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March 17, 2008

Monday Leftarounds: Modest Mouse [quick] Edition

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Just got back to classes today, so this post will only be a two-em-pee-three post. Modest Mouse is like a whole new dimension when it comes to their b-sides. The sound is rocky and cruddy compared to their high quality big label sound recently boasted, and there is a seemingly endless amount of these things. Every now and then a post of a group of MM b-sides will be sprinkled all over the inter-web, or a friend will douse you will a few MBs of youthful Isaac Brock love. In any case, the heart and attitude of this groups songwriting will always be felt. An effective little bunch of rascals these fellas are, and although all-over the place, this second b-side here ranks high on my favorite Mouse jams.

B – S I D EM P 3s
-> Modest Mouse – Leaflet’s Gabe [mp3]
(Only 52 seconds, but a fun tune)
-> Modest Mouse – This Is Real Life / Untitled Demo [mp3]


January 19, 2008

the top 44 albums of 2 thousand 7 (16-13)

Yeah yeah yeah, I’m basically trying to rapid fire this isht so you guys can have a pleasent day tomorrow (for those who actually frequent this blog, you may be like Hey! Wow! two top 44 posts! after he did nothing for a week! It’s what I’m hoping happens). But for cereal, we’re getting down to the core greats here, and to tell the truth, I’m getting kinda sad. At the end of 2007 I was okay, because I knew I still had a lot of posts to go before I gave my final farewell to the great muzak that went down that year, but now as the finish line is approaching, it makes me a little sad that I have to say goodbye to all these great discs. But I gotta keep my head up. I gotta hope for 2008 to be just as unbelievable. So enjoy these posts of these next four albums… It was a good one….

16. matthew dear: asa breed

This album contains one of my favorite songs of the year. Matthew Dear produces miraculous sounds that work together to create something amazing in the studio. He is one of the best electronic preformers of this year and this should be recognized beyond the text. If anyone tells you to check this out, they probably know what they are talking about, because his record label, and his experience meld together to make a pretty sustainable force. So please believe the person whos talking. *SONG OF THE ALBUM*: “Deserter”.

M P 3s

buy asa breed here.

15. battles : mirrored

Battles created one of the greatest instrumental albums of the past ten years through their dynamic guitar recking and relentless drum beats. I can’t even try to stop listening to the absolutely wonderful sounds that rage from the speakers and spread BATTLES sound. It’s basically that unbelieveable… If it’s not from me, then you will here it else where. *SONG OF THE ALBUM*: “Race : Out”.

M P 3s

buy mirrored here.

14. the shaky hands : s / t

The Shaky Hands were a band I heard only in this past year, and they were spectacular.Their rustic and calm acoustic sound drew endless amounts of attention from me, while they’re seemingly sloppy lyrics evoked a certain “cool” quality. This band is a very different style then any I’ve ever heard, but in a very very good way.*SONG OF THE ALBUM*: “The Sleepless”.

M P 3s

buy the shaky hands here.

13. say hi : the wishes and the glitch

Say Hi was a group that really actually snuck up on me. I, yes, used to know them as Say Hi To Your Mom, which was an awesome name, but nothing from that or from the variation really stuck out to me to make me see change throughout their previous works. But when I heard The Wishes and the Glitch, something was different. The group began avoiding obvious areas that usual tactics would have succumbed to, and began making their own territory, their own boundries. Everything was adjusted, and working. And yeah, I loves it. *SONG OF THE ALBUM*: “Oboes Bleat and Triangles Tink”.

M P 3s

buy the witches and the glitch here here.

the top 44 albums of 2 thousand 7 part i (44-41)
the top 44 albums of 2 thousand 7 part ii (40-37)
the top 44 albums of 2 thousand 7 part iii (36-33)
the top 44 albums of 2 thousand 7 part iv (32-29)
the top 44 albums of 2 thousand 7 part v (28-25)
the top 44 albums of 2 thousand 7 part vi (24-21)
the top 44 albums of 2 thousand 7 part vii (20-17)

p.s. for the future- if I tag something as drunk ha, you will know my state of mind during that post… sorry to the bands for the stupid write ups.

January 7, 2008

Politica and The Golden Age

Well primaries are pretty much right around the corner, and it occured to me last night after the double-header of debates that this election will be one for the books. I consider myself an understanding and reasonable person, so I can’t find myself completely leaning towards one party. I guess I do hold a majority of conservative views, but I am tolerant and even at some points I agree with stands some of the Democratic candidates garner. Just as the candidates are bracing for the final straight of primary electing, I myself buckle in for serious attention to politics, so for the next few months you may be seeing more politically aimed themes: candidates; breaking news, that kind of stuff, every once in a while.

And for a bonus I’ll toss in some new tracks from the new American Music Club album, The Golden Age.

The album sounds great. Mark Eitzel sounds great and comfortable with Vudi still at his side stirring up mesmerizing riffs that can either be so natural that they go unnoticed in the beautiful fog of everything going on in the song or they can jump right in your face leaving you helpless and a lucky victim. There are so many wonderfully crafted tracks on this album to prove that Eitzel makes magic where he has collaboration, and it saddens me that I can’t share all of them with you immediately because of how much of an indulgence it all can be, but the CD will hit shelves sometime this February, so try to be patient.

“I said to my friend Kit, I know I’m just a tourist but it’s your New York duty to turn a tourist frown upside down. So he took me to a patry for fire-eaters, we did drugs in the toilet, yeah, we were so downtown.”

-> American Music Club- The Grand Duchess of San Francisco [mp3] (* * * D i s a p p e a r H e r e Highly Recommended * * *)
-> American Music Club- The Windows of the World [mp3]
-> American Music Club- On My Way [mp3]

December 9, 2007

speed racer

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Wow. This is the coolest looking thing I’ve seen for a while. Check out the trailer because the Wachowski Brothers are looking to make a revolutionary picture here. Looks more than a tad bit interesting…

August 31, 2007

Top 10 of August

Monthly roundup time, and you can really tell it’s been a hell of a month if there is 10 top songs when my aimed goal was about 5 or 6. Now remember, these songs aren’t only from the material that has come out in this month, but from the bundles of leaks* that hit the clean cut internet in this jam packed month.

*Now remember remember, buy the album!

10. The Weakerthans- Tournament of Hearts

This entire album was glory translated through headphones. Lyrical masterminds at their finest work with catchy riffs and so forth. Do not pass the oppurtunity up to hear this masterful collection.

9. Josh Ritter- The Temptation of Adam

One of the best folk tales through song I have heard all year. Ritter has crafted his talent into something prime and clean-cut, something that calmy jumps out and pulls you in. This is a song I wish I could make a music video for.

8. Rilo Kiley- Breakin’ Up

There were aspects of this album I absolutely loved, and some not so much. AS for this track. It was love the second the needle spun into this territory on the vinyl. It begins like it’s the soundtrack to Magnolia or some other P.T. Anderson work, and shifts into this mix of disco and indie alt pop, and when Jenny Lewis just rolls and flows the entire time it’s almost impossible to create a complaint.

7. Rogue Wave- Chicago X 12

This band continues to get better and better, this entire album was a show for that. For this track, you can feel the moments that you know it’s a tune you wanna pull into a snowy driveway to, when the acoustic guitar first kicks in. Or when Rogue quietly states the lyrics: “You never knew how hard I tried,” simply astounding.

6. Kanye West feat. Chris Martin- Homecoming

Great beat. Great rap. Chris Martin. Favorite lyric: “She said ‘Ye keep making that, keep making that platinum and gold for me.”

5. Beirut- The Penalty

An album I have not touched on yet, but probably, one of the sweetest, most beautiful acoustic songs of the year. His shuddering voice shouts a quiet anthem that will really be hard to get out of my head.

4. The Most Serene Republic- The Men Who Live Upstairs

Another album I ahve not touched on yet. This band may be the group making the best muzak right now. Everything is pitch perfect, it’s like they know exactly where I want the song to go, exactly what will make my jaw drop in awe, and exactly what will make me shake my head furiously to keep along with the beat and guitar of the raving hit. I’m not 100% sure at the time, but so far, in 2007, this would most likely be my pick for album of year.

3. Radiohead- Arpeggi

It’s fucking Radiohead? No, but seriously, this song is really quite beautiful. You have to admit. Even if it wasn’t Radiohead this song would still be right here.

2. Animal Collective- Derek

Probably my most anticipated vinyl purchase. This entire album is great. Really pitch perfect, and I’m even feeling a rival on Feels. Cannot wait for the news on the dealio with them new live tracks. P.S. Probably my number 2 album of ’07, it still is a battle though.

1. Band of Horses- Is There a Ghost

I cannot get this song out of my head. I love it. I love this song, I love the direction it seems this album will be going in. I love the album cover. This song as made this band explode into my top 5 favorite groups. Everything, the shouts of the vocals, the echoing guitar (both soft and heavy), and the eery feeling that accompanies the album cover. (each CD cover for these guys seems to match the mood of the album, it’s really something great, I’ve never seen anything like it before.)

June 25, 2007

back to the basics: John from Cinci Edition

After Sopranos ended, I spaced, brain farted if you must, and forgot about my weekly reviews of the Sunday Nights in the world of HBO. I especially forgot to mention my immense excitement for the show John From Cincinatti, so now, I will cover the first 3 episodes of that, and the first two of the new season of Entourage.


John from Cincinnati: First off, I realized I’ve been spelling Cincinnati wrong this whole time, my whole life. But anyways, I may be one in a dime here, but I love this show. From the first episode to the third I have been intrigued and enthralled. Everything about it attacks me and entertains me to to a point of submission. Ed O’Neal in particular rocks what needs to be rocked. Paranormal questioning, surfing, the beach, mysterious stranger, drug addict, Luis Guzman, levitation, family, birds, vintage, these are just some of the things that get me. The show’s calm but urgent activity is also a very interesting technique of television, it somehow makes everything go by so fast, producing thoughts of wonder and creativity and excitement for the scenes for next week. Last night was excellent in particular, the doctor was a favorite character of mine, as well as the softening side of Freddie and his messenger. Kai’s revelation was a remarkable scene, the foggy lens following a knee injury and a shootup by Butchie. And the final shot of the vert half pipe was impressive. A solid HBO program, be on the lookout.

And here’s the theme song that I just cannot get enough of.
mp3: Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros- Johnny Appleseed

Entourage: Last nights episode was a decent one. All parts were funny, even turtle, and all parts delivered sufficient performances. The only problem is my worry with the movie, and whether Eric’s right (it sucks), or Vince is right (it doesn’t), what even excited me more is the fact in the preview for next week Eric mentions it was entered in Cannes, I am interested to see how that turns out. The season premiere on the other hand was great. Hilarious, great plot line, great technique with the documentary film crew, great ending, great previews into Medellin. The season looks like it may be better than the third, I can only hope.

May 28, 2007

Asa Breed


Ghostly International sure does have some eclectic electronic groups on call [Roster]. This label has always produced great electronic muzak, and this specific release is another great example. Matthew Dear really branches out and takes his time to create something special with this release. Electronic is climbing in my genres of liking because of releases like this, YACHT’s,
LCD’s, and Justice’s.


Matthew Dear- Deserter
Matthew Dear- Midnight Lovers

and in other recent news… What is interesting on blogs lately

– The two tracks from Tegan & Sara‘s new disc, The Con featured on Neile’s Life are outstanding, love “Back In Your Head” especially, I cannot stop listening to it.

The Bravery‘s “Above and Below” is a remarkable feat in indie rock from a band that didn’t really start out that way. Great find on @indiechristoph@ (P.S.- The new album The Sun and the Moon is really cool, good tracks and a pretty solid consistent listen, if you didn’t like the Bravery before, I beg you to give them a second chance with this new CD).

I Guess I’m Floating has a new track from DH favorite: The Little Ones. Always a good thing.

Now for the Films that I have not been talking about

Movies movies movies, I have not been keeping my share of talk of movies up to par. But I hope to cover everything that is just going to kick so much tail that the second half of this year will be cinemorgasmic (Oh yeah I just did that).

Iron Man [IMDB Me]: Robert Downey Junior as Iron Man! Although that is a risky choice I feel a great match, Downey is such a great actor, always has these smooth and cunning lines that just flow so calmly, and him as an action hero will be something interesting to see.

Watchmen [IMDB Me]: 300 director Zack Snyder is at it again, this time with my favorite Alan Moore graphic novel, The Watchmen. I’m real excited who will all get casted, rumors are already up about Gerard Butler (King Leonidas), Keanu Reeves, Tom Cruise, Patrick Wilson (Little Children) and many others. Check out that full report here and cross your fingers like me that this will give justice to the real thing. Leave some if you have any input on who you think the casters should cast.

The Informers / The Canyons [IMDB InformersRandom Canyons]: Bret Easton Ellis is busy with work, the screenplay adaptation of The Informers short stories is finally ready to be made, and Ellis has also booked a time on the Showtime map for his TV series script work titled simply The Canyons (Said to be a horror soap opera, hopefully tied to being a modern day Twin Peaks in the desert. I could not be more excited).

There Will Be Blood [IMDB Me]: So excited for this piece of work, we are apparently in post-production right now, but not verified. Still waiting for a highly anticipated trailer, and basically any breakthrough news at all at this point. Here’s a site that knows a lot more about it than I, and here’s one that has pictures from the set.


The Darjeeling Limited [IMDB Me]: This poster above is NOT real, it is just simply badass and cool in my opinion, and gets me excited with a tangible item for the real thing. What else can be said? Wes Anderson makes a specific type of film that is just so remarkable, funny, and always necessary to watch.

Other than that, I am excited for Be Kind Rewind by Michel Gondry, following Jack Black and Mos Def as video store clerks who venture to re-create video tapes that they had destroyed to satisfy their one loyal customer, Mia Farrow. And then there is also the mysterious Inglorious Bastards, a pre-Grindhouse buzz picture about WW2 by Quentin Tarentino, that up to know, has been shrinking in hype, and I barely hear anything about it anymore. WTF? But it is late, and my fingers are sore. So goodnight, and enjoy.

May 25, 2007

is Dan Deacon still cool?

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I’ll be disappointed if I’m late by any means on this whole necessary craze, but Dan Deacon is spectacular. Just the thing I need to cheer me up from this unwanted break-up with Safari browser ( 😦 ) and my cluttered state of mind. His songs are like magic, symphonic melodies of electro-pop with the lovable execution of Deacon’s talent of shifting the sound of his voice. Every element is peak creativity and will get more and more enjoyable with every listen.


Dan Deacon- Crystal Cat
Dan Deacon- Pink Batman
Dan Deacon- Jimmy Roche

And for some super cool extras, click on this long line of link!

And also, here’s a track by The Bravery off their new album The Sun and the Moon that has really been getting to me, reminds me very much of the Beatles. Now I haven’t gotten a chance to listen to the entire album yet, but when I do, I’ll be sure to post.

mp3: The Bravery- Tragedy Bound

May 21, 2007


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Got some cool new rap muzak that’s flowing through me and my car stereo. This post was inspired by Ratatat’s Hip-hop Remix Volumes 1 & 2:


These remixes are some solid tracks. I love the selection of songs, the turns they take, how different they sound, and how well that difference fits. There has been a lack of hip-hop cycling through my playlist lately, and these remixes definitley re-vamped it, sparking a mini-revolution (next step: Get my friend to burn me a rap mix of the latest stuff he’s liking, the kids got a good taste in rap, what can I say?).

From Volume 1

mp3: Raekwon- Smith Bros. (Ratatat Remix)
mp3: Lox- Dirty Riders (Ratatat Remix)

From Volume 2

mp3: Young Jeezy feat. Bun-B- Over Here (Ratatat Remix)
mp3: Slim Thug, T.I., Bun-B- Three Kings (Ratatat Remix)

Now my friend has an alter-ego: DJ Sawce, and in no way is he ghetto, but he makes a mean compilation of up-to-date good rap songs. He gave me the latest Sawce Presents mix, simply entitled: I’m Coming With! (inspired by our favorite Will Ferrell line from Wedding Crashers).


Akon feat. Lil’ Wayne, David Banner, and Snoop Dogg- 9 Millimeter (DH personal fav. Because of Lil’ Wayne’s rap)
Akon feat. Obie Trice- Look At Me
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony- Candy Paint (DH personal fav.)
Young Jeezy- Corporate Thugging

May 17, 2007

battles, spoon, jeff grant

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So wow, all this stuff hit me all at once and I have been a busy bee with listening to everything to get a grasp on the whole scene. Let’s just start off by saying all these bands deserve the post title space. And begin.


First off is Battles. My attention was first caught (honestly) by a picture of the drummer, John Stainer banging on that squeaky clean bright yellow drumset. It just looked so cool. So I told myself I had to listen to this heavily hyped “Atlas” business, and from that point it was like every angle was covered, this band was perfect in sound, had an appealing look, the Mirrored promos photos with actual mirrors looked classy as heck, oh and the sound again, let me go into more depth. They are described as “math rock”, which is understandable and very informative because of the harsh synthesized mixing going on mid-play, but I would also just like to state my feelings on their lean over the line to being just epic indie rock. The guitar movements are flawless in every way, the keyboard pumps dance grooves while exploding with the rest of the orchestra to keep the listener intent on every aspect or noise from the song, and the drum smashing is just spectacular, so emphasized and on time, and finally whenever Braxton chooses to throw in his vocal samples, you can then sing along to the splendid madness.

mp3: Battles- Ddiamondd (DH personal fav.)
mp3: Battles- Snare Hanger (Just listen to the drumming)

So I’m getting a faint idea of how I feel about the new Spoon album, and I’m liking it a lot, I must admit. Every song has its own edge, it’s the same old Spoon, no dramtic changes or anything, which is a real good thing. None of the songs have lost anything, I’m still continuously pumping them, and the growth is beginning, lyrics are being memerized, everythings falling into place for this to be another solid album, and another classic Spoon disc. This is a band that makes good music, hence this is a disc that has good music.

mp3: Spoon- Finer Feelings

Yeah, it’s true, this is Jeff Grant. No, Jeff Grant is 1/4th of my latest obsession M. Bison. I just got his solo album Igaundola in its full (originally bits and pieces), and it’s grand, wonderful, glorious. I definitley recommend a stop by at CD Baby (Great service by the way). Anyway, Jeff Grant, or M. Bison is a great up and coming pop sound, hushing acoustic guitar and vocals, sweet bells, cute things you know? Really catchy and grin producing.

mp3: Jeff Grant (M. Bison)- Ghost

May 13, 2007

YACHT and Other Things

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I Believe In You. Your Magic is Real is a real representative of how big electronic indie music is becoming. From YACHT to The Junior Boys to Justice, electronic is just becoming so in. YACHT is first on my list because the album I Believe is real fun to listen to. It’s at complete full capacity with creativity and the pops and drum beats and unpredictable vocals by Jona Bechtolt, every song has its own little itch that really ends up expanding to form an album that is a spectacle and interesting from beginning to finish. The music is hard to just listen to, you have to do something (dance, groove), something, to complete the listening experience, and I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. Jona’s favored hobby of crowdsurfing is supported (literally) by a YACHT Army. A nation of Jona Bechtolts is a good thing. This music is really catching on, and that is as well a good thing. If not through YACHT, you will see this through Justice who are shaping up to have the most anticipated indie release at this point. should be marvelous because of the tracks out on the intra-net right now, and because of what those guys have accomplished in the past. And the other boys, The Junior Boys are just sitting back (well not really, tours are cool though) and taking in everything from this very respectable crowd of listeners are are wising up because they’re listening to things that deserve it. Ramble Ramble Ramble…Cue hip image and Mp3s.

mp3: YACHT- It’s Coming to Get You
mp3: Justice- Genesis (Special Thanks to The Music Slut for posting this puppy)
mp3: Junior Boys- Like a Child (Carl Craig Remix) (Off the Dead Horse E.P.)

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