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March 17, 2008

Monday Leftarounds: Modest Mouse [quick] Edition

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Just got back to classes today, so this post will only be a two-em-pee-three post. Modest Mouse is like a whole new dimension when it comes to their b-sides. The sound is rocky and cruddy compared to their high quality big label sound recently boasted, and there is a seemingly endless amount of these things. Every now and then a post of a group of MM b-sides will be sprinkled all over the inter-web, or a friend will douse you will a few MBs of youthful Isaac Brock love. In any case, the heart and attitude of this groups songwriting will always be felt. An effective little bunch of rascals these fellas are, and although all-over the place, this second b-side here ranks high on my favorite Mouse jams.

B – S I D EM P 3s
-> Modest Mouse – Leaflet’s Gabe [mp3]
(Only 52 seconds, but a fun tune)
-> Modest Mouse – This Is Real Life / Untitled Demo [mp3]


March 13, 2008

NEW: Animal Collective – Water Curses MP3


Just when I think Animal Collective can’t possibly top their preceding effort, the first track of their newest release just punches me in the face and knocks me the fuck out. Apologies for the lack of courtesy with that last sentence, but seriously, these guys are on another level. Their music is like an explosion of sound that swarms around everything and anything that you are involved with inside your mind. Each track is like a mental takeover, releasing your imagination into depths never traveled before. It’s really an experience.


-> Animal Collective – Water Curses (Off of the Water Curses – EP due out May 6th) [mp3]

pre-order that shizz ~HERE

March 11, 2008

Monday Leftarounds, the Mgmt edition

So i’m pretty certain that Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden are household names by now, as well as MGMT sharing the flavor of the year with them vampires. But in all seriousness, this group knows how to find ways to rock socks. But enough about how flamboyantly brisk this group’s electric tunes can be, the idea of this post is for me to embark on a journey of a type of post where I can broadcast any extremely rare b-sides I have laying around. On a Monday, because if you really think about it, an album is like the weekend. Everything great that happens in your week happens on the weekend, but sometimes the best memories of a week can come from the weekdays. So here’s to the weekdays, and here’s to the wonderful world of b-sides that exists quietly under the surface of things. Now these particular tunes have been on my hit-list for quite some time. My good friend has had an inside man with the boys from Wesleyan since my Sophomore year in highschool, so about tres years, and since then he’s had this CD-R with tons of garage sounding b-sides along with the likes of “Time to Pretend”, “Kids”, “Love Always Remains” and “Destrokk”. So basically it’s easy to tell that MGMT is rolling in the doh, but here are 4 great tunes from them back in the day that may have never touched the blogosphere surface. Enjoy.

(P.S. – These tracks are so frunking underground that I don’t even know the titles, I had to freaking make them up.)

M P 3s
-> MGMT – We [mp3]
-> MGMT – Hot Love [mp3]
-> MGMT – Normal Alien [mp3]
-> MGMT – Four-Winged Dinosaur [mp3]

And an extra P.P.S. is how much “Normal Alien” pulled back nostalgic glimpses of my childhood viewing of the creepy but oh so classic Pet Shop. The synopsis was simple…but brilliant. Two aliens transcend upon earth to take over a pet store that will ultimately sell alien-ized pets. Meanwhile, in this boomtown-like community in Arizona, a cliche Italian-American family hides from the mob via Witness Protection Agency. Anyhow, alien dogs are purchased, long island stereotypical accents are thrown left and right and the film is just straight up FUCKING WEIRD. But besides that, it’s a must see if you want to complete your own Bucket List.

December 7, 2007

the forms. finally.

It’s been a damn while when I last talked about Brooklyn rockers, The Forms (Geez, look at that, the picture isn’t even available any more, that’s just old), but while skimming through insound, I saw a little self-titled diddy by a group called…The Forms? Couldn’t be my Icarus Forms, could it? Well, needless to say it was, with their fresh new album (Well, it came out October 23rd, but that b is brand smackin’ new to me).

After giving this disc 2 full spins, I am completely taken over. This is what muzak should be sounding like; during a seasonal drought of masterful music, this very sound quenching release is exactly what anyone needs. The sound rolls like a tiny snowball down a damp snowpacked hill, garnering power and size as it progresses, and when it stops, you would never had expect you would have had something has big as you had when you saw that tiny snowball from the start. This band and this new release are substantial indicators that they can make music along with the likes of… I’ll say anyone who’s been making discs lately (or lack there of). The bottom line is that my annoyance for the recent lack of releases that are original and new material instead of b-sides / rarities or soundtracks or cover albums for devotion, and when you’re in the desert and see nothing for miles, a cup of water is something wonderfully beautiful. Now, with that said, I am not saying the only reason I am liking this is because there’s nothing else out there. If this came out on the same day of Strawberry Jam, they’d be getting equal listening time (well, maybe it’d be like 60%-40%, sorry, but it’s the jam). Anyways, I’m probably really stupid, so take a listen to some sample tracks and judge for yerself. Cheers and Happy Holidays!

-> The Forms- Red Gun [mp3] (**DH** Highly Recommended)
-> The Forms- Transmission [mp3] (**DH** Highly Recommended)

November 26, 2007

what is it? like b-sides/rarities month?

Seriously, there’s been like a trillion B-sides and Rarities Discs that have hit shelves in the past few weeks, well more like four, but really, The Killers, Cake just dropped one, and now these two which happen to be my favorites. It’s seriously like the only good stuff coming out, instead of actual new CDs (It’s been like a drought of wonderful indie muzak rain lately). SO anyway, here are the two that I really like. The Annuals’ b-sides from pretty much my favorite album of 2006, Be He Me, and some fresh new jumpy pop tunes from The Format. Enjoy.

-> Annuals- Ease My Mind [mp3]
-> Annuals- Sewn To Kites [mp3]
-> Annuals- Frelen Mas [mp3]
-> The Format- Lottery Song [mp3
-> The Format- Glutton Of Sympathy [mp3]

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