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May 13, 2007

YACHT and Other Things

Filed under: Clean Cut Internet, Dance, Electromagnetic, Muzak, Remix — thatguyfromla @ 2:25 pm

I Believe In You. Your Magic is Real is a real representative of how big electronic indie music is becoming. From YACHT to The Junior Boys to Justice, electronic is just becoming so in. YACHT is first on my list because the album I Believe is real fun to listen to. It’s at complete full capacity with creativity and the pops and drum beats and unpredictable vocals by Jona Bechtolt, every song has its own little itch that really ends up expanding to form an album that is a spectacle and interesting from beginning to finish. The music is hard to just listen to, you have to do something (dance, groove), something, to complete the listening experience, and I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. Jona’s favored hobby of crowdsurfing is supported (literally) by a YACHT Army. A nation of Jona Bechtolts is a good thing. This music is really catching on, and that is as well a good thing. If not through YACHT, you will see this through Justice who are shaping up to have the most anticipated indie release at this point. should be marvelous because of the tracks out on the intra-net right now, and because of what those guys have accomplished in the past. And the other boys, The Junior Boys are just sitting back (well not really, tours are cool though) and taking in everything from this very respectable crowd of listeners are are wising up because they’re listening to things that deserve it. Ramble Ramble Ramble…Cue hip image and Mp3s.

mp3: YACHT- It’s Coming to Get You
mp3: Justice- Genesis (Special Thanks to The Music Slut for posting this puppy)
mp3: Junior Boys- Like a Child (Carl Craig Remix) (Off the Dead Horse E.P.)


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