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November 11, 2007

The Silver Seas, formerly (and the real) The Bees

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Gosh, I almost forgot how great this band was. Recently on my iTunes shuffle I stumbled onto “Hard Luck Tom” and this remarkable urge struck me to find out how the good ole Bees were doing. At first glance in this reunion, I noticed (It’s kinda hard not to) that the name of the band was changed, and their amazing album High Society was being re-released under their new name, The Silver Seas. This hit a personal nerve because of the fact that there were two seperate bands, both called The Bees, one from the UK, and one from the US, and to me, the US band was a favorite hands down. The US side had such a jolly alt-folk sound that rang with clever turns, and the UK side never really did it for me, they never showed me anything different. While listening to High Society, I feel like it’s the a country laid back score to a Wes Anderson film, and the artwork and Futura font doesn’t hurt with my theory.


-> The Silver Seas- Hard Luck Tom [mp3]
-> The Silver Seas- Imaginary Girl [mp3]


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  1. […] the rhythm, and if you can remember back enough I basically said this same worshiping caption in previous post. *SONG OF THE ALBUM*: Hard Luck […]

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