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August 28, 2007

Is There a Ghost

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New Band of Horses Single! ATTENTION!. Wow, was I off when I said muzak was slow lately because it just came back and kicked me in the face. First Kanye and literally moments after posting I stumble onto this puppy, and the best part is… this song kicks ass. This and Kanye’s Homecoming might be one of the most amazing one-two punches this year. (That is for coming out around the same time in the WordPress world.) Anyway, I can’t even put together words at this point to describe this song, I mean, I’m sure you’ve already clicked on the link and left, but I’ll try anyway. I’ve always thought Everything All the Time‘s album cover truly represented the tracks on the record, I always got a wood-sy, Southern wildlife feel, kind of like I’m deep in the forest and questioning where it is I go after life in this vessel. Well, it is in my humble opinion that this track does that very same thing, but in a slightly more cheerful direction, which so far is gold to me, you couldn’t seperate me from this single with a pair of scissors.

MP3: Band of Horses- Is There a Ghost (DH Highly Recommended)

Glorious. Just made my day, again.


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