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March 11, 2008

Spring Sprang Break

So I gots a lots of cool stuff (scratch that, just one topic of discussion) to talk about here at the midway of my ever-so eventful sprang break at home. I’d like to announce at how pleasantly surprised I was to stumble upon a copy of Tokyo Police Club‘s debut Cd that has had just about everyone in the blogosphere endure the painful anticipation as some sort of torture. But it’s finally here, and after a few listens, I guess it has what everyone’s been waiting to hear: a full length Cd of Tokyo Police Club. I mean, they’re a good band, so who wouldn’t be jazzed up for new material. From an actual muzak standpoint, this album include a lot of catchy guitar riffs that are usually riddled with handclaps in some sort of body-shaking flow. The percussion nails the point home…literally, and the seemingly nonchalant vocals of Dave Monks prove that the bands sound is really still cool. Still hip. So enjoy their first single off Elephant Shell, and this other one that has really caught my attraction.


M P 3s
-> Tokyo Police Club – Tesselate [mp3]
-> Tokyo Police Club – In a Cave [mp3]

pre-order that shizz ~HERE

And as a bonus I’ll be throwing up Knife’s “Heartbeats” for a friend of mine who has a special little crush on it. So here you go bud, ch-ch-check.

B O N U SM P 3s
-> The Knife – Heartbeats [mp3]


Monday Leftarounds, the Mgmt edition

So i’m pretty certain that Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden are household names by now, as well as MGMT sharing the flavor of the year with them vampires. But in all seriousness, this group knows how to find ways to rock socks. But enough about how flamboyantly brisk this group’s electric tunes can be, the idea of this post is for me to embark on a journey of a type of post where I can broadcast any extremely rare b-sides I have laying around. On a Monday, because if you really think about it, an album is like the weekend. Everything great that happens in your week happens on the weekend, but sometimes the best memories of a week can come from the weekdays. So here’s to the weekdays, and here’s to the wonderful world of b-sides that exists quietly under the surface of things. Now these particular tunes have been on my hit-list for quite some time. My good friend has had an inside man with the boys from Wesleyan since my Sophomore year in highschool, so about tres years, and since then he’s had this CD-R with tons of garage sounding b-sides along with the likes of “Time to Pretend”, “Kids”, “Love Always Remains” and “Destrokk”. So basically it’s easy to tell that MGMT is rolling in the doh, but here are 4 great tunes from them back in the day that may have never touched the blogosphere surface. Enjoy.

(P.S. – These tracks are so frunking underground that I don’t even know the titles, I had to freaking make them up.)

M P 3s
-> MGMT – We [mp3]
-> MGMT – Hot Love [mp3]
-> MGMT – Normal Alien [mp3]
-> MGMT – Four-Winged Dinosaur [mp3]

And an extra P.P.S. is how much “Normal Alien” pulled back nostalgic glimpses of my childhood viewing of the creepy but oh so classic Pet Shop. The synopsis was simple…but brilliant. Two aliens transcend upon earth to take over a pet store that will ultimately sell alien-ized pets. Meanwhile, in this boomtown-like community in Arizona, a cliche Italian-American family hides from the mob via Witness Protection Agency. Anyhow, alien dogs are purchased, long island stereotypical accents are thrown left and right and the film is just straight up FUCKING WEIRD. But besides that, it’s a must see if you want to complete your own Bucket List.

March 10, 2008

Prime. In Mine. Mix

Hopefully this mix zip will be my return to form after taking about a month of real dense blogging off just to make up excuses called “mid-terms.” Hopefully from now on, whoever actually frequents this thing will appreciate my new mildly mannered outlook on blogging and my dilligent use of the MLA format. This zip includes a lot of the stuff I’ve been slaying with my headphones until a mere nub of the unknown of that song was left existing. A lot of it includes those princes from Springfield, Mizzou, Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin‘s Pershing, which is absolutely splendid if you have not been yet, and a whole lot of one hit stragglers (still exists is a solid shout out to bothThrow Me the Statue and Tapes ‘n Tapes who also championed audio via leak recently).

Tracklist b-sucka

1. cut off your hands – you and i
2. the bALLY who? – aqua insomnia
3. the cool kids feat. lil wayne – gettin’ it
4. pearl jam – immortality
5. the cloud cult – story of the grandson of jesus
6. lil wayne feat. the gym class heroes – white girl
7. throw me the statue – written in heart signs, faintly
8. the swimmers – st. cecilia
9. someone still loves you, boris yeltsin – you could right a book
10. someone still loves you, boris yeltsin – some constellation
11. pearl jam – oceans
12. aimee mann – red vines
13. sun kil moon – floating
14. someone still loves you, boris yeltsin – modern mystery
15. mellowdrone – worst song ever
16. someone still loves you, boris yeltsin – dead right
17. tapes ‘n tapes – le ruse
18. the airfields – prisoners of our love
19. fleet foxes – white winter hymnal
20. someone still loves you, boris yeltsin – glue girls

(megaupload link)

January 26, 2008

Made In the Dark and A Guide To Love, Loss and Desperation

I’ve had the amazing pleasure of hearing these two works non-stop for the past two days, and they are simply divine. Hot Chip’s release may be a bit fresher than The Wombats’, but I can’t shake myself free of the happy-go-lucky Liverpool indie rock sound that Love, Loss and Desperation masters to a pin.

First off is the electronic masterminds of Hot Chip, and for lack of a better phrase, they did it again. They created a well rounded album that mixes both energetic and calm electronic tracks that all share the trait of absolutely mesmerizing its listener. There are songs on the album that make ya wanna git up and dance, and there’s songs where your surprised that beats could grab hold of your heart and be so emotional. I wouldn’t quite rank it above The Warning but this is definitley something you will want to get your hands on. Check out some tracks.

M P 3s


Next on rotation…

Every song that made its way to my headphones via fate from Liverpool-based indie rockers, The Wombats, has been a complete personal hit. Their work on their new album, The Wombats Present: A Guide To Love, Loss and Desperation, is emphatic and energetic but extremely fun to listen to and masterfully crafted to pretty much go to the exact places you want it to go. A great fun band and an excellent disc that deserves very much attention. Try some of it out.

M P 3s


P.S. – – – On the second track above, I was praying for a Twin Peaks tribute of some sort. Guess it was just a big mad coincidence. By the way, the Gold Edition is wonderful and I am enjoying what I had never seen of the second season, kinda makes me sad that I only have 3 episodes left, but if you haven’t been exposed to this wonderful series, get exposed. Now.

Anyways, cheers, and here’s the links to pre-order these too warm and fuzzy discs that inspired me to break a heavy chain of laziness and broadcast.
HERE– – – – – – – – and – – – – – – – –HERE

November 12, 2007

Monster Bobby

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This guy is great, the muzak he makes is beautiful, and I simply can’t get enough of listening to it. Nuff said.


-> Monster Bobby- I Heard You Moved Away [mp3]
-> Monster Bobby- I Live For Your Fleeting Touch [mp3]

November 5, 2007


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Just got a listen to the new Killers b-sides, rarities, and remixes album Sawdust and I thought there was some interesting pieces of work entailed, so I thought I’d share. I’ve been hearing mixed reviews by everyone about the Joy Division cover, “Shadowplay,” that also happens to be on the great new biopic on Ian Curtis, Control (The film is directed by Anton Corbijn and stars Samantha Morton, who just seems to be everywhere I like in film today), but wow I just lost myself from conveying my opinion on the cover. I actually enjoy it quite well, and on that note, I really enjoy a lot of what The Killers put out. A lot of the stuff on the album is good on first listen and great after a few (Though I’m not sure how they’ll be after a lot). I really do think it’s something to check out. So here’s some sampling for yr appetite. Cheers.


-> The Killers- Shadowplay [mp3]
-> The Killers- Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love To Town [mp3]
-> The Killers- Show You How [mp3]

November 1, 2007

Inch x Inch

I’m not really sure how to make up for all the time I missed, so I’m just gonna lay out a bunch of the bands I’ve been listening to and loving, and some other cool stuff that’s been happening.

First off comes something I touched on emphatically yesterday, the I’m Not There Original Soundtrack. Upon getting it I rushed to the Sufjan track, and loved it. Then after listening to the entire two disc album, I realized how consistent and proper a cover soundtrack it was. The entire thing is a really great collaboration of today’s big names covering Dylan in unique ways. A very fun listen and it includes some rather captivating gems.

-> Jeff Tweedy- Simple Twist of Fate [mp3]
-> Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová- You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere [mp3]
-> Mason Jennings- The Times They Are A-Changin’ [mp3]

Buy here.

Next up is a band who has a very unique sound. They can clutter together these ruccous sounds and mash everything into one beautiful outcome. They are a great new band coming out of Nashville, Tennessee and have a very promising sound that should carry them alone. Lately I have been looking for a band with a jingle like these guys have so finally hearing them was definitely a relief in some way. Be sure to be on the lookout for whatever these guys keep putting out because everything so far has caught my ear with a great pleasant ring.

-> Canon Blue- Sea Monsters [mp3]

Buy here.

I began listening to The Speakers after hearing about the band I will be talking about next. This was the original project between these guys and I literally swear to loving every song on this album. Each track has this hushed acoustic pop sound of its own, making the album diverse when listened to thouroughly, but a grand masterpiece when listened to as a whole. A great lo-fi, calm indie outfit who put together a great record. Check it out.

-> The Speakers- A Cradle Song [mp3]
-> The Speakers- An Irish Airman Foresees His Death [mp3] (**DH** Highly Recommended)

Buy here.

One half of The Speakers: San Francisco native, Brian Miller = The Lightning Bug Situation. His quiet but powerful voice carries each track to beyond the simplistic and pretty acoustic guitar arrangements, melding everything together into a sort of warping experience. Every track on the new album, A Leaf; A Stream is packed with raw emotion and hushed divinity. Quite the album to listen to on a rainy day.

-> The Lightning Bug Situation- The New Dad [mp3]

Buy here.

That’s enough writeups, here’s some straight up em pee threes for your enjoyment.

(Can anyone else tell me why I’m mesmerized with the new Killers song? It’s so creepy and eery and not-Killeresque, but I still have so much love for it. Cheers guys, good going. I’ve always loved the Killers)
-> The Killers- Tranquilize (feat. Lou Reed) [mp3]

-> Say Hi- We Lost the Albatross [mp3]
-> Vampire Weekend- M 79 (Daytrotter Session) [mp3]
-> The Snake The Cross The Crown- The Great American Smokeout [mp3]
-> The Carribean- Stockhausen Serves Imperialism [mp3]

(I cannot get this other Nashville native band out of my head, Imaginary Baseball League)
-> Imaginary Baseball League- Gambling [mp3]
-> Imaginary Baseball League- Steeple to Steeple [mp3]

->Rihanna feat. Ne-Yo- Hate That I Love You So [mp3]
(I hate that I love this song so!)

October 10, 2007


so I get up. go to class. sprint back. and check my e-mail. this morning. There it was. Do not reply: In Rainbows. Or something like that. I’ll tell you something my fingers have never been as swift and meticulous as they were getting to that download link. And it has come. I’m midway through my first listen right now and I’ll leave 2 of my favorite tracks, oh my god, I just realized all five are my favorites, and now 6 is two as it has just came on. So i’ll just leave the last two of the first 5 songs cause they’re freshest in my memory. I’ll keep ya updated.

-> Radiohead- Weird Fishes / Arpeggi [mp3]
-> Radiohead- All I Need [mp3]

Shoot, gottanother class so this won’t be up for a little bit. Thank God for iPod’s. But anyway, probably a smarter idea would be to just get the whole thing for FREE or whatever donation you wish.

October 8, 2007

hot chip, hot damn

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So it seems as if Hot Chip is back in the scene with some new tracks out and the talks of the new album. Here’s two tracks that have recently floated to the surface of the blogosphere. Enjoy, cheers.

-> Hot Chip- Shake a Fist [mp3]
-> Hot Chip- I Became a Volunteer [mp3]

October 5, 2007

belated best 6 of september

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yes I am a little late, but I have some free time right now so I’m gonna go for a big bundle of posts, hopefully it’ll hype me up enough to continue doing so in a more habitual manner. So here were my Top 6 of the month of September. Only 6, so I was a little dreary with the sounds this past month. Things will pick up, I mean, October 10th happens to be in October…

(remember, leaks and releases are both eligible)

6. Midlake- Marion [mp3]
5. Black Kids- I’m Not Gonna Teach You How To Dance With Your Boyfriend [mp3]
4. Simian Mobile Disco- Tits & Acid [mp3]
3. Vampire Weekend- Oxford [mp3]
2. The New Amsterdams- Fortunate Fool [mp3]
1. Animal Collective- Fireworks [mp3]

Like I said, many of the releases from September were basically drained through my blogger system in previous months, and I know I categorized Strawberry Jam as being part of August, or maybe even July, but I can’t help it, “Fireworks” is so f***ing good, and the Jam is so f***ing good. And I am simply in love with that New Amsterdams song off their new release At the Foot Of My Rival. Enjoi.

September 8, 2007

seriously, like .. volume one

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This is an idea I had: a new type of post for whenever I hear a bunch of tunes that I have not previously talked about, but want to. So I figured I’d jam them all together and hammer it home it, seriously like, listen to these tracks, and then get the discs, you really should. These posts will probably come at real random times. Times when I have spectacular music up the butt but no interesting input on the jewels. So here goes volume 1.

M83 – Digital Shades Vol. 1

So M83 is a French electron duo that makes classic indie electro, and if you heard them before, the recognition will be hard to find through this thick layer of heavy buzz that surrounds every Angelo Badalamenti-esque track on this collectively climactic collection of songs. Each song seems to pretty much sound the same, but there is emphasis to a meaning deeper, and it all really gets mashed into something strangely beautiful. Kind of like experimental work from the mid 80s but with a hush of the M83 we know and love.

MP3: M83- Dancing Mountains
MP3: M83- Sister (Part 2)

Les Savy Fav – Let’s Stay Friends

Les Savy Fav may throw you off with their lead singer’s appearance, but this band kicks. They really give a hope for a sprawling indie punk scene, leading the pack with rythmic catchy songs that dance on the border of indie alternative and hardcore rock. This was a that I wasn’t really excited to start listening to but after the first song I heard, everything from then on has been blessings. This album isn’t out yet, but I recommend getting this good time the second it drops for purchase.

MP3: Les Savy Fav- Patty Lee

Band of Horses- Cease To Begin

This album surrounds me, it’s taking me in, I could bow to this thing. After pre-mature evaluations at first, I feel better with my assumption of I feel like this could be one of the top albums of the year (along with Strawberry Jam and Populations). Every song just takes over, even if at first listen you feel the track to be somewhat bland, after about two more listens you have found about 1,000 little details that make your love for the song stronger than the consistancy of this excellent group of musicians. Get this. Get it.

MP3: Band of Horses- Marry Song
MP3: Band of Horses- The General Specific

(both in m4a format)

Well that’s it for volume one. Enjoy, I hope I inspired somewhat. Cheers.

August 31, 2007

Top 10 of August

Monthly roundup time, and you can really tell it’s been a hell of a month if there is 10 top songs when my aimed goal was about 5 or 6. Now remember, these songs aren’t only from the material that has come out in this month, but from the bundles of leaks* that hit the clean cut internet in this jam packed month.

*Now remember remember, buy the album!

10. The Weakerthans- Tournament of Hearts

This entire album was glory translated through headphones. Lyrical masterminds at their finest work with catchy riffs and so forth. Do not pass the oppurtunity up to hear this masterful collection.

9. Josh Ritter- The Temptation of Adam

One of the best folk tales through song I have heard all year. Ritter has crafted his talent into something prime and clean-cut, something that calmy jumps out and pulls you in. This is a song I wish I could make a music video for.

8. Rilo Kiley- Breakin’ Up

There were aspects of this album I absolutely loved, and some not so much. AS for this track. It was love the second the needle spun into this territory on the vinyl. It begins like it’s the soundtrack to Magnolia or some other P.T. Anderson work, and shifts into this mix of disco and indie alt pop, and when Jenny Lewis just rolls and flows the entire time it’s almost impossible to create a complaint.

7. Rogue Wave- Chicago X 12

This band continues to get better and better, this entire album was a show for that. For this track, you can feel the moments that you know it’s a tune you wanna pull into a snowy driveway to, when the acoustic guitar first kicks in. Or when Rogue quietly states the lyrics: “You never knew how hard I tried,” simply astounding.

6. Kanye West feat. Chris Martin- Homecoming

Great beat. Great rap. Chris Martin. Favorite lyric: “She said ‘Ye keep making that, keep making that platinum and gold for me.”

5. Beirut- The Penalty

An album I have not touched on yet, but probably, one of the sweetest, most beautiful acoustic songs of the year. His shuddering voice shouts a quiet anthem that will really be hard to get out of my head.

4. The Most Serene Republic- The Men Who Live Upstairs

Another album I ahve not touched on yet. This band may be the group making the best muzak right now. Everything is pitch perfect, it’s like they know exactly where I want the song to go, exactly what will make my jaw drop in awe, and exactly what will make me shake my head furiously to keep along with the beat and guitar of the raving hit. I’m not 100% sure at the time, but so far, in 2007, this would most likely be my pick for album of year.

3. Radiohead- Arpeggi

It’s fucking Radiohead? No, but seriously, this song is really quite beautiful. You have to admit. Even if it wasn’t Radiohead this song would still be right here.

2. Animal Collective- Derek

Probably my most anticipated vinyl purchase. This entire album is great. Really pitch perfect, and I’m even feeling a rival on Feels. Cannot wait for the news on the dealio with them new live tracks. P.S. Probably my number 2 album of ’07, it still is a battle though.

1. Band of Horses- Is There a Ghost

I cannot get this song out of my head. I love it. I love this song, I love the direction it seems this album will be going in. I love the album cover. This song as made this band explode into my top 5 favorite groups. Everything, the shouts of the vocals, the echoing guitar (both soft and heavy), and the eery feeling that accompanies the album cover. (each CD cover for these guys seems to match the mood of the album, it’s really something great, I’ve never seen anything like it before.)

August 8, 2007

The Beach Was Good and All

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But I missed my connection to the world of muzak, film, and HBO. Missed it a lot. Although I did catch a showing of the Simpsons movie due to an unpredicted rainy Tuesday, and I must say I would recommend seeing it for a laugh with a familiar and comfortable viewing oppurtunity. So I checked my mail, e-mail, fellow sites of promotion, and sadly found not that much to talk about. Though some of the things I stumbled onto during my vacation that are not technically new, really sprang back into my mind for posting what sounds good.

First off, was the power, soul, emphasis, and the amazing vibe produced from the strength of their beliefs of Rage Against the Machine. Listening to Battle of Los Angeles for probably the first time in several years brought me back into the world of head bobbing and spiritual madness, all in good ways. The explosive nature in which they present their political ideals and so on and so on is not even bothering to someone who would disagree in my opinion, because they are so heavy and positive about these beliefs, they really do hammer that part down. My favorite part of this band, besides Tom Morello’s shredding, has to be the various genres their music can fall into, and not through different songs, you can categorize any one of their songs into several categories itself. At one point, it could be deep funk, at another, raging punk, and at the same time political hip-hop. RATM is a band that will remain ageless and original, I do not believe any effort will ever be as strong and successful as RATM’s. And due to that appearence at Coachella 2007, my hopes have sky rocketed for a reunion and possibly a new disc for us to all go crazy to with our headphones blaring and a new disc to keep us running instead of walking on that morning jog. Pray for the rage to come back.

MP3: Rage Against the Machine- Guerilla Radio
MP3: Rage Against the Machine- I’m Housin’

Second comes to a relatively “in” band in the jam-band circuit. The Benevento/Russo Duo is Marco Benevento and Joe Russo, two people making music that sounds like it’s being produced by an orchestra. The thing about this band, is their not your typical All Good Festival preformers, these guys go into depth with Indie rock but even take breaths of jazz. Within every track you can sense the energy and the diversity that is simply sprawling at the lid of the sound. When you sample these tunes, I am confident you will come to the realization that something extroadinary is happening when two people are creating everything that will be surrounding you, every itch, every noise, every feeling, every sense. The power and magic of music is seen at its best through bands like this one. So I threw in some live tunes to try to convey the absolute peak of this band’s skills and work.

MP3: The Benevento/Russo Duo- Sunny’s Song (Live)
MP3: The Benevento/Russo Duo- Echo Park (Live)

H B O round->up

John From Cincinnati: All I can really say is that I feel it’s all starting to come together. Solely from viewing episode ten, there is a sense that something is building up. What seems to be the frame for an arena of some sort seems to be the most important element at this time of the show. Mitch’s chemist stared at it curiously and many times it shows John viewing it, and then looking behind him. I was not blessed with the oppurtunity to view scenes from next week because my viewing was delayed to OnDemand, so I am thinking about writing a strongly worded letter to HBO to have that included on the OnDemand showing, and that leads to the result that I have no idea what could happen next week. Leave’s it up in the air, which is somewhat interesting.

Entourage: So-so, I love Gary Busey in the show and it brings back the feeling of the old Entourage days. What I did really like about the episode, is the keeping off path of everything annoying and businesslike (or atleast just taking a break), Ari was hysterical with the twins, E was a little annoying, the rest didn’t really do much. It was a slow moving episode but it passed, again, I did not see the scenes from next week, so I have about zero clue on what to expect. Could be the end of the world, I wouldn’t know.

Flight of the Conchords: I’ll say it again, Jermaine Clement is frucking hilarious. Every movement and line he has is delivered with such a nonchalant tone and when it is mixed with his facial features I cannot help but burst into laughter. Bret was very funny as well, I couldn’t stop laughing whenever he would mention something being like Top Gun and Jermaine putting him down. Murray was also funny again like always. Song-wise, I liked the French song, I didn’t love it, but I liked it. I did not like the second song however, it did not really catch me like other’s from the past have. Besides that, keep up the good work boys, you can’t really do wrong in my book at this point.

August 1, 2007

Top 6 of July

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Here’s a little roundup of the hits IMHO of the great month of July.

6. Rooney- What For

I loved this release, it was a solid double for sunshine rockers Rooney. Many tracks caught my attention, but this was the one that my finger kept scrolling to on the iPod, like a magnet. It’s catchy and emotional and about everything you could ask for from this group (they are a great band). Loved the whole CD, the whole thang.

5. Justice feat. Uffie- Tthhee Ppaarrttyy

Justice just really rocks a party hard, and the support from Uffie on this track could not fit better. And it also has a kick ass remix by LA Riots who just pump it up that much more. I wasn’t sure what to expect with cross, but I got it, listened, and was more than pleasently surprised.

4. Tokyo Police Club- Your English Is Good

Hot off the press, Tokyo Police Club strikes with another more than satisfying teaser. A 2 song EP that gives me my TPC fill but leaves me wanting more. When’s the LP coming out? I need to know.

3. Oh No! Oh My!- The Pirate’s Anthem

Here’s another band I can’t get enough of. I literally love the entire EP that this song was released on. Every song. This one just a little bit more. I’m shaking with excitement to see what happens next that includes Oh No! Oh My!.

2. Stars- Take Me To the Riot

From the first time I listened to this song till about every ten plays a day it gets from me weeks later, I loved this song. It showed a new side of Stars, a practical and emphatic side that shocked and satisfied my quite roundly. I do not think I could be good friends with anyone who does not love this song.

1. Interpol- Pace is the Trick

This may be the best song out of 2007 so far in my opinion. Our Love to Admire may be the best disc. Every listen brings me deeper into the depths of Interpol, making them easily sit as one of my favorite bands today. Their style has been used, but they add they’re own touch that makes it seem almost completely unique in a way, it’s hard to explain. I love this band. I love this album. I love this song. Period.


July 2, 2007

monday comes after sunday

I’m definitely like a Monday kinda-guy during the Summer. I’m cheerful and it’s early, and I can basically go back to bed whenever I feel like it. So hopefully this cheer will spread to every day of the week, therefor more posts will be produced.

Sunday Night Television Wrap Up (HBO Of Course)

John From Cincinnati: I continue to like every character, plot twist, and element of this series. Each episode brings me closer and closer to this show and I couldn’t be happier. Last night’s episode was pretty good if you ask me. Both intense and calm, gave me my fair share of entertainment, and more and more of the paranormal is floating to the surface of things. I especially enjoy the new character who seems to be taking on a more important role, Dr. Smith. He gives me vibes that Twin Peaks did, and Six Feet Under did, he reminds me of a character from a show like those, and it definitely raises my acclaim for this show. There isn’t much to really talk about yet, it’s more about observing at this point because it is so early in the stages. Just sit back and observe, and the enjoyment will never cease. A small P.S. though, I forgot to mention how much I loved the scene from last weeks episode when Freddy is listening to Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman’s “Time To Say Goodbye”, I thought the scene was done excellently, the piggyback, and especially the muzak chosen for the background.

Entourage: Last night’s episode was a good one. Loved the cameo by Dennis Hopper, and the soccer betting. I actually really enjoyed Turtle and Drama last night, I thought they were hilarious, and I thought the girl switcharoo pulled at the end was completely appropriate. E was a bit too paranoid and created problems last night, but that was obvious. I am now curious to see what Walsh has to say to E now that the film has gotten into Cannes, and what Weinstein has to say to E when he realizes he fucked him again (not literally).

Anyways, Canadian rock group/branch of Broken Social Scene/strong leg of BSS record label Arts & Crafts Stars, have announced their new release along with a single to add some chime. The album is called In Our Bedroom After the War, and I’m not sure if they are taking a political aimed theme, but I’m hoping they aren’t, because I never like protest albums, I always think musicians should steer clear of all that jazz.


Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman- Time to Say Goodbye
Stars- The Night Starts Here (What do you think?)

Bonus MP3
Interpol- Pace is the Trick (I have been obsessed with this track, along with Our Love to Admire in it’s entirety.)

**And Last But Not Least**

Here are some production stills from some up and coming films that I think will kick some tail.

Where the Wild Things Are

Be Kind Rewind

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