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July 1, 2007

Super Bishop Pinback River

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Woah. I have been not around my computer a lot recently. Plagued with random Summer events that drag me miles away in spare time from the amount I need to keep this thing updated, I sit here and type my first post the past like 4 or 5 days. My apologies. Now onto the show.

The title of this post is a clever little mixture of words that I put together from bands who’s new albums I have recently listened to…and liked.

Let’s see if we can dissect this.

Super Furry Animals’ Hey Venus! happens to begin this list. I have been a fan of SFA for as long as I can remember, and these guys simply do not put out a bad disc. Although this comes no where close to Rings Around the World, it is still a solid effort and impressive consistencey marker for the Welsh 5 piece.


Super Furry Animals- The Gift that Keeps Giving
Super Furry Animals- Carbon Dating
Super Furry Animals- Battersea Oydyssey

Bishop Allen has been making some noise with their 12 impressive E.P.s that followed a theme of producing one for every month of the year. Now is the culmination of those albums plus more for the groups second full-length album, The Broken String. In my humble opinion, the album sounds great, the new recordings and the new stuff clash for something original and pop-ish.


Bishop Allen- Rain
Bishop Allen- The News From Your Bed

Pinback’s new release Autumn of the Seraphs was one of the albums that really blew me away, with trails of Summer in Abaddon and Blue Screen Life the duo does far from wandering away from their signature sound that we have grown to love and need, unlike those times when you get a favorite group of yours’ newest album and they sound like a band you’ve never heard before.


Pinback- Walters **(highly recommended)**
Pinback- Subbing for Eden **(highly recommended)**
Pinback- Good to Sea

And finally, my favorite and most personal event this past week was having the pleasure to listen to Okkervil River’s new release, The Stage Names. It is the Okkervil River we know and love rocking with electrical -new sound- but the old sound is still there, a great blend, a great album, and it’s even more than what I was hoping to hear on this release.


Okkervil River- Title Track
Okkervil River- Savannah Smiles


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