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January 4, 2008


Filed under: Highly Recommended, Muzak, Newness, Stuff Inside the Body, Winter Won — thatguyfromla @ 4:05 pm

It’ll be one hell of a weekend when Vampire Weekend’s self titled hits shelves. The album has had me mesmerized for days now (along with Heretic Pride and Lucky, but mainly this), but one song in particular has been on repeat for me. It’s that type of song that you sort of pass by on first listen of the album, strictly because of sheer excitement to hear an opening riff or drumbeat that will capture your ears in fascinated interest. The type of song that comes on simply because your playlist has been going through the songs as you are doing something else (most likely Madden or being high), as it plays, you listen to it with more attention, more attention then to a song that you would have picked to play. Your interest increases because of that hint of wonder of why this song passed by unnoticed in the first place. Then finally, appreciation hits. Basically, your entire body is flooded with appreciation. You feel it everywhere, in your arms, in your legs, in your fingers, in your toes, in your ears, in your day-dream. The song becomes a giant blanket of warmth for your entire body, and in the instances of your life while your listening to this song, you create a personal relationship with the song, that will probably never be lost. It’s that type of song.

-> Vampire Weekend- Walcott [mp3] (**DH** Highly Recommended)


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