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July 31, 2007

Flight of the Conchords

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Okay, so I get the whole thing about how every blogger has there own little post about FOTC, and I understand that it may be getting annoying, but I have watched every episode of this HBO comedy and have loved every minute of every one. I cannot say I knew of them before this show, but I am glad they were pointed out to me. So I think i’m going to throw them in the dustcloud of my meaningless HBO reviews. Woop.


John From Cincinnati: I continue to love this show, but there is one thing that is big, and that is semi-bugging me. What the f**k is going on already. It’s beginning to become a bit of a nag to try to keep up with the pace of the show. The sub plots are interesting enough to keep me watching added onto the big picture that continues to shy away from more obvious hints towards the layout of where this ride is taking its viewers. To be fair, next week looks like a compromising episode, the black sheet with the stick figures seems of mutual importance involving everything, I believe the stick figure was what John did with his leg back in the early early episodes, and Shaun followed and did one with his leg the same as John. I believe that has something to do with it, oh yeah, and my only guess is that John is the Savior and his father is God. But we’ll have to see.


Entourage: Finally, after episode upon episode of suck, they go back to the basics, the par-tay scene. This episode was what the show needed, they need to steer a tad bit away from the heavy business aspect of things and focus on the good times, the old times, what made the fans the fans in the first place. Drama fucking the squirrel at the end was hysterical. Jeremy Piven acted brilliantly. E wasn’t whining, but actually looked like a man without trying, and Vince got to do the hot chick from Date Movie. All is well in Entourage-land. That is if they can keep it going.

Flight of the Conchords: Now, this show is a new one, and I cannot speak better about it. It is hilarious. I usually find myself unattracted to dry humor, but this just doesn’t stop making me laugh. Jermaine and Murray have to be my favorite characters, Jermaine because of his mundane and miniscule gestures that build his character so wonderfully, and Murray because of, well I can’t explain it, watch Murray and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Bret is also top-funny, but I cannot put him equal to the other two. This show is outlandish. Corrosive to the funny bone. Watch it. Watch it. Here are some songs from the show and from the actual band live. They’re signed to Sub Pop too, by the way.


Flight of the Conchords- Think About It, Think Think About It (From the Show) (**DH highly recommended**)
Flight of the Conchords- Hiphopopotamus & Rhymnoceros (From the Show)
Flight of the Conchords- Bowie (Live) (Favorite Episode: Dream Bowie)


More Serene

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I just got wind of the new The Most Serene Republic album, Population, and this gust was produced by the enormous power punch that swings full force called “Sherry and Her Butterfly Net,” I know, very un-intimidating title, but it is simply a mask. This song just tears at everything inside me because of the fact that I want this album, bad.


The Most Serene Republic- Sherry and Her Butterfly Net

Speaking of Arts & Crafts, they have been producing some work that I myself have been quite fond of. First, I heard Kevin Drew’s new release [Spirit If..], then it was newcomers Los Campesinos! with their brand new EP that caught my ear [EP Here]. So I’ll give you some bonus tracks from these other Arts & Crafts mates to chew on.


Bonus MP3s

Kevin Drew- Safety Bricks
Los Campesinos!- It Started With a Mix

i love you too, but i’m going to mase you in the face

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It’s the cutest thing since Meghan Fox. It’s pretty, and colorful, and unique, and carefully crafted. It’s a Wes Anderson piece. It should be lovely.

Songs from the trailer: MP3s: The Kinks- Strangers, The Kinks- This Time Tomorrow


1 More Try

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OK. I figured I got myself in shape priority wise, and I found a file-sharing website that seems kind but also seems possibly deceiving, O well, I can’t contain myself. I’ll give this another go, and see what happens. I’ll be moving into my dorm in college in about 3 weeks exactly so I figure I should get myself on my feet and keep running with it there, where I’ll be more pleasently situated IMHO. So to start you off while I begin preparing my routine, I’ll throw some new songs i’ve gotten a hold of your way. A song from the new CD from The Go! Team, a song from the leaked Tha Carter 3, the new single from The Weakerthans, a new song from a personal favorite band’s new CD, and just a great new hip-hop track.

Cheers! Enjoy!


The Go! Team- Keys to the City
Lil’ Wayne- I Feel Like Dying
The Weakerthans- Night Windows
Maritime- Aren’t We All Found Out
Wyclef Jean feat. Lil’ Wayne, Akon, and Nia- Sweetest Girl

P.S.- Because of lame file-sharing sites that just diminish my files and replace them with a deep voice, my previous MP3s are no longer publicly available. If you wish to download a track, simply comment on the post and I will have it up new within the day.

July 19, 2007

farewell for now

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because my file sharing site is on the fritz, this will be a temporary goodbye. Hopefully not for too long, but until i can find a way to get all my files back up and running smoothly and until things aren’t so hectic. Cheers.

ps. Any suggestions to help fix this problem would be greatly appreciated in the comment box.

July 16, 2007

It’s been a while

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Wow, internet connection seemed harshly rare in Northern Michigan. So all that means is that I have a lot of catching up to do. Just giving the heads up that more is coming and this past week of nothingness will be no more. Cheers.

July 3, 2007


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Wow. So as I’m working on this monster mid-way post, I realize that all my past snapdrive links are pretty much dead, or I have to re-link them. Cool right? My apologies. My huge apologies. If you want anything re-upped immediately, just leave it as a comment. Otherwise I’ll be rebuilding from the bottom up and it may take some time. Hopefully not though. Cheers.


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Well in two days I depart to Michigan, and I’m not sure how the trip will effect my blogging status. May decrease in quantity, may stay the same. Heck it may even get better. Just letting you know. Other stuff include:

See this Movie and listen to these songs

I strongly recommend the new movie Control [IMDB Me, Wiki Me]. It’s mainly focused around the life of Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis from his wife’s, Deborah, experiences. The film is wonderfully made, and fantastically addicting, and along with me recommending it, so do the fine people at Cannes.

mp3: Joy Division- Disorder

Here’s the trailer.

July 2, 2007

monday comes after sunday

I’m definitely like a Monday kinda-guy during the Summer. I’m cheerful and it’s early, and I can basically go back to bed whenever I feel like it. So hopefully this cheer will spread to every day of the week, therefor more posts will be produced.

Sunday Night Television Wrap Up (HBO Of Course)

John From Cincinnati: I continue to like every character, plot twist, and element of this series. Each episode brings me closer and closer to this show and I couldn’t be happier. Last night’s episode was pretty good if you ask me. Both intense and calm, gave me my fair share of entertainment, and more and more of the paranormal is floating to the surface of things. I especially enjoy the new character who seems to be taking on a more important role, Dr. Smith. He gives me vibes that Twin Peaks did, and Six Feet Under did, he reminds me of a character from a show like those, and it definitely raises my acclaim for this show. There isn’t much to really talk about yet, it’s more about observing at this point because it is so early in the stages. Just sit back and observe, and the enjoyment will never cease. A small P.S. though, I forgot to mention how much I loved the scene from last weeks episode when Freddy is listening to Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman’s “Time To Say Goodbye”, I thought the scene was done excellently, the piggyback, and especially the muzak chosen for the background.

Entourage: Last night’s episode was a good one. Loved the cameo by Dennis Hopper, and the soccer betting. I actually really enjoyed Turtle and Drama last night, I thought they were hilarious, and I thought the girl switcharoo pulled at the end was completely appropriate. E was a bit too paranoid and created problems last night, but that was obvious. I am now curious to see what Walsh has to say to E now that the film has gotten into Cannes, and what Weinstein has to say to E when he realizes he fucked him again (not literally).

Anyways, Canadian rock group/branch of Broken Social Scene/strong leg of BSS record label Arts & Crafts Stars, have announced their new release along with a single to add some chime. The album is called In Our Bedroom After the War, and I’m not sure if they are taking a political aimed theme, but I’m hoping they aren’t, because I never like protest albums, I always think musicians should steer clear of all that jazz.


Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman- Time to Say Goodbye
Stars- The Night Starts Here (What do you think?)

Bonus MP3
Interpol- Pace is the Trick (I have been obsessed with this track, along with Our Love to Admire in it’s entirety.)

**And Last But Not Least**

Here are some production stills from some up and coming films that I think will kick some tail.

Where the Wild Things Are

Be Kind Rewind

July 1, 2007

Super Bishop Pinback River

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Woah. I have been not around my computer a lot recently. Plagued with random Summer events that drag me miles away in spare time from the amount I need to keep this thing updated, I sit here and type my first post the past like 4 or 5 days. My apologies. Now onto the show.

The title of this post is a clever little mixture of words that I put together from bands who’s new albums I have recently listened to…and liked.

Let’s see if we can dissect this.

Super Furry Animals’ Hey Venus! happens to begin this list. I have been a fan of SFA for as long as I can remember, and these guys simply do not put out a bad disc. Although this comes no where close to Rings Around the World, it is still a solid effort and impressive consistencey marker for the Welsh 5 piece.


Super Furry Animals- The Gift that Keeps Giving
Super Furry Animals- Carbon Dating
Super Furry Animals- Battersea Oydyssey

Bishop Allen has been making some noise with their 12 impressive E.P.s that followed a theme of producing one for every month of the year. Now is the culmination of those albums plus more for the groups second full-length album, The Broken String. In my humble opinion, the album sounds great, the new recordings and the new stuff clash for something original and pop-ish.


Bishop Allen- Rain
Bishop Allen- The News From Your Bed

Pinback’s new release Autumn of the Seraphs was one of the albums that really blew me away, with trails of Summer in Abaddon and Blue Screen Life the duo does far from wandering away from their signature sound that we have grown to love and need, unlike those times when you get a favorite group of yours’ newest album and they sound like a band you’ve never heard before.


Pinback- Walters **(highly recommended)**
Pinback- Subbing for Eden **(highly recommended)**
Pinback- Good to Sea

And finally, my favorite and most personal event this past week was having the pleasure to listen to Okkervil River’s new release, The Stage Names. It is the Okkervil River we know and love rocking with electrical -new sound- but the old sound is still there, a great blend, a great album, and it’s even more than what I was hoping to hear on this release.


Okkervil River- Title Track
Okkervil River- Savannah Smiles

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