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August 28, 2007

my were they is back and out!

So a while ago I posted about a little Chicago 3-piece called My Were They, and a little album they were coming out with called After They Threw Me In the River and Before I Drowned. I had heard them, liked the Interpol and Hot IQs similarities, which I now slightly frown upon because of my lazy clumping, all three of those bands have unique and kick-ass styles, and I’d really like to put your attention towards my were they right now. then some of their songs got some heavy play on the old iPod (seriously it’s on the verge of complete self eradication). As a very nice gift, I recieved a free copy of the CD disc itself in the mail which rekindled old flames. I decided that because I haven’t heard one of the bands songs for a couple of months, I would take a new approach and give the entire album a fresh listen. This was both a sensible and profitable decision. One thing that always amazes me is the amount of remarkable qualities one can pull out from thoroughly examining a record at different periods of time, both in full track one-to-finish rotation. The tracks on this album stand out, hooks, catches, the array of instruments just kinda coming from every direction. Michael D instantly makes this disc and memorable with his one of kind style of singing, just listen at 2:47 on the tenth track, “Sixteen” when the calm guitar build up mashes wonderfully with Michael’s humming confidence behind the mic. Another thing I love about this album is how almost every song is four or more minutes long, that is always a desireable quality that I look for because it gives a band room to layout what they want to show people, and that’s exactly the type of thing my were they takes advantage of, in the highest sense. And it could be just me, but on the track “Rhodes Two”, I see the beauty in a non-lyrical song that hasn’t struck me since M83’s I Guess I’m Floating. So with all that resting on you, just sit back, listen, and enjoy. Cheers.


-> my were they- Sixteen
-> my were they- Rhodes Two (DH Highly Recommended)

And As A Bonus…

New Kanye! That’s right, Kanye’s reversed and Frankensteined version of a Common song is pretty damn good. Catchy, good rap (lyrics, best I’ve seen so far come out of Graduation), and Chris Martin is in the f’ing thing! It’s really a fun listen, and I promise you, you’ll be inclined to jingle along with the beat. The piano is smooth and funky and just plain old fresh.

MP3: Kanye West- Homecoming feat. Chris Martin

I guess I was just being a huge dumb idiot. Oh well, at least we got the tunes.


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