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May 9, 2007

the go from tactical

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So I have been practically in love with this song for the longest time, and it is near impossible to find any information on this group called The Caribbean, the song name: “The Go From Tactical”. Emotion pours from this track and it creates the illusion for one of my favorite environments: the woods. And better yet, I think it can latch on to any listeners specific desired atmosphere and bring it face to face with imaginable reality. The song does that, it’s emphasized vocals, the dark in depth acoustic guitar, the point when the back-up vocals kick in like a drunk and hum, “that was the go from tactical,” everything is arranged to really connect with the listener on a personal level. I seriously can’t stop directing myself to this song when scrolling my iPod, and it’s for good reasons. The new album the band is coming out with is titled Populations, and you can check the band at Hometapes, Their MySpace, or just their good old home site, which doesn’t really look anything like a band’s website should look like, but it’ll give you a laugh. You can buy The Go From Tactical 7″ right here, and I’ll definitley keep you updated on anything I hear about this band.

mp3: The Caribbean- The Go From Tactical

Now it may be belated, but I’ll do it anyway…

Entourage: This week was excellent, I knew it would be because of the setup from last week. Ari was at prime hilarious-ness, and ,especially with Adam Goldberg at his side, was able to execute this hysterical situation on the Holy Holiday of Yom Kippur at peak ability as well. I actually enjoyed the whole crew (everyone) this week, Drama and Turtle were good with the horse subplot, E and Vince made me happy because they doubted that bitch and showed how they missed Ari. Even though she seemed to be proving them wrong at the end of the episode, I still hate her and am so glad to see her walk, she could’ve sealed Medellin if she would’ve agreed to put Vince on the plane, so yeah she did f things up. Overall great episode. Now they’re back with Ari, and things can start rolling again (I’m especially psyched for Drama’s pilot’s premiere).

Sopranos: Strong episode. Really stable. Everything is building up, and with four episodes left, it really needs to be. I loved everything with A.J., the way how near the end of the episode he discovered this thirst for violence, and how jittery and excited and pumped up he was after injuring a fellow human being. Christopher’s becoming paranoid, and that is not a good thing for Tony. I can see this ending two ways, tons of law being carried out on the crew and Tony somehow seeing the light with his help to the Terrorist-related detectives (Which I expect will maybe increase), or Christopher killing Tony, because the scene in the bar, when Christopher was having a mini-panic attack, and the he looked around the room at everyone laughing, the shot of Tony was scary. His face grinning evil-like, smoke surrounding his devilish look, Christopher saw this. And his threats to the cops might actually be something that would be a possibilty. The re-planting of the tree at the end? I’m not sure about. It could be his desire to live a normal life, rural life, it could be his desire to make things right, it could be anything, you never really know with this epic series.


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