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June 25, 2007

back to the basics: John from Cinci Edition

After Sopranos ended, I spaced, brain farted if you must, and forgot about my weekly reviews of the Sunday Nights in the world of HBO. I especially forgot to mention my immense excitement for the show John From Cincinatti, so now, I will cover the first 3 episodes of that, and the first two of the new season of Entourage.


John from Cincinnati: First off, I realized I’ve been spelling Cincinnati wrong this whole time, my whole life. But anyways, I may be one in a dime here, but I love this show. From the first episode to the third I have been intrigued and enthralled. Everything about it attacks me and entertains me to to a point of submission. Ed O’Neal in particular rocks what needs to be rocked. Paranormal questioning, surfing, the beach, mysterious stranger, drug addict, Luis Guzman, levitation, family, birds, vintage, these are just some of the things that get me. The show’s calm but urgent activity is also a very interesting technique of television, it somehow makes everything go by so fast, producing thoughts of wonder and creativity and excitement for the scenes for next week. Last night was excellent in particular, the doctor was a favorite character of mine, as well as the softening side of Freddie and his messenger. Kai’s revelation was a remarkable scene, the foggy lens following a knee injury and a shootup by Butchie. And the final shot of the vert half pipe was impressive. A solid HBO program, be on the lookout.

And here’s the theme song that I just cannot get enough of.
mp3: Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros- Johnny Appleseed

Entourage: Last nights episode was a decent one. All parts were funny, even turtle, and all parts delivered sufficient performances. The only problem is my worry with the movie, and whether Eric’s right (it sucks), or Vince is right (it doesn’t), what even excited me more is the fact in the preview for next week Eric mentions it was entered in Cannes, I am interested to see how that turns out. The season premiere on the other hand was great. Hilarious, great plot line, great technique with the documentary film crew, great ending, great previews into Medellin. The season looks like it may be better than the third, I can only hope.


June 23, 2007


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Sorry sorry, I was not true about my post for my birthday, I was just in a real happy birthday party mood and was probably not in good shape to write or post in that matter. Now I am being bombarded with more graduation parties and work so I’m going to be in a limbo for a couple of days, but I will be back very shortly. My apologizes once again.

June 21, 2007


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Today was graduation. A real (may I say) fuck fest. No, there was no sex entailed, just the fact that it started raining, thundering, and lightninging mid-ceremony and just as my row was standing to recieve our diplomas the Princepal called the event. I was still able to snag a killer photo with me recieving my diploma from my football coach/ Vice Princepal, and I had a nice cigar in my mouth. So that was justified. Now is another fuck fest, again no sex, it’s called project graduation, an event held from 9:30 P.M. to 6:30 A.M. tomorrow to make sure kids don’t go out and get real messy the night of graduation. Laser tag, poker, ice skating, sumo wrestling will all be included to keep us preoccupied, but from what I hear after a good 9 hours it all gets old. AND finally, the other thing is tomorrow is my birthday. So I will have a real nice post for everyone then. As for now I’m just rambling. As for now, here are my final farewell songs to this town.

Oasis- Cast No Shadow
Band of Horses- The End’s Not Near
Oh No! Oh My!- The Backseat

June 20, 2007

twbb: “i have a competition in me,”


That was the first word that came out of my mouth after viewing the new snippet trailer from Paul Thomas Anderson’s film: There Will Be Blood [IMDB Me]. I am speechless. The cinematography looks exquisite, from the small talk we hear, it sounds creepy and depth-diving. And finally the song at the end and the font used just culminates to give the vibe that something real big is going to come from it all.

That’s that. And this is this.

Here are a hand full of new Interpol songs that just sound bad (got you, only in quality), but sound pretty much same old kickass Interpol sound as they ever have.



Interpol- All Fired Up (**DH Personal Favourite**. Highly Recommended)
Interpol- Rest My Chemistry
Interpol- Pioneer to the Falls
Interpol- The Scale

I mean… Did you expect anything less?

p.s.– Have I ever expressed how much I love this album cover. One of my favourites of the year.

So long, posts should be getting upped more. For Graduation from High School is tomorrow, and Summer is now upon us. And from the likes of everything, the scene really seems to be picking up.

June 19, 2007

iron y wine

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Does it ever freak you out when Iron & Wine just puts out masterpiece after another? It kinda does for me. I just got a copy of their new LP The Shepherd’s Dog and I am once again blown away by the hushing whispers of Sam Beam’s voice, the smooth folk trails that follow him and his flowing red beard like ghosts. The thing that is new about this album: a little more fast paced, more soft bongo and drum beats that complement a Southern (Florida mainly) vibe of alt-swamp folk singing. Sample it out and seriously put the 10.99 or 11.99 or 12.99 or whatever towards purchasing this disc.


Iron & Wine- Boy With A Coin
Iron & Wine- Resurrection Fern
Iron & Wine- Carousel

My favorite thing of the past two days…

MP3: Minus the Bear- Throwin’ the Shapes

I wasn’t really all that into Menos el Oso, but I still gave Planet of Ice a try, and from the first melodic guitar riffs, this song pulls you in and makes you a fan immediately. The song could fit with any season, Fall, Winter, Summer, Spring. I don’t know why I like that trait, but I just do.

June 14, 2007

sopranos and porn

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Now first things first, I haven’t been able to post that much recently which I explained in the previous post, but getting to this topic of discussion has been crucial.

Sopranos: Final episode ever. And my conclusion? I loved it. They couldn’t have ended it any other way. Best episode of the season, and here’s why. First off, the unforgettable whack on Phil Leotardo. Classic. First, just the plain old fact that he was whacked, second, the car rolling over his head. And second off comes the ending. Quintessential IMHO. You could really look at it any way you want to, and that is why I loved it, any of the theories brought up could be plausible and make sense. The two theories I feel an attachment to are the one where the scene is just ending at a random point, we leave Tony the same way we found him, living his life the way it needs to be lived. The paranoia, the suspicion of everyone. It could have just ended at that instant just because it had to end at some point. It could have been nothing grandiose, just mundane. The second theory, a rather more exciting one, is that Tony was shot as the man came out of the bathroom, and everything went black (Like the clip shown in the previous episode at the end, and the clip originating from the first episode of the second half of the season). Others could be that Tony was ratted out by Carlo because his son got out of the ecstasy selling charges, and because Patrick was not with Meadow going into the diner after the fact was made in a scene that Tony and Carmela were comfortable with Meadow and Patrick dating, we can’t really be sure, and that’s the great thing about it. It’s up to you to decide what you believe the ending is, and you can make it just. Wonderfully done. Perfect. Bravo.

Other stuff

I ❤ the new New Pornographers CD. Really though, who won’t?. Their sound is the same (if not better) than it has always been. The unpredictable arrangements spliced with blissful pop and soft voices and guitars. A.C. Newman completes another task and continues to grow bigger. Here’s some tracks I recommend you listen to.


The New Pornographers- Mutiny, I Promise You
The New Pornographers- Adventures in Solitude (DH **Personal Favorite**)

…and here’s a song I’ve been loving too. Can’t wait for him to blow up even more with Graduation.

MP3: Kanye West feat. John Mayer- Bittersweet

My favorite thing of the past two days…

Sierra Nevada 2007 Bigfoot Ale
9.6% Alcohol by the volume in a beer. It was like a kick to the face every sip. But boy was it tasty.

June 6, 2007

finals hiatus

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So finals are approaching, and piles of video projects from lazy teachers are waiting to be just plain old time consuming. It’s the charm of high school. And with this lack of muzak intensity lately in the indie world, I am afraid that posts will be becoming less frequent. I sincerely apologize, I do, but it is something I cannot control. But hey, when I listen to the second MP3 posted down there, it gets my psyched for my upcoming graduation.

So I’m going to leave you with something pleasant. Some tracks from the new Get Him Eat Him album, Arms Down, which for some strange reason no one seems to be talking about? Like W.T.F. The boys get some respectable help from Zach Condon of Beirut and members of Broken Social Scene. The album gives them a modern sound mashed with early R.E.M. Its beautiful.


Get Him Eat Him- Just So
Get Him Eat Him- Exposure (DH’s personal favorite and highly recommended)
Get Him Eat Him- Murphy Bed

Buy here.

June 4, 2007

kanye’s blowing up again

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Kanye has been hitting the blogosphere at full speed with insurmountable effects. His newest CD, Graduation, is set to come out late August 2007, and is once again (sigh of emphatic relief) produced by Jon Brion. The album is also said to hold collaborations with Common, John Mayer, and Chris Martin of Coldplay, and only 7 of the CD’s tracks have been speculated at this point. Here’s the two songs that have leaked thusfar from the Graduation, and here’s a really cool one brought to my attention by IGIF from his new mixtape, Can’t Tell Me Nothing.


Kanye West- Can’t Tell Me Nothing
Kanye West- Stronger [Radio Rip] (hate the annoying DJ…a lot)
Kanye West- Young Folks (Off the Can’t Tell Me Nothing mixtape, go Peter Bjorn and John!)

Sunday Night Extravaganza: One Finale down, one BIGGER one to go!

Sopranos: Very strong episode, not a second without anxiety and distress, in a good way. It’s all building up. And the ending, whatever it is, began this episode. If it was when either Tony of Phil ordered the whacks on each other, it all started molding at that point. Interesting highlights from the episode included: the failed identification of Phil and murder of the innocent Czechs, Bobby’s death in the toy train shop when the shop keeper told him his son would appreciate it, and Bobby responded by saying, “na, he wouldn’t,” the attempted whack on Sil, Tony being set free from psychiatric help, Tony putting his foot down on his whimpering son, Tony resting in bed with Bobby’s gift, and that eerie flashback from episode one of this season in the boat with Bobby. It is a lot to swallow, but I can’t really spit it out until it’s all in there. So with that said, bring on the series finale.

Entourage: 3rd season finale was ok. It had it’s moments, like Adam Goldberg, Billy Walsh (who I interestingly discovered was based off of Vincent Gallo which is a kinda cool thing), Nicky Ruebenstein v. Billy Walsh, E v. Billy Walsh (did you see? did you see? What E does next season? Which is like in two weeks), Dramas definition of women, Dramas bidding war for his apartment. But other than that, it was a bit short, lacked any real crucial decisions or events because the next season begins in two weeks, so it really didn’t need to. On a side note, I’m am very excited for John From Cincinatti and Big Love, and curious to see Flight of the Conchords

Last but not least, is White Rabbits, with their new release that is causing some major hype, Fort Nightly. This band rocks like you can’t imagine, comparisons have been made, things have been said, one being that they are the next Arcade Fire, which I completely disagree with, this group is all their own. They got power and emotion and they represent it well. And hey! Even Pitchfork likes them, so I mean, they have to be good! Give ’em a try.


White Rabbits- The Plot
White Rabbits- Dinner Party

June 3, 2007

knocked up / out

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Isn’t it real fun to say “The New New Pornographers CD”? Well I think it is, and here’s the new album cover, which looks kind of killer in my opinion, and their new song , “My Rights Versus Yours” [mp3], is garnering much well deserved attention and appreciation, so there’s one thing I’m excited about.

-Now I know I haven’t been around much, I’ve been pretty ticked, these past 3 days has left me with zero inspiration or motivation to right posts. Muzak has been slow, and I’m certainly not interested in Gogol Bordello’s summer tour dates. I believe I shouldn’t be writing anything about stuff I’m not liking/feeling. Like the new Beastie Boys CD, I was not much of a fan [Sample mp3- The Rat Cage]. I’m sorry to be so frustrated, but it’s how I was feeling.

-A positive event that took place was seeing the new Judd Apatow flick, Knocked Up. It was pretty hilarious in every aspect, and a good movie as well. Intelligent and spontaneously ridiculous. I can recall many many funny moments, one of the rejected gynaechologists yelling about the precise moment she last smoked a cigarette, the bouncer releasing his true feelings about his job, the insult of calling Seth Rogen’s character, Ben Stone, Babe Ruth’s gay twin, Gabe Ruth, the comparison of Ben Stone of himself to Sigfried and Roy’s Bengal. I could go on and on but I’ll leave it up to you to go see the movie. Highly Recommended


-But back to the main point, nothing. has. been. going. on. that. interests. me. And it’s really quite annoying and really quite sad. So I’ve decided to dig deep in the depths of my iTunes for a unknown artist, and see what they’re up to lately.

That artist is: Bluebottle Kiss
The song that originally caught my attention: A Little Bit of Light
Where they are now: Doubt Seeds, their relatively new CD.

mp3: Bluebottle Kiss- Nova Scotia
mp3: Bluebottle Kiss- Slight Return

Other fun old finds

mp3: The Velvet Teen- A Captive Audience
mp3: Hopewell- Synthetic Symphony

I enjoy their sound, it’s sometimes hard rock, sometimes cheerful pop. Cool band that definitely deserves the listen and the time.
But while ending this post, I just want to put out a personal wish and make it public. I am praying that holes of posts like the past few days do not occur again. So long, and please let something real kick ass happen tomorrow.

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