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September 8, 2007

seriously, like .. volume one

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This is an idea I had: a new type of post for whenever I hear a bunch of tunes that I have not previously talked about, but want to. So I figured I’d jam them all together and hammer it home it, seriously like, listen to these tracks, and then get the discs, you really should. These posts will probably come at real random times. Times when I have spectacular music up the butt but no interesting input on the jewels. So here goes volume 1.

M83 – Digital Shades Vol. 1

So M83 is a French electron duo that makes classic indie electro, and if you heard them before, the recognition will be hard to find through this thick layer of heavy buzz that surrounds every Angelo Badalamenti-esque track on this collectively climactic collection of songs. Each song seems to pretty much sound the same, but there is emphasis to a meaning deeper, and it all really gets mashed into something strangely beautiful. Kind of like experimental work from the mid 80s but with a hush of the M83 we know and love.

MP3: M83- Dancing Mountains
MP3: M83- Sister (Part 2)

Les Savy Fav – Let’s Stay Friends

Les Savy Fav may throw you off with their lead singer’s appearance, but this band kicks. They really give a hope for a sprawling indie punk scene, leading the pack with rythmic catchy songs that dance on the border of indie alternative and hardcore rock. This was a that I wasn’t really excited to start listening to but after the first song I heard, everything from then on has been blessings. This album isn’t out yet, but I recommend getting this good time the second it drops for purchase.

MP3: Les Savy Fav- Patty Lee

Band of Horses- Cease To Begin

This album surrounds me, it’s taking me in, I could bow to this thing. After pre-mature evaluations at first, I feel better with my assumption of I feel like this could be one of the top albums of the year (along with Strawberry Jam and Populations). Every song just takes over, even if at first listen you feel the track to be somewhat bland, after about two more listens you have found about 1,000 little details that make your love for the song stronger than the consistancy of this excellent group of musicians. Get this. Get it.

MP3: Band of Horses- Marry Song
MP3: Band of Horses- The General Specific

(both in m4a format)

Well that’s it for volume one. Enjoy, I hope I inspired somewhat. Cheers.


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