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August 1, 2007

Top 6 of July

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Here’s a little roundup of the hits IMHO of the great month of July.

6. Rooney- What For

I loved this release, it was a solid double for sunshine rockers Rooney. Many tracks caught my attention, but this was the one that my finger kept scrolling to on the iPod, like a magnet. It’s catchy and emotional and about everything you could ask for from this group (they are a great band). Loved the whole CD, the whole thang.

5. Justice feat. Uffie- Tthhee Ppaarrttyy

Justice just really rocks a party hard, and the support from Uffie on this track could not fit better. And it also has a kick ass remix by LA Riots who just pump it up that much more. I wasn’t sure what to expect with cross, but I got it, listened, and was more than pleasently surprised.

4. Tokyo Police Club- Your English Is Good

Hot off the press, Tokyo Police Club strikes with another more than satisfying teaser. A 2 song EP that gives me my TPC fill but leaves me wanting more. When’s the LP coming out? I need to know.

3. Oh No! Oh My!- The Pirate’s Anthem

Here’s another band I can’t get enough of. I literally love the entire EP that this song was released on. Every song. This one just a little bit more. I’m shaking with excitement to see what happens next that includes Oh No! Oh My!.

2. Stars- Take Me To the Riot

From the first time I listened to this song till about every ten plays a day it gets from me weeks later, I loved this song. It showed a new side of Stars, a practical and emphatic side that shocked and satisfied my quite roundly. I do not think I could be good friends with anyone who does not love this song.

1. Interpol- Pace is the Trick

This may be the best song out of 2007 so far in my opinion. Our Love to Admire may be the best disc. Every listen brings me deeper into the depths of Interpol, making them easily sit as one of my favorite bands today. Their style has been used, but they add they’re own touch that makes it seem almost completely unique in a way, it’s hard to explain. I love this band. I love this album. I love this song. Period.



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