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December 7, 2007

the forms. finally.

It’s been a damn while when I last talked about Brooklyn rockers, The Forms (Geez, look at that, the picture isn’t even available any more, that’s just old), but while skimming through insound, I saw a little self-titled diddy by a group called…The Forms? Couldn’t be my Icarus Forms, could it? Well, needless to say it was, with their fresh new album (Well, it came out October 23rd, but that b is brand smackin’ new to me).

After giving this disc 2 full spins, I am completely taken over. This is what muzak should be sounding like; during a seasonal drought of masterful music, this very sound quenching release is exactly what anyone needs. The sound rolls like a tiny snowball down a damp snowpacked hill, garnering power and size as it progresses, and when it stops, you would never had expect you would have had something has big as you had when you saw that tiny snowball from the start. This band and this new release are substantial indicators that they can make music along with the likes of… I’ll say anyone who’s been making discs lately (or lack there of). The bottom line is that my annoyance for the recent lack of releases that are original and new material instead of b-sides / rarities or soundtracks or cover albums for devotion, and when you’re in the desert and see nothing for miles, a cup of water is something wonderfully beautiful. Now, with that said, I am not saying the only reason I am liking this is because there’s nothing else out there. If this came out on the same day of Strawberry Jam, they’d be getting equal listening time (well, maybe it’d be like 60%-40%, sorry, but it’s the jam). Anyways, I’m probably really stupid, so take a listen to some sample tracks and judge for yerself. Cheers and Happy Holidays!

-> The Forms- Red Gun [mp3] (**DH** Highly Recommended)
-> The Forms- Transmission [mp3] (**DH** Highly Recommended)


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