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November 26, 2007

what is it? like b-sides/rarities month?

Seriously, there’s been like a trillion B-sides and Rarities Discs that have hit shelves in the past few weeks, well more like four, but really, The Killers, Cake just dropped one, and now these two which happen to be my favorites. It’s seriously like the only good stuff coming out, instead of actual new CDs (It’s been like a drought of wonderful indie muzak rain lately). SO anyway, here are the two that I really like. The Annuals’ b-sides from pretty much my favorite album of 2006, Be He Me, and some fresh new jumpy pop tunes from The Format. Enjoy.

-> Annuals- Ease My Mind [mp3]
-> Annuals- Sewn To Kites [mp3]
-> Annuals- Frelen Mas [mp3]
-> The Format- Lottery Song [mp3
-> The Format- Glutton Of Sympathy [mp3]


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