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June 3, 2007

knocked up / out

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Isn’t it real fun to say “The New New Pornographers CD”? Well I think it is, and here’s the new album cover, which looks kind of killer in my opinion, and their new song , “My Rights Versus Yours” [mp3], is garnering much well deserved attention and appreciation, so there’s one thing I’m excited about.

-Now I know I haven’t been around much, I’ve been pretty ticked, these past 3 days has left me with zero inspiration or motivation to right posts. Muzak has been slow, and I’m certainly not interested in Gogol Bordello’s summer tour dates. I believe I shouldn’t be writing anything about stuff I’m not liking/feeling. Like the new Beastie Boys CD, I was not much of a fan [Sample mp3- The Rat Cage]. I’m sorry to be so frustrated, but it’s how I was feeling.

-A positive event that took place was seeing the new Judd Apatow flick, Knocked Up. It was pretty hilarious in every aspect, and a good movie as well. Intelligent and spontaneously ridiculous. I can recall many many funny moments, one of the rejected gynaechologists yelling about the precise moment she last smoked a cigarette, the bouncer releasing his true feelings about his job, the insult of calling Seth Rogen’s character, Ben Stone, Babe Ruth’s gay twin, Gabe Ruth, the comparison of Ben Stone of himself to Sigfried and Roy’s Bengal. I could go on and on but I’ll leave it up to you to go see the movie. Highly Recommended


-But back to the main point, nothing. has. been. going. on. that. interests. me. And it’s really quite annoying and really quite sad. So I’ve decided to dig deep in the depths of my iTunes for a unknown artist, and see what they’re up to lately.

That artist is: Bluebottle Kiss
The song that originally caught my attention: A Little Bit of Light
Where they are now: Doubt Seeds, their relatively new CD.

mp3: Bluebottle Kiss- Nova Scotia
mp3: Bluebottle Kiss- Slight Return

Other fun old finds

mp3: The Velvet Teen- A Captive Audience
mp3: Hopewell- Synthetic Symphony

I enjoy their sound, it’s sometimes hard rock, sometimes cheerful pop. Cool band that definitely deserves the listen and the time.
But while ending this post, I just want to put out a personal wish and make it public. I am praying that holes of posts like the past few days do not occur again. So long, and please let something real kick ass happen tomorrow.


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