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May 1, 2007

Gas Cowboys

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Double post day! And I’m saying it right now, last twenty albums will be the next post, so help me God. But besides that, the reason why this group gets its own post, instead of being mashed in with the wonderful presence of Modest Mouse (Not like there’s anything wrong with that), is because Gasoline Cowboy deserves the headline of their own post, they’ve earned it, and have won me over…with two songs…as of now. The two songs I have heard though, have simply floored me. They hail from New Zealand and create a sound that sounds like a mixture of groups you know but cannot quite name. The scratchy vocals and harrowing guitar screams evoke tender feelings, whether they be familiar and ebullient, or they invent shivers up and down your forarms. The two songs are very different, and that is how this band varies so well within the limits of 2 songs. Which I find truly amazing, and I cannot stand the wait to discover the boundaries these guys cross with their upcoming album, Pave the Way.

mp3: Gasoline Cowboy- Outta My Hands (Ew. Myspace rip. Sorry for that, but it’s the only way I could get the song, pay attention to the songwriting and singing over the awful quality and just believe)
mp3: Gasoline Cowboy- Beach In Cali High


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