this, Architecture in Helsinki has gone too experimental, and too overboard with their new LP, Places Like This. In my opinion they hit the highest they could go with artsy noise pop that still sounded cool on In Case We Die, which was a excellent album, but on this one, they take it too many steps too far. Unnecessary synthesized deep voices, random arrangements that don’t clash well at all, short track list, ect. (It’s really just so 80s pop, and not in a good way). Now now, this is all upon first listen, and I am praying that some tracks can be salvaged from this first impression and be put together to give me a better understanding of what’s all going on. I do enjoy some of the songs so far somewhat, so I may be overreacting right now. But I’m sorry, I just love this group so much I feel like I’m hyperventilating (Fingers Crossed).


Architecture in Helsinki- Debbie
Architecture in Helsinki- Underwater

(p.s. Good News, I am enjoying another song more! So stock is rising, but still, I am not completely regretting this post)

May 28, 2007

Asa Breed


Ghostly International sure does have some eclectic electronic groups on call [Roster]. This label has always produced great electronic muzak, and this specific release is another great example. Matthew Dear really branches out and takes his time to create something special with this release. Electronic is climbing in my genres of liking because of releases like this, YACHT’s,
LCD’s, and Justice’s.


Matthew Dear- Deserter
Matthew Dear- Midnight Lovers

and in other recent news… What is interesting on blogs lately

– The two tracks from Tegan & Sara‘s new disc, The Con featured on Neile’s Life are outstanding, love “Back In Your Head” especially, I cannot stop listening to it.

The Bravery‘s “Above and Below” is a remarkable feat in indie rock from a band that didn’t really start out that way. Great find on @indiechristoph@ (P.S.- The new album The Sun and the Moon is really cool, good tracks and a pretty solid consistent listen, if you didn’t like the Bravery before, I beg you to give them a second chance with this new CD).

I Guess I’m Floating has a new track from DH favorite: The Little Ones. Always a good thing.

Now for the Films that I have not been talking about

Movies movies movies, I have not been keeping my share of talk of movies up to par. But I hope to cover everything that is just going to kick so much tail that the second half of this year will be cinemorgasmic (Oh yeah I just did that).

Iron Man [IMDB Me]: Robert Downey Junior as Iron Man! Although that is a risky choice I feel a great match, Downey is such a great actor, always has these smooth and cunning lines that just flow so calmly, and him as an action hero will be something interesting to see.

Watchmen [IMDB Me]: 300 director Zack Snyder is at it again, this time with my favorite Alan Moore graphic novel, The Watchmen. I’m real excited who will all get casted, rumors are already up about Gerard Butler (King Leonidas), Keanu Reeves, Tom Cruise, Patrick Wilson (Little Children) and many others. Check out that full report here and cross your fingers like me that this will give justice to the real thing. Leave some if you have any input on who you think the casters should cast.

The Informers / The Canyons [IMDB InformersRandom Canyons]: Bret Easton Ellis is busy with work, the screenplay adaptation of The Informers short stories is finally ready to be made, and Ellis has also booked a time on the Showtime map for his TV series script work titled simply The Canyons (Said to be a horror soap opera, hopefully tied to being a modern day Twin Peaks in the desert. I could not be more excited).

There Will Be Blood [IMDB Me]: So excited for this piece of work, we are apparently in post-production right now, but not verified. Still waiting for a highly anticipated trailer, and basically any breakthrough news at all at this point. Here’s a site that knows a lot more about it than I, and here’s one that has pictures from the set.


The Darjeeling Limited [IMDB Me]: This poster above is NOT real, it is just simply badass and cool in my opinion, and gets me excited with a tangible item for the real thing. What else can be said? Wes Anderson makes a specific type of film that is just so remarkable, funny, and always necessary to watch.

Other than that, I am excited for Be Kind Rewind by Michel Gondry, following Jack Black and Mos Def as video store clerks who venture to re-create video tapes that they had destroyed to satisfy their one loyal customer, Mia Farrow. And then there is also the mysterious Inglorious Bastards, a pre-Grindhouse buzz picture about WW2 by Quentin Tarentino, that up to know, has been shrinking in hype, and I barely hear anything about it anymore. WTF? But it is late, and my fingers are sore. So goodnight, and enjoy.

apologies memorial day

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I’m in a rut, and the first to admit it. So I will announce my decision to embark on a journey of posts, surrounding classic high school movie representation throughout the decade (There will still be posts in between, it’s just something I think would be fun and something to keep me motivated). Basically it will be me rambling and putting some unforgettable tracks from the soundtrack up along with useless trivia and other cool shazz. Besides my apologies for being a lame blog runner lately, happy Memorial Day! And God Bless all those whose lives have been lost throughout history serving in the activity of war.


Matters and Dunaway- Memorial
Wilco- War on War
Celebration- War
Super Furry Animals- Sex, War, and Robots

May 27, 2007

colour it in / lost solid colours

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what is it with the colour spelling form that compels musicians to make killer tunes. The Zincs and The Maccabees are two great bands just starting to float to the surface of things to garner appreciation. It’s all good though, they got mad skills. I haven’t really had much recent Muzak, Fiction, or Film news that excited me enough to post, so that’s why things have been slow. Also because of the holiday weekend. Enjoy these mp3s.

The Zincs- Lost Solid Colours
The Zincs- The Mogul’s Wives
The Maccabees- Precious Time
The Maccabees- Happy Faces

May 25, 2007

klaxons post

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It is near ridiculous how emphatically the people surrounding me have welcomed the Klaxons when being in no way supporting of the other music I like to play from my stereo, computer, speakers, ect. To see regular Lil’ Wayne worshipers and starting high school Football stars chanting the lyrics to “It’s Not Over Yet” may be one of the greatest things to witness. What is it though that provokes so much agreeing emotions from the Klaxons? It could be undetermined, or it could be the lush British Indie pop that flows from the speakers, the flowing screeches from the keyboard and/or guitar, the good muzak being created. Summed up: It’s a great feeling to have a group that you and all your friends enjoy rocking out/partying/singing/doing anything joyous to, so here’s a tribute to that.

mp3: Klaxons- Hall of Records

is Dan Deacon still cool?

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I’ll be disappointed if I’m late by any means on this whole necessary craze, but Dan Deacon is spectacular. Just the thing I need to cheer me up from this unwanted break-up with Safari browser ( 😦 ) and my cluttered state of mind. His songs are like magic, symphonic melodies of electro-pop with the lovable execution of Deacon’s talent of shifting the sound of his voice. Every element is peak creativity and will get more and more enjoyable with every listen.


Dan Deacon- Crystal Cat
Dan Deacon- Pink Batman
Dan Deacon- Jimmy Roche

And for some super cool extras, click on this long line of link!

And also, here’s a track by The Bravery off their new album The Sun and the Moon that has really been getting to me, reminds me very much of the Beatles. Now I haven’t gotten a chance to listen to the entire album yet, but when I do, I’ll be sure to post.

mp3: The Bravery- Tragedy Bound

May 24, 2007

boo safari

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Geez, talk about frustrating. For the past 2 days anytime I wold try to make a new post, edit a new post, Safari would just shut down on me. I always have loved Safari too, it’s always been reliable, but I needed to get some posts out, so substituting right now is Firefox. Quite frankly, I’m going to say it right now, I miss Safari, and I hope whatever bug is messing it up, gets gone fast or else there’ll be hell to pay.

mp3: The Beach Boys- Surfin’ Safari

Next order of business is the new Beastie Boys CD. Info has been released that it is a “post-punk instrumental” album. Woah, woah slow down here. Not something that sounds like something I will want to hear over typical Beastie Boys. But, just when I was getting scared, I saw that Mike D exclaimed that the instrumental thing is not something new that will stick, for they are going to release another copy sometime later with collaborations with “newer artists”. So there, I’m backed to being heavily pumped up.

I’ll try to catch up.

May 21, 2007


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Got some cool new rap muzak that’s flowing through me and my car stereo. This post was inspired by Ratatat’s Hip-hop Remix Volumes 1 & 2:


These remixes are some solid tracks. I love the selection of songs, the turns they take, how different they sound, and how well that difference fits. There has been a lack of hip-hop cycling through my playlist lately, and these remixes definitley re-vamped it, sparking a mini-revolution (next step: Get my friend to burn me a rap mix of the latest stuff he’s liking, the kids got a good taste in rap, what can I say?).

From Volume 1

mp3: Raekwon- Smith Bros. (Ratatat Remix)
mp3: Lox- Dirty Riders (Ratatat Remix)

From Volume 2

mp3: Young Jeezy feat. Bun-B- Over Here (Ratatat Remix)
mp3: Slim Thug, T.I., Bun-B- Three Kings (Ratatat Remix)

Now my friend has an alter-ego: DJ Sawce, and in no way is he ghetto, but he makes a mean compilation of up-to-date good rap songs. He gave me the latest Sawce Presents mix, simply entitled: I’m Coming With! (inspired by our favorite Will Ferrell line from Wedding Crashers).


Akon feat. Lil’ Wayne, David Banner, and Snoop Dogg- 9 Millimeter (DH personal fav. Because of Lil’ Wayne’s rap)
Akon feat. Obie Trice- Look At Me
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony- Candy Paint (DH personal fav.)
Young Jeezy- Corporate Thugging

feeling spooky

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Well. At the moment, I am viewing the 2006 version of The Omen, and of course this led to a fairly extensive wikipedia scavenger hunt, if you can call it so much. And now I’m just rummaging through links upon links of spooky coincidences, like unexplained horrific phenomenas on the sets of these movies. But, that’s just the mood I’m in. Here’s to a packed to the brim sunday!


Audible- Sunday Bell
Blondie- Sunday Girl
Art Brut- Late Sunday Evening
Jimmy Eat World- A Sunday


Entourage: Entourage lacked the oomph tonight. Somewhat enjoyable plot premise, Drama was funny with Brett Radner, more talk about Medellín which is always fun to dream about, but there was also the worst, lot of Turtle airtime. I mean, I don’t hate Turtle, but the time could be used to more exciting and enjoyable plot minutiae that Turtle could of course be included in, but not centered on. Watchable episode, A BIT short. Scenes for next week look badass mainly because Adam Goldberg is back and the man…And they still need the money? Did Vince not choose to boink the Ukraine model type? I don’t know either.


Sopranos: Sopranos seemed to start off slow, but really began to pickup following AJ’s botched suicide attempt (where he looked like a complete idiot). It was interesting to watch, and for some reason reminded me of the old season. Then that prick said the stuff to Meadow and set Tony off. Meadow hasn’t been in it much until this episode, and it was good, also a reminder of older seasons. Then Tony did what he did best (Curb-biting, applause), I was cheering on the horrific act for reasons that just lie deep inside my psyche. The ending of the episode basically led me to this realization. The last two episodes will be incredible, simply because they will be jam-packed with explaining everything that’s building up. I’m getting the shivers. 2 left!

P.S.– Nothing next week? Whaaaaaatttt? Lame!

May 20, 2007

cool cameo

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Art Brut

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I really enjoyed these guys’ first album Bang Bang Rock & Roll [Buy Here]. Loved those power brit rock songs like “Emily Kane” [mp3]. But then there was punkish-diversity through the other tracks, which is partially what made these guys a tad bit more appealing than say The Futureheads or The Rakes (do not get me wrong, I looove The Futureheads and The Rakes), their whole sound was really unpredictable, and I loved that aspect. Also what made these guys fun to listen to was that they had so much material on the album. Sooo that brings me to their new disc: It’s A Bit Complicated. A lot of tracks stand out with spellbinding guitar rips, and then the calmness of Eddie Argos’ vocals serves as a catalyst to the unique and positive qualities of the band. I dig their style, what else can I say?

mp3: Art Brut- Nag Nag Nag Nag
mp3: Art Brut- People In Love

Pre-order that fuzz [Cue Amazon]


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The boys (and girl) from Aussie land are back to produce another dance producing, multi-instrumented, just musically out of control single that gets a good thumbs up by me. And in addition to the single, some of the remixes are also very well-done, and good for a AIH fan, or a fan of remixes, or just of good muzak.

mp3: Architecture in Helsinki- Heart it Races
mp3: Architecture in Helsinki- Heart it Races (As Played by Soft Tigers) (DH personal fav.)
mp3: Architecture in Helsinki- Heart it Races (Yacht’s I Should Coco Mix)


May 19, 2007

Can’t You Be Different From the Rest?

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Kate Walsh [MySpace] has one of the prettiest voices out there today. Her acoustics blend wonderfully with her harmonics to create soft, magical singer-songwriter qualities to the fullest. On her 2007 album, Tim’s House [Buy Here], every song is a spectacle of captivating beuty in song. Every song. The album’s real attractive to the ears, and real sweet in taste. Her style is also heavily Sufjan influenced, and that is definitley something you can love about it (Most noticeable at the beginning of “Betty” [mp3], the strings are something that seemed to have just jumped out of Illinois). Kate is becoming bigger by the moment, by the looks of iTunes charts and ratings, and it is definitley something I don’t think anyone should miss. Enjoy these samples of remarkable acoustic ecstacy.

mp3: Kate Walsh- Bury My Head
mp3: Kate Walsh- Tonight

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