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August 2, 2007

What’s Been Found ‘Under the Blacklight’

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So as you have heard, Rilo Kiley is back in action with Under the Blacklight, and some of the tracks have found their way to the ears of the public and yes, as always, opinions are mixed. They have taken on this new style that seems to nonchalantly distance itself from their folky-alt roots. And with that said, it will definitley be devastating for those who love the band for their unique sound, for those who like good music, and have always enjoyed the Kileys, for whatever they put out, these are rubies. Let’s put it this way, the first track that was available was “The Moneymaker,” a dirty sexy little thing with a guitar riff that does something to your head, hence making it bob. It may sound completely different from “Hail To Whatever You Found In the Sunlight That Surrounds You,” but it still has its own way of finding a place in your memory. So off the bat, there has to be some realization that this isn’t the same Rilo Kiley. Next, “Silver Lining” hit the stream lines like a virus, and it was supposedly legal. Which can be fun. This track was a tad bit more down to earth than that moneymakin’ track, but still far from The Execution Of All Things. Lastly, came “Dreamworld,” a song highlighted with Sennett which was excellence. Nothing against Lewis, but it’s just this came out to be my favorite track out so far. And yes, it is not More Adventurous. Basically, the inevitable point I am trying to get to is that this album will not be what we have known Rilo Kiley to be, but it will be a solid pop release for a band with a known name. New fans will be added, some will be lost. All is fair in love and new studio albums. So here are the tracks, process for yourself.


Rilo Kiley- The Moneymaker
Rilo Kiley- Silver Lining
Rilo Kiley- Dreamworld


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  1. I didn’t really like The Moneymaker at first but it’s grown on me since. Silver Lining is pure RK to me but my favourite right now is Dreamworld.

    Can’t wait for this album to come out.

    Comment by Khalil A. — August 5, 2007 @ 12:45 pm

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