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October 9, 2007

Grateful Dead megapost

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I’m a deadhead. A youthful and inquisitive deadhead. As you can see, the change of the banner is a tribute for this newly determined fact, but it is not just to boast this post.

I never knew how far my love for The Grateful Dead traveled until my first few weeks of college, which is pretty much now. It’s kinda strange how many times I find myself reaching for the volume knob on my stereo when “Cassidy” or “St. Stephen” is hurtled forward to attention by my shuffle. For some reason loud jam-band hippie muzak evokes a certain pride at a University that cannot be properly matched. With all that said, I’d also like to acknowledge the realization this all led to: The Grateful Dead are a pretty kick ass fun band. I would have to say that these guys are one of my top favorite bands because of all that they accomplished. The endless tours, the mass amount of good songs, the Garcia guitar work that is like none other to date. I never see this group getting much love in the blogging world, so I thought I’d throw some their way. So here’s a tribute to my favorite Classic Rock/ Jam-Band/ Psych-Rock troupe out there, The Grateful Dead.

-> Grateful Dead- Weather Report Suite: Prelude / Part 1 / Part 2 [mp3]
-> Grateful Dead- Box of Rain [mp3]
-> Grateful Dead- Iko Iko (Live in Virginia, 1988) [mp3]
-> Grateful Dead- Sugar Magnolias [mp3]

I aged in a peculiar manner. You see, my Father was, for lack of better words, a real Deadhead. I grew up with pure hate to the flowery jams and sharply picked solos, of course one always grows up with despise for whatever their parents enjoy. Although as growing up progressed I became more and more tolerant of the dead. On a ride back from Pee Wee Football practice was the first instant I actually listened and distinguished a dead song from all the others (They had seemed so a like, meaningless solos piled on like syrup to a song that just shouted I’m happy and stoned, they all seemed like that, and by the way I was an imbecile. At that point I was oblivious to the big picture of the dead, I quite possibly still am, but at least I have figured out that there is something real with them). The song was “Tennessee Jed,” the first song I dissected. Focused on the lyrics. It was the first Grateful Dead song on my iTunes because I felt a certain connection with it.

-> The Grateful Dead- Tennessee Jed [mp3]

“Tennessee, Tennessee. There ain’t no place I’d rather be. Baby won’t you carry me back to Tennessee. I’d run into Charlie Fog. He blacked my eye and he kicked my dog. My dog turned to me and said, ‘Let’s head back to Tennessee Jed.’ “

I don’t know why it was that this quote stuck out the most to me. All I can say now is that it is apparent to me that Robert Hunter is a genuis.

At the time when I was growing furthest from my parents and reaching the pinnacle of my teen years was when I began to look at the dead as a band instead of an enemy. This time period was swell. It was when I got to see the dead from a very far outlook. Only downloading the hits, the notable tunes, and saying to my self: “These aren’t half bad.” The one thing stopping my initiative to dive deeper into this world was the lameness that seemed to trail it. I mean it was still my father’s muzak, the type of muzak that is supposed to be boring to my generation, the type that is supposed to be surpassed by a cult-like group that defines my age. I can’t say that rule is too fair, or realistic.

the hits

-> Grateful Dead- Casey Jones [mp3]
-> Grateful Dead- Truckin’ [mp3]
-> Grateful Dead- Friend of a Devil [mp3]
-> Grateful Dead- Touch of Grey [mp3]
-> Grateful Dead- Uncle John’s Band [mp3]
-> Grateful Dead- Fire on the Mountain [mp3]

And it didn’t come till Senior year in high school / Summer before college / Freshman year of college that I finally began to dig deep into the dead. Finding songs on my own, songs I had never heard from my father. Albums like Anthem of the Sun and Wake of the Flood, rarities, live performances, side projects and more. This is a process I am still involved in. So expect to see some more of the dead from now on.

rarities / live stuff / my favorites / whatever you wanna call it

-> Grateful Dead- That’s It For the Other One [mp3]
-> Jerry Garcia Band- Palm Sunday [mp3]
-> Grateful Dead- Jack Straw [mp3]
-> Grateful Dead- Eyes of the World [mp3]
-> Jerry Garcia Band- Fennario [mp3]
-> Grateful Dead- Cassidy (Live) [mp3]


September 27, 2007


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I’ve basically been nonexistent lately, and I apologize. I’ll do my best to keep up with the posting. But real quick, here are two new tracks I’ve really been liking from two new groups that should be making a lotta noise. Enjoy.


-> Black Kids- I’m Not Gonna Teach You How To Dance With Your Boyfriend
-> Vampire Weekend- Oxford Comma

black-kids.jpg                         vamp-week.jpg

Black Kids Myspace                                                         Vampire Weekend Site

And by the way…

This is some hot stuff, if you have any chance to get tickets, I highly recommend.

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