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July 31, 2007

Flight of the Conchords

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Okay, so I get the whole thing about how every blogger has there own little post about FOTC, and I understand that it may be getting annoying, but I have watched every episode of this HBO comedy and have loved every minute of every one. I cannot say I knew of them before this show, but I am glad they were pointed out to me. So I think i’m going to throw them in the dustcloud of my meaningless HBO reviews. Woop.


John From Cincinnati: I continue to love this show, but there is one thing that is big, and that is semi-bugging me. What the f**k is going on already. It’s beginning to become a bit of a nag to try to keep up with the pace of the show. The sub plots are interesting enough to keep me watching added onto the big picture that continues to shy away from more obvious hints towards the layout of where this ride is taking its viewers. To be fair, next week looks like a compromising episode, the black sheet with the stick figures seems of mutual importance involving everything, I believe the stick figure was what John did with his leg back in the early early episodes, and Shaun followed and did one with his leg the same as John. I believe that has something to do with it, oh yeah, and my only guess is that John is the Savior and his father is God. But we’ll have to see.


Entourage: Finally, after episode upon episode of suck, they go back to the basics, the par-tay scene. This episode was what the show needed, they need to steer a tad bit away from the heavy business aspect of things and focus on the good times, the old times, what made the fans the fans in the first place. Drama fucking the squirrel at the end was hysterical. Jeremy Piven acted brilliantly. E wasn’t whining, but actually looked like a man without trying, and Vince got to do the hot chick from Date Movie. All is well in Entourage-land. That is if they can keep it going.

Flight of the Conchords: Now, this show is a new one, and I cannot speak better about it. It is hilarious. I usually find myself unattracted to dry humor, but this just doesn’t stop making me laugh. Jermaine and Murray have to be my favorite characters, Jermaine because of his mundane and miniscule gestures that build his character so wonderfully, and Murray because of, well I can’t explain it, watch Murray and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Bret is also top-funny, but I cannot put him equal to the other two. This show is outlandish. Corrosive to the funny bone. Watch it. Watch it. Here are some songs from the show and from the actual band live. They’re signed to Sub Pop too, by the way.


Flight of the Conchords- Think About It, Think Think About It (From the Show) (**DH highly recommended**)
Flight of the Conchords- Hiphopopotamus & Rhymnoceros (From the Show)
Flight of the Conchords- Bowie (Live) (Favorite Episode: Dream Bowie)


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