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October 5, 2007

belated best 6 of september

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yes I am a little late, but I have some free time right now so I’m gonna go for a big bundle of posts, hopefully it’ll hype me up enough to continue doing so in a more habitual manner. So here were my Top 6 of the month of September. Only 6, so I was a little dreary with the sounds this past month. Things will pick up, I mean, October 10th happens to be in October…

(remember, leaks and releases are both eligible)

6. Midlake- Marion [mp3]
5. Black Kids- I’m Not Gonna Teach You How To Dance With Your Boyfriend [mp3]
4. Simian Mobile Disco- Tits & Acid [mp3]
3. Vampire Weekend- Oxford [mp3]
2. The New Amsterdams- Fortunate Fool [mp3]
1. Animal Collective- Fireworks [mp3]

Like I said, many of the releases from September were basically drained through my blogger system in previous months, and I know I categorized Strawberry Jam as being part of August, or maybe even July, but I can’t help it, “Fireworks” is so f***ing good, and the Jam is so f***ing good. And I am simply in love with that New Amsterdams song off their new release At the Foot Of My Rival. Enjoi.


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