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November 26, 2007

Now hear this

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How can something so wonderful end before it ever really began?

R.I.P. Imaginary Baseball League

You got one hell of a fan out of me.

I recently began listening to a Nashville group who called themselves The Imaginary Baseball League. I had heard two tracks of theirs before just recently investigating the deal with them, “Gambling”, and “Steeple to Steeple”. Both songs gave me hooks that caught me by complete surprise. Every second of the song was like a flower in beautiful Spring bloom out of gritty sidewalk cement, both of the tracks would unfold like a rollercoaster quietly barreling through a picturesque scene the ordinary life. If I had to put it in simple terms, these songs made me feel good. I liked this band, and when I began looking deeper into them, I discovered they are no more since this last October. It’s just a sad thing to start getting into a group or a preformer after the race they were in had been run. It’s like finding out who Elliott Smith is in 2004 and having to be satisfied with B-sides from the past for the rest of your life. Except the difference is IBL’s race shouldn’t have ended so soon. I’m not saying I’m upset with anyone in the band or anything like that, they all have their reasons for what they want to do, I am slightly just upset with myself for not pursuing these guys earlier on. So unfortunately this section of this post is kind of like a tribute, but from the sound of these guys songs, that’s well deserved. Cheers men, hope to see you guys playing on sometime, and I hope for the best otherwise.

You can go to the band’s site to download the entire album, or track by track if you want to.

“Oh I know that it’s sad. We spent all we had, we blew it on gambling. Trying our luck, playing the cards, scrambling. 200,000 miles of wheels may not survive another trip. Maybe it’s time to quit, just settle down and start paying the bills, yeah I should really pay the bills.

And for the record, the new 3 Seattle’s in this rocking world have to be Brooklyn, Nashville, and Athens.

having said that…
I introduce another new infatuation of mine, The Dimes. This group throws together some catchy tunes in their upcoming release The Silent Generation, while making a pretty solid name for themselves. The foundation of the album comes from the track, “Catch Me Jumping”. The group immediately establishes attention from the pop filled strumming of the acoustic guitar that soon surrounds the entire album giving its listeners positive familiarity. The album’s content flows like a history text book of extremely random events that never fail to spark interest in what is being sung about. The vocals soar with optimism even when the lyrics may not be so pleasant. With all these details wrapped together, the band puts forth a solid disc with songs that will (have) be(en) on repeat (for me). Check out some tracks for yourself. Cheers.

-> The Dimes- Catch Me Jumping [mp3] (**DH** Highly Recommended)
-> The Dimes- This Time [mp3]
-> The Dimes- Salt and Foam [mp3] (Now this may just be me, but this chorus strangely sounds like Death Cab For Cutie in their earlier days, let me know if you agree)



  1. wow. where did these guys come from? simply AMAAAAZING music. do they tour?

    Comment by Matthew — November 30, 2007 @ 10:12 pm

  2. Imaginary Baseball League? or The Dimes?

    Comment by thatguyfromla — December 1, 2007 @ 12:24 pm

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