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September 27, 2007


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I’ve basically been nonexistent lately, and I apologize. I’ll do my best to keep up with the posting. But real quick, here are two new tracks I’ve really been liking from two new groups that should be making a lotta noise. Enjoy.


-> Black Kids- I’m Not Gonna Teach You How To Dance With Your Boyfriend
-> Vampire Weekend- Oxford Comma

black-kids.jpg                         vamp-week.jpg

Black Kids Myspace                                                         Vampire Weekend Site

And by the way…

This is some hot stuff, if you have any chance to get tickets, I highly recommend.


September 19, 2007

Kevin’s Songs pt. 1

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So before I left for the University, I had started making my good friend Kevin some mix-discs. They were more or less melting pots of hip-hop, indie rock, acoustic-singer/songwriter shazz, mostly anything I could get my head around that would collectively take up less than 120 minutes and mash really well together. Sadly we are far away with our colleges, and these mixes got kinda discontinued at like, um, 2. So this one’s to you buddy, an online version of Volume 3 I assume.

-> Maritime- Be Unhappy
-> Lil’ Wayne- I Know the Future
-> Motion City Soundtrack- Broken Heart
-> Rogue Wave- Chicago X 12
-> Klaxons- The Night
-> Lil’ Wayne- I Feel Like Dying (Better Sound Quality Version)
-> Mobius Band- Hallie
-> Band of Horses- Marry Song
-> Kanye West- Flashing Lights (ft. Dwele)
-> Hot Hot Heat- My Best Friend
-> Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, and Pharell- US Placers
-> Lil’ Wayne- La La La
-> Lil’ Eazy E feat. Timbaland- I Got That
-> The Wombats- Let’s Dance to Joy Division

Figurines- Hey, Girl

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Once in a while a band comes along and throws out a song that assures you of the positives. Figurines has done that with Indie Rock on this track, and on their entire new album, When the Deer Wore Blue. These Danish rockers put together some real special stuff here, jam packed with indie rock and captivating hooks and turns. Each song pumbles the listener hard and fast, leaving the headphones battered and the listener in blissful shock. It may not be song of the year, or even song of the month, but it’s just nice every once in a while to hear a song that makes you say, “yeah, I do kick ass and listen to the best kind of muzak. Go me.” Take a listen. Dig the vibe. Cheers.


– Hey, Girl

September 13, 2007

Showdown with Slow Gun Shogun

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Slow Gun Shogun has a vibe of new age American rock, though the hooks that play along really present a conflict between what genre the muzak actually belongs too, this is not a horrible problem. It still doesn’t change the fact that these tunes are down right gritty and fun to listen to. The ballads strike a nerve and follow the synapse to roots of feel-good-out-in-the-woods country. Running tractors, kickin’ back JD, hot summers, tall grass, stiff breezes, cheap motels, and hard rock, all from a single track from the band (aka A.J.). Everything’s fun and fast and the songs are as catchy as amped rock tunes get. It’s the best of both worlds. So as SGS says, “stray dogs, broke cars, graveyards…crank this fucker up!”

MP3: Slow Gun Shogun- Spinning Wheels (highly recommended!)

Usually artists these days influences get a little worn out, their always a bit trite. This is another aspect of SGS that plays out in a completely unique manner. Here you have influences like Hank Williams, and the Dukes of Hazzards theme-song where you would usually see a Joy Division or Sonic Youth. I’m not saying it doesn’t work for those other bands, I’m not saying that at all, just that how much of a breath of fresh air the whole experience is with this band. Really give them a go if you want something different and satisfying. Rock on.

MP3: Slow Gun Shogun- Wish I Could Fix It All (With Some Hoodoo)

Also (real quick), as I was listening to this band, it reminded me of an old lo-fi favorite. So Hatestick, wherever you are, whatever you have been doing, this one’s for you. If anyone has any info of where this band is now-a-days, and what their doing, any information would be greatly appreciated. Cue spinning.

MP3: Hatestick- Hardy Har Haar

So so so, sorry I haven’t posted in about 881572309735609885 years, it’s just my file sharing site is being a real butt and freezing on all the uploads, and the workload for class has become denser than the Modernist text that is in the homework assignments. But hopefully I’ll be able to put things back on track…Not this weekend, because I’ll be traveling westward to suprise my friend at his school, but with Savefile as my most trustworthy aid, I will try to bring things back to speed. Thanks for all your patience and support. God Bless. (And here’s some tunes I’ve been enjoying a lot lately. Cheers.)


-> Hot Hot Heat- My Best Friend
-> Mobius Band- Hallie (highly recommended!)

September 8, 2007

seriously, like .. volume one

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This is an idea I had: a new type of post for whenever I hear a bunch of tunes that I have not previously talked about, but want to. So I figured I’d jam them all together and hammer it home it, seriously like, listen to these tracks, and then get the discs, you really should. These posts will probably come at real random times. Times when I have spectacular music up the butt but no interesting input on the jewels. So here goes volume 1.

M83 – Digital Shades Vol. 1

So M83 is a French electron duo that makes classic indie electro, and if you heard them before, the recognition will be hard to find through this thick layer of heavy buzz that surrounds every Angelo Badalamenti-esque track on this collectively climactic collection of songs. Each song seems to pretty much sound the same, but there is emphasis to a meaning deeper, and it all really gets mashed into something strangely beautiful. Kind of like experimental work from the mid 80s but with a hush of the M83 we know and love.

MP3: M83- Dancing Mountains
MP3: M83- Sister (Part 2)

Les Savy Fav – Let’s Stay Friends

Les Savy Fav may throw you off with their lead singer’s appearance, but this band kicks. They really give a hope for a sprawling indie punk scene, leading the pack with rythmic catchy songs that dance on the border of indie alternative and hardcore rock. This was a that I wasn’t really excited to start listening to but after the first song I heard, everything from then on has been blessings. This album isn’t out yet, but I recommend getting this good time the second it drops for purchase.

MP3: Les Savy Fav- Patty Lee

Band of Horses- Cease To Begin

This album surrounds me, it’s taking me in, I could bow to this thing. After pre-mature evaluations at first, I feel better with my assumption of I feel like this could be one of the top albums of the year (along with Strawberry Jam and Populations). Every song just takes over, even if at first listen you feel the track to be somewhat bland, after about two more listens you have found about 1,000 little details that make your love for the song stronger than the consistancy of this excellent group of musicians. Get this. Get it.

MP3: Band of Horses- Marry Song
MP3: Band of Horses- The General Specific

(both in m4a format)

Well that’s it for volume one. Enjoy, I hope I inspired somewhat. Cheers.

September 7, 2007

EP Midlake

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Wandering around the iTunes store yesterday night for new releases that my hype radar missed, and I stumbled into gold. Solid gold. If you haven’t heard, Midlake fucking rules. Just lettin’ ya know. They’ve got this quality that I can see mounting them to the likes of Radiohead, the only ingrediant missing is time and a proper catalog. So this digital EP doesn’t hurt, It’s really quite solid, has it’s share of winter wishes with acoustic versions of “Roscoe” and “It Covers the Hillsides”. They also throw in two new tracks, that will floor anyone who enjoys music in my humble opinion. So take a listen, and for the love of god buy this thing (by the way, it’s titled Oak and Julian), really, it’s just something that will make clearer the beauty of life and this world.

MP3: Midlake- Mornings Will Be Kind (*DH Highly Recommended*)

kate nash is cute

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Isn’t she? I mean isn’t Kate Nash just plain old darling? I think so, more than Lily Allen that is. I never really got into the whole “Smile” scene, not really at all. But there is something both promiscuous and adorable about Kate Nash that happens at the same time all the time. IMHO her songs are catchier and for lack of a better word, better. Now here comes the big statement: I even enjoy her sound better than I do the new Britney track. My first observation about that track individually is how she can sound so sexy on a song and be the way she has lately, it feels wrong to think about when listening to the song, for me at least. Other than that, I see the song as being quite good, and thinking back on it Britney never really makes a shitty poppy / catchy track, and with all that on the table, Kate Nash, all the time.


-> Kate Nash- Foundations
-> Britney Spears- Gimme More

P.S. Sorry for the terrible delay, my uploading site has been on the fritz, so hopefully if things can get going I can bring a mass Friday of goodies and posting to y’all. Cheers.

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