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March 11, 2008

Monday Leftarounds, the Mgmt edition

So i’m pretty certain that Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden are household names by now, as well as MGMT sharing the flavor of the year with them vampires. But in all seriousness, this group knows how to find ways to rock socks. But enough about how flamboyantly brisk this group’s electric tunes can be, the idea of this post is for me to embark on a journey of a type of post where I can broadcast any extremely rare b-sides I have laying around. On a Monday, because if you really think about it, an album is like the weekend. Everything great that happens in your week happens on the weekend, but sometimes the best memories of a week can come from the weekdays. So here’s to the weekdays, and here’s to the wonderful world of b-sides that exists quietly under the surface of things. Now these particular tunes have been on my hit-list for quite some time. My good friend has had an inside man with the boys from Wesleyan since my Sophomore year in highschool, so about tres years, and since then he’s had this CD-R with tons of garage sounding b-sides along with the likes of “Time to Pretend”, “Kids”, “Love Always Remains” and “Destrokk”. So basically it’s easy to tell that MGMT is rolling in the doh, but here are 4 great tunes from them back in the day that may have never touched the blogosphere surface. Enjoy.

(P.S. – These tracks are so frunking underground that I don’t even know the titles, I had to freaking make them up.)

M P 3s
-> MGMT – We [mp3]
-> MGMT – Hot Love [mp3]
-> MGMT – Normal Alien [mp3]
-> MGMT – Four-Winged Dinosaur [mp3]

And an extra P.P.S. is how much “Normal Alien” pulled back nostalgic glimpses of my childhood viewing of the creepy but oh so classic Pet Shop. The synopsis was simple…but brilliant. Two aliens transcend upon earth to take over a pet store that will ultimately sell alien-ized pets. Meanwhile, in this boomtown-like community in Arizona, a cliche Italian-American family hides from the mob via Witness Protection Agency. Anyhow, alien dogs are purchased, long island stereotypical accents are thrown left and right and the film is just straight up FUCKING WEIRD. But besides that, it’s a must see if you want to complete your own Bucket List.


March 10, 2008

Prime. In Mine. Mix

Hopefully this mix zip will be my return to form after taking about a month of real dense blogging off just to make up excuses called “mid-terms.” Hopefully from now on, whoever actually frequents this thing will appreciate my new mildly mannered outlook on blogging and my dilligent use of the MLA format. This zip includes a lot of the stuff I’ve been slaying with my headphones until a mere nub of the unknown of that song was left existing. A lot of it includes those princes from Springfield, Mizzou, Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin‘s Pershing, which is absolutely splendid if you have not been yet, and a whole lot of one hit stragglers (still exists is a solid shout out to bothThrow Me the Statue and Tapes ‘n Tapes who also championed audio via leak recently).

Tracklist b-sucka

1. cut off your hands – you and i
2. the bALLY who? – aqua insomnia
3. the cool kids feat. lil wayne – gettin’ it
4. pearl jam – immortality
5. the cloud cult – story of the grandson of jesus
6. lil wayne feat. the gym class heroes – white girl
7. throw me the statue – written in heart signs, faintly
8. the swimmers – st. cecilia
9. someone still loves you, boris yeltsin – you could right a book
10. someone still loves you, boris yeltsin – some constellation
11. pearl jam – oceans
12. aimee mann – red vines
13. sun kil moon – floating
14. someone still loves you, boris yeltsin – modern mystery
15. mellowdrone – worst song ever
16. someone still loves you, boris yeltsin – dead right
17. tapes ‘n tapes – le ruse
18. the airfields – prisoners of our love
19. fleet foxes – white winter hymnal
20. someone still loves you, boris yeltsin – glue girls

(megaupload link)

February 5, 2008

the top 44 albums of 2 thousand 7 (8-5)

Geez I have been super busy with busy-ness lately. School work has been such a …. drag. I’ve been at the library more than I have had time to eat practically, and I keep (like an idiot) piling up wonderful new music that I don’t have enough time to praise and spread. Anyways, I have a small time slot of freetime right now so I figured I’d try to make the best of it and try to pound the second to last out. I really wasn’t counting on these posts surpassing February 1, or January 31st in that manner, but it did, and what can I do. Hopefully you’ll all forgive me when I can start posting more frequently again when I get my feet on the ground and my head cleared. Spring Break isn’t too far away, so let’s hope I can get something going before then and use that vast opening of nothingness to gain some productive momentum. Well hopefully this post won’t take me too long and hopefully I can get it to you guys like an hour after I’m typing this very line. Cheers.

8. radiohead : in rainbows

I think everyone will agree with me when I say that the eve of anticipation for this album was more than extraordinary, and every expectation was met with either relief or pleasant surprise. I mean it’s kind of like a diss to the band if one would expect anything less than what Rainbowsgives. The sound of the album once again explores the boundaries of sound recording by mixing songs like the hypnotically rhythmic “Wierd Fishes / Arpeggi” and the loud crashing and crunching bliss from “15 Step”. Each song brings its own attitude and sound, presenting how far this group can go with the clashing of their instruments, but each song brings out the same result: the listener is left in his / her own imagination, welcome to think or dream of anything he pleases, the sound travels softly through the brain, capturing nostalgic memories and setting flowers in bloom along the way. This album is truly a feat for any modern group, but for Radiohead a lot of people say it’s just another one of their albums, anything less would be a disappointment. To me, this is one of my favorite Radiohead albums because of it’s contemporary sound and it’s relativity to the other modern day muzak I enjoy so much. Other things that make this album worthy: There is a bonus disc with its own fair share of gems. Basically I’ve been talking to much about this CD, and by now you should know what I mean. *SONG OF THE ALBUM*: “Reckoner”.

M P 3s

buy in rainbows here.

7. the national : the boxer

The National gets a butt load of shout outs and top ten mentions, and yeah they deserve it. Over the past three years they’ve released two of the best albums. In The Boxer we see the group at their best, creating the most quiet but silencing guitar riffs while Matt Berninger whispers some of the best written lyrics of our modern age. Each song asks poweful questions, and eventually releases chillingly realistic answers, the answers may be somewhat ambiguous, but they allow the mind to wander and inevitably become lost in the magic of the track, letting it surround the listener completely, and the shock fades away quickly because the next song will do it to him in its own special way. Every song on this album is what it needs to be, at the perfect time. It’s hard for anyone in my opinion to give only one song a spin on this album, because once you’ve heard a bit of this masterpiece, you need to see it all from one big perspective. *SONG OF THE ALBUM*: “Fake Empire”.

M P 3s

buy the boxer here.

6. the rakes : ten new messages

These guys just get me. They make that fast cool indie rock. I call it cool because they make songs about models, and a famous life that we should all be envious of. Well I’ll get real. This was my favorite album from across the big lake this year. The sound that elevates from my headphones during this entire record is so pessimistic but controlled. For me it seems the world this album surrounds is dark and horrific, but The Rakes have this cool confidence about the matter. When songs like “Trouble” burst out into pure energy near immediately after beginning, I am just pulled into its atmosphere like that. This is definitely a more personal pick than it is for substantial evidence. I just really really like it. *SONG OF THE ALBUM*: “When Tom Cruise Cries” (p.s. the movie he iss watching is my all time favorite, Magnolia, hence- “tom cruise crying on his father’s bed”).

M P 3s

buy ten new messages here.

5. josh ritter : the historical conquests of josh ritter

This album blooms magic. As simple as I can put it. With The Historical Conquests…, Josh Ritter readies himself for a long career that will begin comparing him to the likes of Tom Waits and Bob Dylan. His folk memoirs flow beautifully as if being read from a book of poetry. One of his most interesting components is working folk music into futuristic or modern day situations. On perhaps the best track of the year in all of music, “The Temptation of Adam”, Ritter tells a modern day love story revolving around two who fall in love in a time of nuclear war. The song takes place around the bomb, food rations and missile silos, and concludes with one of my favorite lyrics of my musical knowledge.

“I think about the big one, W W I I I, would we ever really care the world had ended? Would you hold me hear forever, like you’re holding me tonight, I think about that big red button, and I’m tempted.”

Just the thought of temptation to destroy the world because of how perfect this moment is for him, and the allusion to Adam and Eve and Eve’s temptation, to me it seems like this is a modern day look at Adam’s turn at temptation. Wonderfully written song both lyrically and musically, and a wonderful accomplisment of an album. *SONG OF THE ALBUM*: “The Temptation of Adam”.

M P 3s

buy the historical conquests of josh ritter here.

the top 44 albums of 2 thousand 7 part i (44-41)
the top 44 albums of 2 thousand 7 part ii (40-37)
the top 44 albums of 2 thousand 7 part iii (36-33)
the top 44 albums of 2 thousand 7 part iv (32-29)
the top 44 albums of 2 thousand 7 part v (28-25)
the top 44 albums of 2 thousand 7 part vi (24-21)
the top 44 albums of 2 thousand 7 part vii (20-17)
the top 44 albums of 2 thousand 7 part viii (16-13)
the top 44 albums of 2 thousand 7 part ix (12-9)

November 7, 2007

best of october, halloween, or lack there of

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Shame on me, I forgot posts for both the best songs from October and a nice festive batch for a Halloween post. Unfortunately I have to say that there will be no best of October post, as things have been very very slow and through the past month all that has been cycling through my iPod shuffle has been muzak from previous months or songs from the far past, simply clicked to evoke nostaligic fuzzy feelings. The weather is way too cold for Halloween (it was snowing for a brief pinch today), but I will still leave you with some tunes to jam to maybe when you’re, oh I don’t know, uploading hilarious photos from All Hallows Eve parties onto your facebook profile.

-> Bobby Pickett- Monster Mash [mp3]
-> Chris Garneau- Halloween [mp3]


Speaking of ghouls and ghosts and werewolves and vampires (wink), Hey! How about that group Vampire Weekend! I just picked up some tunes from the groups new single on iTunes, Mansard Roof. I can’t really explain what type of muzak this is, the best I can do is it’s like a poppy, video-game indie alt group that could score a classical film in a very interesting and unique way. The single came with a b-side, “Ladies of Cambridge”, which is just as good as the single itself. I love their lo-fi sound, and I finally have an album to look forward to now. So here are both the tunes from the new single. Love the artwork as well.

-> Vampire Weekend- Mansard Roof [mp3]
-> Vampire Weekend- Ladies of Cambridge [mp3]

October 8, 2007

hot chip, hot damn

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So it seems as if Hot Chip is back in the scene with some new tracks out and the talks of the new album. Here’s two tracks that have recently floated to the surface of the blogosphere. Enjoy, cheers.

-> Hot Chip- Shake a Fist [mp3]
-> Hot Chip- I Became a Volunteer [mp3]

September 27, 2007


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I’ve basically been nonexistent lately, and I apologize. I’ll do my best to keep up with the posting. But real quick, here are two new tracks I’ve really been liking from two new groups that should be making a lotta noise. Enjoy.


-> Black Kids- I’m Not Gonna Teach You How To Dance With Your Boyfriend
-> Vampire Weekend- Oxford Comma

black-kids.jpg                         vamp-week.jpg

Black Kids Myspace                                                         Vampire Weekend Site

And by the way…

This is some hot stuff, if you have any chance to get tickets, I highly recommend.

September 8, 2007

seriously, like .. volume one

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This is an idea I had: a new type of post for whenever I hear a bunch of tunes that I have not previously talked about, but want to. So I figured I’d jam them all together and hammer it home it, seriously like, listen to these tracks, and then get the discs, you really should. These posts will probably come at real random times. Times when I have spectacular music up the butt but no interesting input on the jewels. So here goes volume 1.

M83 – Digital Shades Vol. 1

So M83 is a French electron duo that makes classic indie electro, and if you heard them before, the recognition will be hard to find through this thick layer of heavy buzz that surrounds every Angelo Badalamenti-esque track on this collectively climactic collection of songs. Each song seems to pretty much sound the same, but there is emphasis to a meaning deeper, and it all really gets mashed into something strangely beautiful. Kind of like experimental work from the mid 80s but with a hush of the M83 we know and love.

MP3: M83- Dancing Mountains
MP3: M83- Sister (Part 2)

Les Savy Fav – Let’s Stay Friends

Les Savy Fav may throw you off with their lead singer’s appearance, but this band kicks. They really give a hope for a sprawling indie punk scene, leading the pack with rythmic catchy songs that dance on the border of indie alternative and hardcore rock. This was a that I wasn’t really excited to start listening to but after the first song I heard, everything from then on has been blessings. This album isn’t out yet, but I recommend getting this good time the second it drops for purchase.

MP3: Les Savy Fav- Patty Lee

Band of Horses- Cease To Begin

This album surrounds me, it’s taking me in, I could bow to this thing. After pre-mature evaluations at first, I feel better with my assumption of I feel like this could be one of the top albums of the year (along with Strawberry Jam and Populations). Every song just takes over, even if at first listen you feel the track to be somewhat bland, after about two more listens you have found about 1,000 little details that make your love for the song stronger than the consistancy of this excellent group of musicians. Get this. Get it.

MP3: Band of Horses- Marry Song
MP3: Band of Horses- The General Specific

(both in m4a format)

Well that’s it for volume one. Enjoy, I hope I inspired somewhat. Cheers.

September 7, 2007

kate nash is cute

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Isn’t she? I mean isn’t Kate Nash just plain old darling? I think so, more than Lily Allen that is. I never really got into the whole “Smile” scene, not really at all. But there is something both promiscuous and adorable about Kate Nash that happens at the same time all the time. IMHO her songs are catchier and for lack of a better word, better. Now here comes the big statement: I even enjoy her sound better than I do the new Britney track. My first observation about that track individually is how she can sound so sexy on a song and be the way she has lately, it feels wrong to think about when listening to the song, for me at least. Other than that, I see the song as being quite good, and thinking back on it Britney never really makes a shitty poppy / catchy track, and with all that on the table, Kate Nash, all the time.


-> Kate Nash- Foundations
-> Britney Spears- Gimme More

P.S. Sorry for the terrible delay, my uploading site has been on the fritz, so hopefully if things can get going I can bring a mass Friday of goodies and posting to y’all. Cheers.

August 28, 2007


Not much in muzak has been happening these days. Oh yes, so I’ve resorted to pumping Grateful Dead, Phish, Big Wu, Allman Brothers Band and agressively ghetto hip-hop music out the stereo system I so appropriately set up in my dorm room. But one thing that caught my attention, again, and more emphatically this time, is the Wheezy F. B. The Wheezy F Baby, Wheeziana, Dwayne Carter Jr., (I could go on and on) Lil’ Wayne.

These past 48 hours have been me valuing this valuable rhythm because of drunk nights that have led to drunken facebook wall-messages filled with random portions of the Wheezy Baby’s lyrics. Many nicknames can come along with this master entertainer of the hip-hop arts, but one style sticks. He calls himself the best rapper alive and that could very possibly be very true, his rhymes are fresh, intelligent, creative, and not entirely planned all of the time. His freestyles do not seem to keep me calm either. To sum all this up, Lil’ Wayne has become my favorite rapper over the past few months, and it was solitified by this environment where all is played is Lil’ Wayne rap, and to tell the truth, I’m damn happy that happened. So here are a bunch of MP3s from either the leaked Tha Carter 3, or from mixtapes, or from random other fun stuff. Ya know! Hopefully more will happen soon enough, if not, oh well. We’ll survive, I mean, we still got The Most Serene Republic, Band of Horses, and Kanye West coming out soon with new albums. Cheers.


-> Lil’ Wayne- La La La
-> Lil’ Wayne- I Feel Like Dying (* Cleaner Version *) (DH Highly Recommended!)
-> Lil’ Wayne- Get It Shawty
-> Lil’ Wayne- Something You Forgot
-> Lil’ Wayne feat. Juelz Santana- Badside
-> Lil’ Wayne feat. Mack Maine- I Know the Future (Timbaland Produced)

P.S.: May I add how much I love the new Band of Horses album cover? What do you guys think?

P.P.S.: I do not get HBO here. What the fuck!

August 25, 2007

Moved / Situated

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So I’ve gone through the proper steps to be “settled in” to my dorm room, and I am ready to begin posting again. Sorry for such a lapse, but I needed it to organize my stuff and my mind. Well I’ll keep this post short because I have to wait till there’s actually something to post about, but…

What happened while I was gone? Oh that’s right, a fucking Radiohead track from their upcoming fucking CD (the two uses of the F word are completely necessary). First of all, hype alone will carry this song to being listened to thousands of times by thousands of people, but that isn’t it. The song begins with this electric chime that just rolls it’s listener into submission, lazily. When Thom Yorke’s voice begins slowly trembling you begin to put the puzzle together, you begin to understand what it was this song made you think of, something remarkable. Possibly arriving at Heaven’s gate, or your entire life in slow motion. Violins begin to kick in adding a touch of drama to this already mind-numbing song. I am still trying to process every initial detail, but this song lacks nothing, it is golden. Enough of me talking, here’s to you listening.

MP3: Radiohead- Arpeggi

August 2, 2007


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After a trip to Northern Michigan, and endless hours of reflection and screenwriting, two albums prevailed that I have come to realize never got the deserved praise upon my first completed listen. Those two albums were Greg Gillis’s brainchild, Girl Talk’s Night Ripper and Interpol’s Antics. These two discs caught many a spin on my vacation and gave me a whole new perspective on the shiz. So this one goes out to the mangled minds and their heroic feats in records that took more blood, spit, sweat, and heart than I ever could imagine. It comes through the blasts of the headphones. Listen and catch fire.


MP3: Narc
MP3: Take You On A Cruise
MP3: Public Pervert

Girl Talk
Night Ripper

MP3: Minute by Minute
MP3: Give and Go
MP3: Hold Up

Buy Antics. Buy Night Ripper.

July 2, 2007

monday comes after sunday

I’m definitely like a Monday kinda-guy during the Summer. I’m cheerful and it’s early, and I can basically go back to bed whenever I feel like it. So hopefully this cheer will spread to every day of the week, therefor more posts will be produced.

Sunday Night Television Wrap Up (HBO Of Course)

John From Cincinnati: I continue to like every character, plot twist, and element of this series. Each episode brings me closer and closer to this show and I couldn’t be happier. Last night’s episode was pretty good if you ask me. Both intense and calm, gave me my fair share of entertainment, and more and more of the paranormal is floating to the surface of things. I especially enjoy the new character who seems to be taking on a more important role, Dr. Smith. He gives me vibes that Twin Peaks did, and Six Feet Under did, he reminds me of a character from a show like those, and it definitely raises my acclaim for this show. There isn’t much to really talk about yet, it’s more about observing at this point because it is so early in the stages. Just sit back and observe, and the enjoyment will never cease. A small P.S. though, I forgot to mention how much I loved the scene from last weeks episode when Freddy is listening to Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman’s “Time To Say Goodbye”, I thought the scene was done excellently, the piggyback, and especially the muzak chosen for the background.

Entourage: Last night’s episode was a good one. Loved the cameo by Dennis Hopper, and the soccer betting. I actually really enjoyed Turtle and Drama last night, I thought they were hilarious, and I thought the girl switcharoo pulled at the end was completely appropriate. E was a bit too paranoid and created problems last night, but that was obvious. I am now curious to see what Walsh has to say to E now that the film has gotten into Cannes, and what Weinstein has to say to E when he realizes he fucked him again (not literally).

Anyways, Canadian rock group/branch of Broken Social Scene/strong leg of BSS record label Arts & Crafts Stars, have announced their new release along with a single to add some chime. The album is called In Our Bedroom After the War, and I’m not sure if they are taking a political aimed theme, but I’m hoping they aren’t, because I never like protest albums, I always think musicians should steer clear of all that jazz.


Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman- Time to Say Goodbye
Stars- The Night Starts Here (What do you think?)

Bonus MP3
Interpol- Pace is the Trick (I have been obsessed with this track, along with Our Love to Admire in it’s entirety.)

**And Last But Not Least**

Here are some production stills from some up and coming films that I think will kick some tail.

Where the Wild Things Are

Be Kind Rewind

July 1, 2007

Super Bishop Pinback River

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Woah. I have been not around my computer a lot recently. Plagued with random Summer events that drag me miles away in spare time from the amount I need to keep this thing updated, I sit here and type my first post the past like 4 or 5 days. My apologies. Now onto the show.

The title of this post is a clever little mixture of words that I put together from bands who’s new albums I have recently listened to…and liked.

Let’s see if we can dissect this.

Super Furry Animals’ Hey Venus! happens to begin this list. I have been a fan of SFA for as long as I can remember, and these guys simply do not put out a bad disc. Although this comes no where close to Rings Around the World, it is still a solid effort and impressive consistencey marker for the Welsh 5 piece.


Super Furry Animals- The Gift that Keeps Giving
Super Furry Animals- Carbon Dating
Super Furry Animals- Battersea Oydyssey

Bishop Allen has been making some noise with their 12 impressive E.P.s that followed a theme of producing one for every month of the year. Now is the culmination of those albums plus more for the groups second full-length album, The Broken String. In my humble opinion, the album sounds great, the new recordings and the new stuff clash for something original and pop-ish.


Bishop Allen- Rain
Bishop Allen- The News From Your Bed

Pinback’s new release Autumn of the Seraphs was one of the albums that really blew me away, with trails of Summer in Abaddon and Blue Screen Life the duo does far from wandering away from their signature sound that we have grown to love and need, unlike those times when you get a favorite group of yours’ newest album and they sound like a band you’ve never heard before.


Pinback- Walters **(highly recommended)**
Pinback- Subbing for Eden **(highly recommended)**
Pinback- Good to Sea

And finally, my favorite and most personal event this past week was having the pleasure to listen to Okkervil River’s new release, The Stage Names. It is the Okkervil River we know and love rocking with electrical -new sound- but the old sound is still there, a great blend, a great album, and it’s even more than what I was hoping to hear on this release.


Okkervil River- Title Track
Okkervil River- Savannah Smiles

June 21, 2007


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Today was graduation. A real (may I say) fuck fest. No, there was no sex entailed, just the fact that it started raining, thundering, and lightninging mid-ceremony and just as my row was standing to recieve our diplomas the Princepal called the event. I was still able to snag a killer photo with me recieving my diploma from my football coach/ Vice Princepal, and I had a nice cigar in my mouth. So that was justified. Now is another fuck fest, again no sex, it’s called project graduation, an event held from 9:30 P.M. to 6:30 A.M. tomorrow to make sure kids don’t go out and get real messy the night of graduation. Laser tag, poker, ice skating, sumo wrestling will all be included to keep us preoccupied, but from what I hear after a good 9 hours it all gets old. AND finally, the other thing is tomorrow is my birthday. So I will have a real nice post for everyone then. As for now I’m just rambling. As for now, here are my final farewell songs to this town.

Oasis- Cast No Shadow
Band of Horses- The End’s Not Near
Oh No! Oh My!- The Backseat

June 4, 2007

kanye’s blowing up again

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Kanye has been hitting the blogosphere at full speed with insurmountable effects. His newest CD, Graduation, is set to come out late August 2007, and is once again (sigh of emphatic relief) produced by Jon Brion. The album is also said to hold collaborations with Common, John Mayer, and Chris Martin of Coldplay, and only 7 of the CD’s tracks have been speculated at this point. Here’s the two songs that have leaked thusfar from the Graduation, and here’s a really cool one brought to my attention by IGIF from his new mixtape, Can’t Tell Me Nothing.


Kanye West- Can’t Tell Me Nothing
Kanye West- Stronger [Radio Rip] (hate the annoying DJ…a lot)
Kanye West- Young Folks (Off the Can’t Tell Me Nothing mixtape, go Peter Bjorn and John!)

Sunday Night Extravaganza: One Finale down, one BIGGER one to go!

Sopranos: Very strong episode, not a second without anxiety and distress, in a good way. It’s all building up. And the ending, whatever it is, began this episode. If it was when either Tony of Phil ordered the whacks on each other, it all started molding at that point. Interesting highlights from the episode included: the failed identification of Phil and murder of the innocent Czechs, Bobby’s death in the toy train shop when the shop keeper told him his son would appreciate it, and Bobby responded by saying, “na, he wouldn’t,” the attempted whack on Sil, Tony being set free from psychiatric help, Tony putting his foot down on his whimpering son, Tony resting in bed with Bobby’s gift, and that eerie flashback from episode one of this season in the boat with Bobby. It is a lot to swallow, but I can’t really spit it out until it’s all in there. So with that said, bring on the series finale.

Entourage: 3rd season finale was ok. It had it’s moments, like Adam Goldberg, Billy Walsh (who I interestingly discovered was based off of Vincent Gallo which is a kinda cool thing), Nicky Ruebenstein v. Billy Walsh, E v. Billy Walsh (did you see? did you see? What E does next season? Which is like in two weeks), Dramas definition of women, Dramas bidding war for his apartment. But other than that, it was a bit short, lacked any real crucial decisions or events because the next season begins in two weeks, so it really didn’t need to. On a side note, I’m am very excited for John From Cincinatti and Big Love, and curious to see Flight of the Conchords

Last but not least, is White Rabbits, with their new release that is causing some major hype, Fort Nightly. This band rocks like you can’t imagine, comparisons have been made, things have been said, one being that they are the next Arcade Fire, which I completely disagree with, this group is all their own. They got power and emotion and they represent it well. And hey! Even Pitchfork likes them, so I mean, they have to be good! Give ’em a try.


White Rabbits- The Plot
White Rabbits- Dinner Party

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