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September 13, 2007

Showdown with Slow Gun Shogun

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Slow Gun Shogun has a vibe of new age American rock, though the hooks that play along really present a conflict between what genre the muzak actually belongs too, this is not a horrible problem. It still doesn’t change the fact that these tunes are down right gritty and fun to listen to. The ballads strike a nerve and follow the synapse to roots of feel-good-out-in-the-woods country. Running tractors, kickin’ back JD, hot summers, tall grass, stiff breezes, cheap motels, and hard rock, all from a single track from the band (aka A.J.). Everything’s fun and fast and the songs are as catchy as amped rock tunes get. It’s the best of both worlds. So as SGS says, “stray dogs, broke cars, graveyards…crank this fucker up!”

MP3: Slow Gun Shogun- Spinning Wheels (highly recommended!)

Usually artists these days influences get a little worn out, their always a bit trite. This is another aspect of SGS that plays out in a completely unique manner. Here you have influences like Hank Williams, and the Dukes of Hazzards theme-song where you would usually see a Joy Division or Sonic Youth. I’m not saying it doesn’t work for those other bands, I’m not saying that at all, just that how much of a breath of fresh air the whole experience is with this band. Really give them a go if you want something different and satisfying. Rock on.

MP3: Slow Gun Shogun- Wish I Could Fix It All (With Some Hoodoo)

Also (real quick), as I was listening to this band, it reminded me of an old lo-fi favorite. So Hatestick, wherever you are, whatever you have been doing, this one’s for you. If anyone has any info of where this band is now-a-days, and what their doing, any information would be greatly appreciated. Cue spinning.

MP3: Hatestick- Hardy Har Haar

So so so, sorry I haven’t posted in about 881572309735609885 years, it’s just my file sharing site is being a real butt and freezing on all the uploads, and the workload for class has become denser than the Modernist text that is in the homework assignments. But hopefully I’ll be able to put things back on track…Not this weekend, because I’ll be traveling westward to suprise my friend at his school, but with Savefile as my most trustworthy aid, I will try to bring things back to speed. Thanks for all your patience and support. God Bless. (And here’s some tunes I’ve been enjoying a lot lately. Cheers.)


-> Hot Hot Heat- My Best Friend
-> Mobius Band- Hallie (highly recommended!)


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