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May 21, 2007

feeling spooky

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Well. At the moment, I am viewing the 2006 version of The Omen, and of course this led to a fairly extensive wikipedia scavenger hunt, if you can call it so much. And now I’m just rummaging through links upon links of spooky coincidences, like unexplained horrific phenomenas on the sets of these movies. But, that’s just the mood I’m in. Here’s to a packed to the brim sunday!


Audible- Sunday Bell
Blondie- Sunday Girl
Art Brut- Late Sunday Evening
Jimmy Eat World- A Sunday


Entourage: Entourage lacked the oomph tonight. Somewhat enjoyable plot premise, Drama was funny with Brett Radner, more talk about Medellín which is always fun to dream about, but there was also the worst, lot of Turtle airtime. I mean, I don’t hate Turtle, but the time could be used to more exciting and enjoyable plot minutiae that Turtle could of course be included in, but not centered on. Watchable episode, A BIT short. Scenes for next week look badass mainly because Adam Goldberg is back and the man…And they still need the money? Did Vince not choose to boink the Ukraine model type? I don’t know either.


Sopranos: Sopranos seemed to start off slow, but really began to pickup following AJ’s botched suicide attempt (where he looked like a complete idiot). It was interesting to watch, and for some reason reminded me of the old season. Then that prick said the stuff to Meadow and set Tony off. Meadow hasn’t been in it much until this episode, and it was good, also a reminder of older seasons. Then Tony did what he did best (Curb-biting, applause), I was cheering on the horrific act for reasons that just lie deep inside my psyche. The ending of the episode basically led me to this realization. The last two episodes will be incredible, simply because they will be jam-packed with explaining everything that’s building up. I’m getting the shivers. 2 left!

P.S.– Nothing next week? Whaaaaaatttt? Lame!


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