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August 13, 2007

I Like the Weakerthans

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never cease to amaze me. When I first heard “Night Windows” [MP3], I was brought back to the world of simplistic but glorious pop rock, wildly intelligent and smooth flowing lyrics that wrap around one’s mind like tangling brush, and just remarkable statements of love, life (mundane or extreme), and the sweeter side of things. Waiting to hear their newest CD, twistfully titled Reunion Tour [Pre-order Here], I expected nothing less than perfect music, because that’s what the band is known for in my book, and let’s just say I got way more than I anticipated.

This disc blows you away on first listen and so on from there, each track holds its own style of various shards of charm, intellect, and tasteful musical arrangements that are preformed to the maximum. I am confident that this collection of mastered tracks filled with audible beauty and clear structured visions will not let down any fan, not only of The Weakerthans but of music and poetry all together. John K. Sampson may be one of our time’s best lyricist and song writer and it may be most evident through this release. I wish I could leave all the songs to spread every feeling that these tracks evoke, but I cannot, so I urge you to pre-order or when the time comes purchase this album directly because I have zero doubts that this will be put down as one of the finest releases of 2007.


The Weakerthans- Civil Twilight
The Weakerthans- Tournament of Hearts


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