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May 13, 2007

NAME Remix

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So I thought I’d spin things here with a different title that reflected my feelings to everything, my glance of life at the moment. The web address will stay true to the original name, but false to the actual name, but that kinda gives me like 2 names for this blog, and I think that’s fun fun fun. While I’m at it, I may as well give my thoughts on tonight’s segment of the Sunday HBO Extravaganza (I decided that title right now).

Entourage: If only they didn’t try to make a place for Turtle on this episode where he was not needed. If only. The episode seemed very lengthy, and seemed to capture a solid amount of coverage for the short half-hour time period. Ari was a great supporter, funny at enough times, but serious for the joyous climax of getting Vince back and what he really wanted this whole time. E and Vince were stable, showed their devotion and emotion to this business they’re in. Johnny Drama Chase rocked it. Period. He was great, I felt sympathy for him, I laughed when he was passed out in the back of the car with a bottle whiskey, and I felt shivers when he found out his show was a hit. So Right. And Turtle, I can’t seem to relate to him I guess. His flirtation session with Kelly that involved talking about shoes was awkward and lame in my opinion, and the time could’ve been used for more Drama or Ari screentime. Overall an excellent episode. It could’ve been the best of the season, it could still be, but I hope it gets a little bit better. Still I’m more than satisfied.

Sopranos: Okay. I will admit in the first 10 minutes I was scared and dumbfounded. Not at the plot of the show, but I literally thought it was a joke, and hoped it was a dream. The acting of the girls in the other car was ridiculous. The car flipped for a good half-hour, and it just wasn’t as good as I could imagine the Sopranos making it. BUT. The rest of the episode made up for it, making it a really anti-emotional show. I’m not sure what was with the asbestos situation, or where that will lead to. But Phil is a big asshole. And that will lead to something. Tony came right out and told his therapist the direct truth, and he was no where near emotional. He was raw, and smart, and he saw in Christopher’s look in the car that something wasn’t right with him, and from the likes of last weeks episode he was ultimately right. Vegas was cool. That girl was like a 9.5. Only problem was the lack of forward motion. I’m not sure where AJ’s at. At first I thought he was into the violence, but now I’m just confused. Well, we’ll see. 3 more episodes, and I trust the makers to do something that will never be forgotten here, which they’ve pretty much already done with the show as a whole.

Coolio. 2 post day. Here’s a song I like from some real hipsters. This group Tiger Lou has a real indie rock sound that shows nothing but potential. The EP Nixon is a nice buy on iTunes if you have the time and cash. But here’s a track from their upcoming album that is yet to be titled nor finished. A good jingle though.

mp3: Tiger Lou- Functions


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