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July 31, 2007

1 More Try

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OK. I figured I got myself in shape priority wise, and I found a file-sharing website that seems kind but also seems possibly deceiving, O well, I can’t contain myself. I’ll give this another go, and see what happens. I’ll be moving into my dorm in college in about 3 weeks exactly so I figure I should get myself on my feet and keep running with it there, where I’ll be more pleasently situated IMHO. So to start you off while I begin preparing my routine, I’ll throw some new songs i’ve gotten a hold of your way. A song from the new CD from The Go! Team, a song from the leaked Tha Carter 3, the new single from The Weakerthans, a new song from a personal favorite band’s new CD, and just a great new hip-hop track.

Cheers! Enjoy!


The Go! Team- Keys to the City
Lil’ Wayne- I Feel Like Dying
The Weakerthans- Night Windows
Maritime- Aren’t We All Found Out
Wyclef Jean feat. Lil’ Wayne, Akon, and Nia- Sweetest Girl

P.S.- Because of lame file-sharing sites that just diminish my files and replace them with a deep voice, my previous MP3s are no longer publicly available. If you wish to download a track, simply comment on the post and I will have it up new within the day.


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