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December 5, 2007

The 25 Days of Christmas: Part 5

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Hoorah! The first big snow fall of the year! I awoke in pure awry with a picture text message from a friend in the same state as I. It was a picture of a dorm surrounded by bundles and bundles of brilliantly white snow. So I pull up my shades with rapid haste (not showing any appreciation to my roomate, naturally) to find that my campus too has been raped by blizzard-like snowfall. And like the day couldn’t get any better, my 9:30 Cinema class was cancelled as well. So here’s to a morning of snuggling in bed while zoning out to a white haze and good ole Christmas jams.

For those of you who have actually followed this blog in a decent fashion, you may remember back to my “THE Albums (of my life), etc.” stint. Well although the MP3 links have been dead and gone for a long time now, there still remains the text of me confessing the identity of possibly my favorite tune. It’s a wintry song, and it flows so majestically in me that I will never grow tired of its familiar ring. I believe it is necessary to bust this baby out for celebration of the real start of winter and the real beginning of the road to Christmas. O and why the hell not, I’ll throw in a bonus because I’m so happy. Enjoy and cheers.

-> Fountains of Wayne- Valley Christmas Song [mp3]
-> Vince Guaraldi Trio and Cast of Charlie Brown- Christmas Time Is Here [mp3]


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