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August 31, 2007

Top 10 of August

Monthly roundup time, and you can really tell it’s been a hell of a month if there is 10 top songs when my aimed goal was about 5 or 6. Now remember, these songs aren’t only from the material that has come out in this month, but from the bundles of leaks* that hit the clean cut internet in this jam packed month.

*Now remember remember, buy the album!

10. The Weakerthans- Tournament of Hearts

This entire album was glory translated through headphones. Lyrical masterminds at their finest work with catchy riffs and so forth. Do not pass the oppurtunity up to hear this masterful collection.

9. Josh Ritter- The Temptation of Adam

One of the best folk tales through song I have heard all year. Ritter has crafted his talent into something prime and clean-cut, something that calmy jumps out and pulls you in. This is a song I wish I could make a music video for.

8. Rilo Kiley- Breakin’ Up

There were aspects of this album I absolutely loved, and some not so much. AS for this track. It was love the second the needle spun into this territory on the vinyl. It begins like it’s the soundtrack to Magnolia or some other P.T. Anderson work, and shifts into this mix of disco and indie alt pop, and when Jenny Lewis just rolls and flows the entire time it’s almost impossible to create a complaint.

7. Rogue Wave- Chicago X 12

This band continues to get better and better, this entire album was a show for that. For this track, you can feel the moments that you know it’s a tune you wanna pull into a snowy driveway to, when the acoustic guitar first kicks in. Or when Rogue quietly states the lyrics: “You never knew how hard I tried,” simply astounding.

6. Kanye West feat. Chris Martin- Homecoming

Great beat. Great rap. Chris Martin. Favorite lyric: “She said ‘Ye keep making that, keep making that platinum and gold for me.”

5. Beirut- The Penalty

An album I have not touched on yet, but probably, one of the sweetest, most beautiful acoustic songs of the year. His shuddering voice shouts a quiet anthem that will really be hard to get out of my head.

4. The Most Serene Republic- The Men Who Live Upstairs

Another album I ahve not touched on yet. This band may be the group making the best muzak right now. Everything is pitch perfect, it’s like they know exactly where I want the song to go, exactly what will make my jaw drop in awe, and exactly what will make me shake my head furiously to keep along with the beat and guitar of the raving hit. I’m not 100% sure at the time, but so far, in 2007, this would most likely be my pick for album of year.

3. Radiohead- Arpeggi

It’s fucking Radiohead? No, but seriously, this song is really quite beautiful. You have to admit. Even if it wasn’t Radiohead this song would still be right here.

2. Animal Collective- Derek

Probably my most anticipated vinyl purchase. This entire album is great. Really pitch perfect, and I’m even feeling a rival on Feels. Cannot wait for the news on the dealio with them new live tracks. P.S. Probably my number 2 album of ’07, it still is a battle though.

1. Band of Horses- Is There a Ghost

I cannot get this song out of my head. I love it. I love this song, I love the direction it seems this album will be going in. I love the album cover. This song as made this band explode into my top 5 favorite groups. Everything, the shouts of the vocals, the echoing guitar (both soft and heavy), and the eery feeling that accompanies the album cover. (each CD cover for these guys seems to match the mood of the album, it’s really something great, I’ve never seen anything like it before.)


August 30, 2007

Kanye Vs. 50, Leaks, etc.

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Ok Ok Ok. So Kanye leaked and Curtis leaked, and while on the wonderfully helpful and fun atease.com messageboard, there on the top of page 15 of the “Kanye West- Graduation, The Official Thread” was a message from a user calling themselves “Kanye West.” Now, If this was, or if this wasn’t the real Kanye West, the message still gave me greatest impression for-anti album downloading I have ever seen. In its sense, it was Kanye West, one of the world’s biggest rappers, on an indie alternative music messageboard, begging a group of nerdy nerds to put down the links and buy his album on the 11th. I thought I would try to emphasize this whole thing. First off, I know it seem as if I should be grouped with the murderers and rapists of blogging crime because of me posting leaked songs and so forth, but those songs are intended to be heard and liked and eventually be used as a springboard to buying the material by the artist that the song is from, if not the artist’s entire discography. It is true that I do download the leaked albums, but anytime I do I’ll pre-order the album on vinyl, and if it’s not available in that format, then on CD, and if not available at all, then I have to remember to buy it when it comes out, which usually goes as smooth as possible. Come on now, this is their profession, I know people like 50 Cent and Kanye West seem brattish because of the money they have and get from these albums, but I mean, look at what happened to Flava Flav, most people aren’t the Beatles or the Stones, they can’t do it forever. And hell, half the bands on this sight are not swimming in piles of gold like Uncle Scrooge McDuck. Sample the songs here. Buy the album. Rock out.

MP3: Kanye West- Everything I Am

August 28, 2007

Is There a Ghost

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New Band of Horses Single! ATTENTION!. Wow, was I off when I said muzak was slow lately because it just came back and kicked me in the face. First Kanye and literally moments after posting I stumble onto this puppy, and the best part is… this song kicks ass. This and Kanye’s Homecoming might be one of the most amazing one-two punches this year. (That is for coming out around the same time in the WordPress world.) Anyway, I can’t even put together words at this point to describe this song, I mean, I’m sure you’ve already clicked on the link and left, but I’ll try anyway. I’ve always thought Everything All the Time‘s album cover truly represented the tracks on the record, I always got a wood-sy, Southern wildlife feel, kind of like I’m deep in the forest and questioning where it is I go after life in this vessel. Well, it is in my humble opinion that this track does that very same thing, but in a slightly more cheerful direction, which so far is gold to me, you couldn’t seperate me from this single with a pair of scissors.

MP3: Band of Horses- Is There a Ghost (DH Highly Recommended)

Glorious. Just made my day, again.

my were they is back and out!

So a while ago I posted about a little Chicago 3-piece called My Were They, and a little album they were coming out with called After They Threw Me In the River and Before I Drowned. I had heard them, liked the Interpol and Hot IQs similarities, which I now slightly frown upon because of my lazy clumping, all three of those bands have unique and kick-ass styles, and I’d really like to put your attention towards my were they right now. then some of their songs got some heavy play on the old iPod (seriously it’s on the verge of complete self eradication). As a very nice gift, I recieved a free copy of the CD disc itself in the mail which rekindled old flames. I decided that because I haven’t heard one of the bands songs for a couple of months, I would take a new approach and give the entire album a fresh listen. This was both a sensible and profitable decision. One thing that always amazes me is the amount of remarkable qualities one can pull out from thoroughly examining a record at different periods of time, both in full track one-to-finish rotation. The tracks on this album stand out, hooks, catches, the array of instruments just kinda coming from every direction. Michael D instantly makes this disc and memorable with his one of kind style of singing, just listen at 2:47 on the tenth track, “Sixteen” when the calm guitar build up mashes wonderfully with Michael’s humming confidence behind the mic. Another thing I love about this album is how almost every song is four or more minutes long, that is always a desireable quality that I look for because it gives a band room to layout what they want to show people, and that’s exactly the type of thing my were they takes advantage of, in the highest sense. And it could be just me, but on the track “Rhodes Two”, I see the beauty in a non-lyrical song that hasn’t struck me since M83’s I Guess I’m Floating. So with all that resting on you, just sit back, listen, and enjoy. Cheers.


-> my were they- Sixteen
-> my were they- Rhodes Two (DH Highly Recommended)

And As A Bonus…

New Kanye! That’s right, Kanye’s reversed and Frankensteined version of a Common song is pretty damn good. Catchy, good rap (lyrics, best I’ve seen so far come out of Graduation), and Chris Martin is in the f’ing thing! It’s really a fun listen, and I promise you, you’ll be inclined to jingle along with the beat. The piano is smooth and funky and just plain old fresh.

MP3: Kanye West- Homecoming feat. Chris Martin

I guess I was just being a huge dumb idiot. Oh well, at least we got the tunes.


Not much in muzak has been happening these days. Oh yes, so I’ve resorted to pumping Grateful Dead, Phish, Big Wu, Allman Brothers Band and agressively ghetto hip-hop music out the stereo system I so appropriately set up in my dorm room. But one thing that caught my attention, again, and more emphatically this time, is the Wheezy F. B. The Wheezy F Baby, Wheeziana, Dwayne Carter Jr., (I could go on and on) Lil’ Wayne.

These past 48 hours have been me valuing this valuable rhythm because of drunk nights that have led to drunken facebook wall-messages filled with random portions of the Wheezy Baby’s lyrics. Many nicknames can come along with this master entertainer of the hip-hop arts, but one style sticks. He calls himself the best rapper alive and that could very possibly be very true, his rhymes are fresh, intelligent, creative, and not entirely planned all of the time. His freestyles do not seem to keep me calm either. To sum all this up, Lil’ Wayne has become my favorite rapper over the past few months, and it was solitified by this environment where all is played is Lil’ Wayne rap, and to tell the truth, I’m damn happy that happened. So here are a bunch of MP3s from either the leaked Tha Carter 3, or from mixtapes, or from random other fun stuff. Ya know! Hopefully more will happen soon enough, if not, oh well. We’ll survive, I mean, we still got The Most Serene Republic, Band of Horses, and Kanye West coming out soon with new albums. Cheers.


-> Lil’ Wayne- La La La
-> Lil’ Wayne- I Feel Like Dying (* Cleaner Version *) (DH Highly Recommended!)
-> Lil’ Wayne- Get It Shawty
-> Lil’ Wayne- Something You Forgot
-> Lil’ Wayne feat. Juelz Santana- Badside
-> Lil’ Wayne feat. Mack Maine- I Know the Future (Timbaland Produced)

P.S.: May I add how much I love the new Band of Horses album cover? What do you guys think?

P.P.S.: I do not get HBO here. What the fuck!

August 25, 2007

Moved / Situated

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So I’ve gone through the proper steps to be “settled in” to my dorm room, and I am ready to begin posting again. Sorry for such a lapse, but I needed it to organize my stuff and my mind. Well I’ll keep this post short because I have to wait till there’s actually something to post about, but…

What happened while I was gone? Oh that’s right, a fucking Radiohead track from their upcoming fucking CD (the two uses of the F word are completely necessary). First of all, hype alone will carry this song to being listened to thousands of times by thousands of people, but that isn’t it. The song begins with this electric chime that just rolls it’s listener into submission, lazily. When Thom Yorke’s voice begins slowly trembling you begin to put the puzzle together, you begin to understand what it was this song made you think of, something remarkable. Possibly arriving at Heaven’s gate, or your entire life in slow motion. Violins begin to kick in adding a touch of drama to this already mind-numbing song. I am still trying to process every initial detail, but this song lacks nothing, it is golden. Enough of me talking, here’s to you listening.

MP3: Radiohead- Arpeggi

August 21, 2007

All Apologies

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Sorry, shit’s been real hectic because of my move to my dorm. I have yet to make the eight hour drive that will occur tomorrow, so hold on. Once I’m situated DH will be right back up and running. Cheers.

August 16, 2007

Elegy for Gump Worsley

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I’m sorry to be rambling about one band (no matter how amazing their new album is), but this song is simply one of most beatufully haunting songs these ears have ever had the pleasure to host. John K Sampson is a genuis. The Weakerthans are a revolution in bands through an expansion of intelligence. This song is wonderful. The banjo is a wonderful instrument.

MP3: The Weakerthans- Elegy for Gump Worsley

Acoustic Ordeal of Joy feat. Rogue Wave

On listening to Rogue Wave’s new album – Asleep at Heaven’s Gate, it is quite clear that Zach Rogue has a hunch for the acoustic guitar. The mash (sorry to use a word so negative as mash to describe something so wonderful and beautiful) that flows between his voice and the slow smooth strums of the acoustic guitar is something completely original, completely in a league of it’s own (style of it’s own as well). The feelings these sounds evoke are those of seasonal feelings, I see Fall and Winter. I had to sadly delete some songs from my most recent playlist and move them to Fall and Winter playlists simply because the feeling of walking down a leaf covered pathway that shines yellow, gold, orange, amber, red, and fire all bundled up in a sweatshirt as cool wind sharply surrounds you, or the feeling of awaking late on a Saturday, smothered in blankets. Staring out the window to see the gentle but never-ending snow fall on a planet that seems as if it were born with sheets of white ice covering it. I can really tell that these songs mean something when I can just imagine these situations in my head. It is quite unbelievable. As for you Summer fans, the rest of the album serves well to your tastes. As for you muzak fans, just listen to the CD and you will be pleasantly satisfied.


Rogue Wave- Christians In Black (DISAPPEAR HERE’s highly recommended / personal favorite [Winter / Fall] )

*** Bonus ***

I’m getting all rappy happy for the new Kanye West, and I stumbled upon to this little jingle, I enjoyed it.

MP3: Kryscbang- Candylady

And… Watch this thang.

Reservation Road [2007]

August 13, 2007

I Like the Weakerthans

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never cease to amaze me. When I first heard “Night Windows” [MP3], I was brought back to the world of simplistic but glorious pop rock, wildly intelligent and smooth flowing lyrics that wrap around one’s mind like tangling brush, and just remarkable statements of love, life (mundane or extreme), and the sweeter side of things. Waiting to hear their newest CD, twistfully titled Reunion Tour [Pre-order Here], I expected nothing less than perfect music, because that’s what the band is known for in my book, and let’s just say I got way more than I anticipated.

This disc blows you away on first listen and so on from there, each track holds its own style of various shards of charm, intellect, and tasteful musical arrangements that are preformed to the maximum. I am confident that this collection of mastered tracks filled with audible beauty and clear structured visions will not let down any fan, not only of The Weakerthans but of music and poetry all together. John K. Sampson may be one of our time’s best lyricist and song writer and it may be most evident through this release. I wish I could leave all the songs to spread every feeling that these tracks evoke, but I cannot, so I urge you to pre-order or when the time comes purchase this album directly because I have zero doubts that this will be put down as one of the finest releases of 2007.


The Weakerthans- Civil Twilight
The Weakerthans- Tournament of Hearts

Be Kind Rewind Trailer

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Sorry, been very very busy lately with prepping for leaving for school and such. Great trailer give it a look. Can’t wait for the film.

August 9, 2007

Kansas City, Missouri

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I have been a strong supporter of the University of Alabama Football for quite some time now, and all for the reason for this post is QB Brodie Croyle, an Alabama native who was drafted to the Kansas City Chiefs two years ago. Now, here came the dilemma. I have been a diehard Miami Dolphins since I was a young chap, but recently (last year, and this year’s pre-season) I have completely disagreed with every move they made, every decision they decided. I was never as embarrassed to be a Dolphin fan than I was this pre-season. It all started with their Quarterback situation. They could have drafted Brodie Croyle two years ago, but decided not to. Instead they put Daunte Culpepper and Joey Harrington as rotating offensive leaders. I hated this because I knew no good (let alone great) would come from this. Sure they won some games and I was there to cheer them on then, and sure I still do love players like Chris Chambers, Zach Thomas, Ronnie Brown, Jason Taylor, and Randy McMichael, but something seemed to leave the Dolphins recently, and something seemed to be gained for me when they Chiefs announced that Brodie Croyle would be competing for the starting QB spot against veteran back-up Damon Huard. And something was also gained when it was announced that this battle for the starting spot would basically be broadcasted through HBO on an NFL Films show about the Chiefs’ 3 week training camp. This made it very hard for me to not get more excited about the Chiefs than about the Dolphins, and that is the basic conclusion I have come to. I still enjoy Miami football, but the Chiefs have slowly made their name as number 1 in my book. And along with this announcement I would also like to promote watching this show, because it is wonderfully shot, gritty, funny, and entertaining as all heck. “We’re Gonna Beat the Hell Outta You!”

MP3: M. Ward feat. Jim James- Magic Trick (Kansas City Remix)
MP3: Low- Missouri

August 8, 2007

The Beach Was Good and All

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But I missed my connection to the world of muzak, film, and HBO. Missed it a lot. Although I did catch a showing of the Simpsons movie due to an unpredicted rainy Tuesday, and I must say I would recommend seeing it for a laugh with a familiar and comfortable viewing oppurtunity. So I checked my mail, e-mail, fellow sites of promotion, and sadly found not that much to talk about. Though some of the things I stumbled onto during my vacation that are not technically new, really sprang back into my mind for posting what sounds good.

First off, was the power, soul, emphasis, and the amazing vibe produced from the strength of their beliefs of Rage Against the Machine. Listening to Battle of Los Angeles for probably the first time in several years brought me back into the world of head bobbing and spiritual madness, all in good ways. The explosive nature in which they present their political ideals and so on and so on is not even bothering to someone who would disagree in my opinion, because they are so heavy and positive about these beliefs, they really do hammer that part down. My favorite part of this band, besides Tom Morello’s shredding, has to be the various genres their music can fall into, and not through different songs, you can categorize any one of their songs into several categories itself. At one point, it could be deep funk, at another, raging punk, and at the same time political hip-hop. RATM is a band that will remain ageless and original, I do not believe any effort will ever be as strong and successful as RATM’s. And due to that appearence at Coachella 2007, my hopes have sky rocketed for a reunion and possibly a new disc for us to all go crazy to with our headphones blaring and a new disc to keep us running instead of walking on that morning jog. Pray for the rage to come back.

MP3: Rage Against the Machine- Guerilla Radio
MP3: Rage Against the Machine- I’m Housin’

Second comes to a relatively “in” band in the jam-band circuit. The Benevento/Russo Duo is Marco Benevento and Joe Russo, two people making music that sounds like it’s being produced by an orchestra. The thing about this band, is their not your typical All Good Festival preformers, these guys go into depth with Indie rock but even take breaths of jazz. Within every track you can sense the energy and the diversity that is simply sprawling at the lid of the sound. When you sample these tunes, I am confident you will come to the realization that something extroadinary is happening when two people are creating everything that will be surrounding you, every itch, every noise, every feeling, every sense. The power and magic of music is seen at its best through bands like this one. So I threw in some live tunes to try to convey the absolute peak of this band’s skills and work.

MP3: The Benevento/Russo Duo- Sunny’s Song (Live)
MP3: The Benevento/Russo Duo- Echo Park (Live)

H B O round->up

John From Cincinnati: All I can really say is that I feel it’s all starting to come together. Solely from viewing episode ten, there is a sense that something is building up. What seems to be the frame for an arena of some sort seems to be the most important element at this time of the show. Mitch’s chemist stared at it curiously and many times it shows John viewing it, and then looking behind him. I was not blessed with the oppurtunity to view scenes from next week because my viewing was delayed to OnDemand, so I am thinking about writing a strongly worded letter to HBO to have that included on the OnDemand showing, and that leads to the result that I have no idea what could happen next week. Leave’s it up in the air, which is somewhat interesting.

Entourage: So-so, I love Gary Busey in the show and it brings back the feeling of the old Entourage days. What I did really like about the episode, is the keeping off path of everything annoying and businesslike (or atleast just taking a break), Ari was hysterical with the twins, E was a little annoying, the rest didn’t really do much. It was a slow moving episode but it passed, again, I did not see the scenes from next week, so I have about zero clue on what to expect. Could be the end of the world, I wouldn’t know.

Flight of the Conchords: I’ll say it again, Jermaine Clement is frucking hilarious. Every movement and line he has is delivered with such a nonchalant tone and when it is mixed with his facial features I cannot help but burst into laughter. Bret was very funny as well, I couldn’t stop laughing whenever he would mention something being like Top Gun and Jermaine putting him down. Murray was also funny again like always. Song-wise, I liked the French song, I didn’t love it, but I liked it. I did not like the second song however, it did not really catch me like other’s from the past have. Besides that, keep up the good work boys, you can’t really do wrong in my book at this point.

August 3, 2007

Patrick Park, real quick

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Okay, so I didn’t think I would have enough time to post before I left tomorrow, but something came up. His name his Patrick Park and he’s really something special. A dark but sweet voice wrapped tightly in warm blankets of flawless harmonics. Take a dip in the pool of Patrick Park, and I’ll promise you, you’ll be well more satisfied than any splash from any jump into any pool on a day that was like today, really warm.


Patrick Park- Life’s A Song
Patrick Park- Here We Are
Patrick Park- Arrive Like A Whisper


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O here I go again on another trip. This time through the South Pinelands of New Jersey to the sandy beaches and filthy salt water of the New Jersey Shore, on beautiful Long Beach Island. The house my friend’s family rents out does not have interenet connection (sadly), so I will be literally unable to post. Hold tight, I’ll be back Wednesday with more to say, but as for now, here’s a new 50 Cent song and two of the best tales/tunes I’ve heard all year (Josh Ritter is an undisputable genius).


50 Cent feat. Justin Timberlake and Timbaland- She Wants It
Josh Ritter- The Temptation of Adam
Josh Ritter- Wait for Love

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