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December 5, 2007

top 44 albums of 2 thousand and 7 (44-41)

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So I guess it’ll be cool if I just have too many “Part this” and “Part that” posts? Well despite the fact that this is my favorite month, it is also the final month of the year, so naturally will come disappear here‘s first annual top 44. Why 44? Why not? Everyone else is like, 25, or 50, or if they’re really frunking cool, 100. So sit back and enjoy the albums I loved the most from 2 thou. 7.

44. thurston moore: trees outside the academy
Branching off from Sonic Youth for a solo album once again, Moore puts together an excellent guitar trickery focused album that showcases Moore’s sheer talent. It’s been a very good 2 years for thiss 90s-dwelling group of alternative deities. The group (and Thurston on his solo record) have adapted to modern sound while still leaving their mark as those guys that rocked Goo. Thurston Moore and company continue proving that they are timeless as is the muzak they create. *SONG OF THE ALBUM*: Fri/End.

-> Thurston Moore- The Shape Is In A Trance [mp3]
-> Thurston Moore- Fri/End [mp3]

buy thurston moore here

43. pinback: autumn of the seraphs
Pinback’s a group, in my mind, that will fail everytime if ever trying to make a remotely bad album. They have such a distinct sound of calmness that is for some reason unforgettable. The bass lines on every one of their tracks stands out like a sore thumb, and the tunes are unique and instantly classic upon first few listens. Even if a song from this album didn’t really catch my groove; maybe I wasn’t particularly fond of it, it still has its own form; it would still be a one-of-a-kind song, and an album full of those just cannot go unnoticed. *SONG OF THE ALBUM*: Walters.

-> Pinback- Walters [mp3]
-> Pinback- Subbing For Eden [mp3

buy pinback here

42. the snake the cross the crown: cotton teeth
I came about listening to this band a few years back on their last album, Mander Salis. I really enjoyed their tune from that album, “Empires”, and for some reason, I never pursued the group any further than that. Then they jumped back into my life friend my friend told me I needed to download a few tracks from their newest release, Cotton Teeth, and I was amazed. They put this kind-of old country sound with indie alternative muzak and made it work wonders. The vocals twist wonderfully with the groove of the song to make a very catchy outcome. Ultimately, this band in my opinion released one of the most solid and consistent discs this year while staying completely unique. It is a very unusual sound that turns out to be surprisingly gorgeous. *SONG OF THE ALBUM*: The Great American Smokeout.

-> The Snake The Cross The Crown- The Great American Smokeout [mp3]
-> The Snake The Cross The Crown- Behold the River [mp3]

“Oh Jim, John, Jackie and Suzie Q. They mind their matters, but so do you. While we breathe, all of these words make no sense.”

buy the snake the cross the crown here

41. the silver seas: high society (re-issue)
Okay, so this album was originally made in / for 2006, but dh wasn’t around then, and it was recently re-issued under the band’s new name (Old name: The Bees (U.S.)), The Silver Seas. This disc is full of undiscovered alternative glory that I pray will be given the praise it deserves soon. A number of the tracks are as blissfully beautiful as any other tranquil piece of alt-folk music I have come across (excluding Sufjan). This CD has jigs you could listen to over and over again until you created your own little happy dance that follows the rhythm, and if you can remember back enough I basically said this same worshiping caption in previous post. *SONG OF THE ALBUM*: Hard Luck Tom.

-> The Silver Seas- Hard Luck Tom mp3]
-> The Silver Seas- Imaginary Girl mp3]

buy silver seas here.

Well that’s it for round one. Stick around for the daily Christmas posts, while it may be a few days before round II. Cheers and enjoy!


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