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August 28, 2007


Not much in muzak has been happening these days. Oh yes, so I’ve resorted to pumping Grateful Dead, Phish, Big Wu, Allman Brothers Band and agressively ghetto hip-hop music out the stereo system I so appropriately set up in my dorm room. But one thing that caught my attention, again, and more emphatically this time, is the Wheezy F. B. The Wheezy F Baby, Wheeziana, Dwayne Carter Jr., (I could go on and on) Lil’ Wayne.

These past 48 hours have been me valuing this valuable rhythm because of drunk nights that have led to drunken facebook wall-messages filled with random portions of the Wheezy Baby’s lyrics. Many nicknames can come along with this master entertainer of the hip-hop arts, but one style sticks. He calls himself the best rapper alive and that could very possibly be very true, his rhymes are fresh, intelligent, creative, and not entirely planned all of the time. His freestyles do not seem to keep me calm either. To sum all this up, Lil’ Wayne has become my favorite rapper over the past few months, and it was solitified by this environment where all is played is Lil’ Wayne rap, and to tell the truth, I’m damn happy that happened. So here are a bunch of MP3s from either the leaked Tha Carter 3, or from mixtapes, or from random other fun stuff. Ya know! Hopefully more will happen soon enough, if not, oh well. We’ll survive, I mean, we still got The Most Serene Republic, Band of Horses, and Kanye West coming out soon with new albums. Cheers.


-> Lil’ Wayne- La La La
-> Lil’ Wayne- I Feel Like Dying (* Cleaner Version *) (DH Highly Recommended!)
-> Lil’ Wayne- Get It Shawty
-> Lil’ Wayne- Something You Forgot
-> Lil’ Wayne feat. Juelz Santana- Badside
-> Lil’ Wayne feat. Mack Maine- I Know the Future (Timbaland Produced)

P.S.: May I add how much I love the new Band of Horses album cover? What do you guys think?

P.P.S.: I do not get HBO here. What the fuck!


August 9, 2007

Kansas City, Missouri

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I have been a strong supporter of the University of Alabama Football for quite some time now, and all for the reason for this post is QB Brodie Croyle, an Alabama native who was drafted to the Kansas City Chiefs two years ago. Now, here came the dilemma. I have been a diehard Miami Dolphins since I was a young chap, but recently (last year, and this year’s pre-season) I have completely disagreed with every move they made, every decision they decided. I was never as embarrassed to be a Dolphin fan than I was this pre-season. It all started with their Quarterback situation. They could have drafted Brodie Croyle two years ago, but decided not to. Instead they put Daunte Culpepper and Joey Harrington as rotating offensive leaders. I hated this because I knew no good (let alone great) would come from this. Sure they won some games and I was there to cheer them on then, and sure I still do love players like Chris Chambers, Zach Thomas, Ronnie Brown, Jason Taylor, and Randy McMichael, but something seemed to leave the Dolphins recently, and something seemed to be gained for me when they Chiefs announced that Brodie Croyle would be competing for the starting QB spot against veteran back-up Damon Huard. And something was also gained when it was announced that this battle for the starting spot would basically be broadcasted through HBO on an NFL Films show about the Chiefs’ 3 week training camp. This made it very hard for me to not get more excited about the Chiefs than about the Dolphins, and that is the basic conclusion I have come to. I still enjoy Miami football, but the Chiefs have slowly made their name as number 1 in my book. And along with this announcement I would also like to promote watching this show, because it is wonderfully shot, gritty, funny, and entertaining as all heck. “We’re Gonna Beat the Hell Outta You!”

MP3: M. Ward feat. Jim James- Magic Trick (Kansas City Remix)
MP3: Low- Missouri

August 8, 2007

The Beach Was Good and All

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But I missed my connection to the world of muzak, film, and HBO. Missed it a lot. Although I did catch a showing of the Simpsons movie due to an unpredicted rainy Tuesday, and I must say I would recommend seeing it for a laugh with a familiar and comfortable viewing oppurtunity. So I checked my mail, e-mail, fellow sites of promotion, and sadly found not that much to talk about. Though some of the things I stumbled onto during my vacation that are not technically new, really sprang back into my mind for posting what sounds good.

First off, was the power, soul, emphasis, and the amazing vibe produced from the strength of their beliefs of Rage Against the Machine. Listening to Battle of Los Angeles for probably the first time in several years brought me back into the world of head bobbing and spiritual madness, all in good ways. The explosive nature in which they present their political ideals and so on and so on is not even bothering to someone who would disagree in my opinion, because they are so heavy and positive about these beliefs, they really do hammer that part down. My favorite part of this band, besides Tom Morello’s shredding, has to be the various genres their music can fall into, and not through different songs, you can categorize any one of their songs into several categories itself. At one point, it could be deep funk, at another, raging punk, and at the same time political hip-hop. RATM is a band that will remain ageless and original, I do not believe any effort will ever be as strong and successful as RATM’s. And due to that appearence at Coachella 2007, my hopes have sky rocketed for a reunion and possibly a new disc for us to all go crazy to with our headphones blaring and a new disc to keep us running instead of walking on that morning jog. Pray for the rage to come back.

MP3: Rage Against the Machine- Guerilla Radio
MP3: Rage Against the Machine- I’m Housin’

Second comes to a relatively “in” band in the jam-band circuit. The Benevento/Russo Duo is Marco Benevento and Joe Russo, two people making music that sounds like it’s being produced by an orchestra. The thing about this band, is their not your typical All Good Festival preformers, these guys go into depth with Indie rock but even take breaths of jazz. Within every track you can sense the energy and the diversity that is simply sprawling at the lid of the sound. When you sample these tunes, I am confident you will come to the realization that something extroadinary is happening when two people are creating everything that will be surrounding you, every itch, every noise, every feeling, every sense. The power and magic of music is seen at its best through bands like this one. So I threw in some live tunes to try to convey the absolute peak of this band’s skills and work.

MP3: The Benevento/Russo Duo- Sunny’s Song (Live)
MP3: The Benevento/Russo Duo- Echo Park (Live)

H B O round->up

John From Cincinnati: All I can really say is that I feel it’s all starting to come together. Solely from viewing episode ten, there is a sense that something is building up. What seems to be the frame for an arena of some sort seems to be the most important element at this time of the show. Mitch’s chemist stared at it curiously and many times it shows John viewing it, and then looking behind him. I was not blessed with the oppurtunity to view scenes from next week because my viewing was delayed to OnDemand, so I am thinking about writing a strongly worded letter to HBO to have that included on the OnDemand showing, and that leads to the result that I have no idea what could happen next week. Leave’s it up in the air, which is somewhat interesting.

Entourage: So-so, I love Gary Busey in the show and it brings back the feeling of the old Entourage days. What I did really like about the episode, is the keeping off path of everything annoying and businesslike (or atleast just taking a break), Ari was hysterical with the twins, E was a little annoying, the rest didn’t really do much. It was a slow moving episode but it passed, again, I did not see the scenes from next week, so I have about zero clue on what to expect. Could be the end of the world, I wouldn’t know.

Flight of the Conchords: I’ll say it again, Jermaine Clement is frucking hilarious. Every movement and line he has is delivered with such a nonchalant tone and when it is mixed with his facial features I cannot help but burst into laughter. Bret was very funny as well, I couldn’t stop laughing whenever he would mention something being like Top Gun and Jermaine putting him down. Murray was also funny again like always. Song-wise, I liked the French song, I didn’t love it, but I liked it. I did not like the second song however, it did not really catch me like other’s from the past have. Besides that, keep up the good work boys, you can’t really do wrong in my book at this point.

July 31, 2007

Flight of the Conchords

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Okay, so I get the whole thing about how every blogger has there own little post about FOTC, and I understand that it may be getting annoying, but I have watched every episode of this HBO comedy and have loved every minute of every one. I cannot say I knew of them before this show, but I am glad they were pointed out to me. So I think i’m going to throw them in the dustcloud of my meaningless HBO reviews. Woop.


John From Cincinnati: I continue to love this show, but there is one thing that is big, and that is semi-bugging me. What the f**k is going on already. It’s beginning to become a bit of a nag to try to keep up with the pace of the show. The sub plots are interesting enough to keep me watching added onto the big picture that continues to shy away from more obvious hints towards the layout of where this ride is taking its viewers. To be fair, next week looks like a compromising episode, the black sheet with the stick figures seems of mutual importance involving everything, I believe the stick figure was what John did with his leg back in the early early episodes, and Shaun followed and did one with his leg the same as John. I believe that has something to do with it, oh yeah, and my only guess is that John is the Savior and his father is God. But we’ll have to see.


Entourage: Finally, after episode upon episode of suck, they go back to the basics, the par-tay scene. This episode was what the show needed, they need to steer a tad bit away from the heavy business aspect of things and focus on the good times, the old times, what made the fans the fans in the first place. Drama fucking the squirrel at the end was hysterical. Jeremy Piven acted brilliantly. E wasn’t whining, but actually looked like a man without trying, and Vince got to do the hot chick from Date Movie. All is well in Entourage-land. That is if they can keep it going.

Flight of the Conchords: Now, this show is a new one, and I cannot speak better about it. It is hilarious. I usually find myself unattracted to dry humor, but this just doesn’t stop making me laugh. Jermaine and Murray have to be my favorite characters, Jermaine because of his mundane and miniscule gestures that build his character so wonderfully, and Murray because of, well I can’t explain it, watch Murray and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Bret is also top-funny, but I cannot put him equal to the other two. This show is outlandish. Corrosive to the funny bone. Watch it. Watch it. Here are some songs from the show and from the actual band live. They’re signed to Sub Pop too, by the way.


Flight of the Conchords- Think About It, Think Think About It (From the Show) (**DH highly recommended**)
Flight of the Conchords- Hiphopopotamus & Rhymnoceros (From the Show)
Flight of the Conchords- Bowie (Live) (Favorite Episode: Dream Bowie)

July 2, 2007

monday comes after sunday

I’m definitely like a Monday kinda-guy during the Summer. I’m cheerful and it’s early, and I can basically go back to bed whenever I feel like it. So hopefully this cheer will spread to every day of the week, therefor more posts will be produced.

Sunday Night Television Wrap Up (HBO Of Course)

John From Cincinnati: I continue to like every character, plot twist, and element of this series. Each episode brings me closer and closer to this show and I couldn’t be happier. Last night’s episode was pretty good if you ask me. Both intense and calm, gave me my fair share of entertainment, and more and more of the paranormal is floating to the surface of things. I especially enjoy the new character who seems to be taking on a more important role, Dr. Smith. He gives me vibes that Twin Peaks did, and Six Feet Under did, he reminds me of a character from a show like those, and it definitely raises my acclaim for this show. There isn’t much to really talk about yet, it’s more about observing at this point because it is so early in the stages. Just sit back and observe, and the enjoyment will never cease. A small P.S. though, I forgot to mention how much I loved the scene from last weeks episode when Freddy is listening to Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman’s “Time To Say Goodbye”, I thought the scene was done excellently, the piggyback, and especially the muzak chosen for the background.

Entourage: Last night’s episode was a good one. Loved the cameo by Dennis Hopper, and the soccer betting. I actually really enjoyed Turtle and Drama last night, I thought they were hilarious, and I thought the girl switcharoo pulled at the end was completely appropriate. E was a bit too paranoid and created problems last night, but that was obvious. I am now curious to see what Walsh has to say to E now that the film has gotten into Cannes, and what Weinstein has to say to E when he realizes he fucked him again (not literally).

Anyways, Canadian rock group/branch of Broken Social Scene/strong leg of BSS record label Arts & Crafts Stars, have announced their new release along with a single to add some chime. The album is called In Our Bedroom After the War, and I’m not sure if they are taking a political aimed theme, but I’m hoping they aren’t, because I never like protest albums, I always think musicians should steer clear of all that jazz.


Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman- Time to Say Goodbye
Stars- The Night Starts Here (What do you think?)

Bonus MP3
Interpol- Pace is the Trick (I have been obsessed with this track, along with Our Love to Admire in it’s entirety.)

**And Last But Not Least**

Here are some production stills from some up and coming films that I think will kick some tail.

Where the Wild Things Are

Be Kind Rewind

June 25, 2007

back to the basics: John from Cinci Edition

After Sopranos ended, I spaced, brain farted if you must, and forgot about my weekly reviews of the Sunday Nights in the world of HBO. I especially forgot to mention my immense excitement for the show John From Cincinatti, so now, I will cover the first 3 episodes of that, and the first two of the new season of Entourage.


John from Cincinnati: First off, I realized I’ve been spelling Cincinnati wrong this whole time, my whole life. But anyways, I may be one in a dime here, but I love this show. From the first episode to the third I have been intrigued and enthralled. Everything about it attacks me and entertains me to to a point of submission. Ed O’Neal in particular rocks what needs to be rocked. Paranormal questioning, surfing, the beach, mysterious stranger, drug addict, Luis Guzman, levitation, family, birds, vintage, these are just some of the things that get me. The show’s calm but urgent activity is also a very interesting technique of television, it somehow makes everything go by so fast, producing thoughts of wonder and creativity and excitement for the scenes for next week. Last night was excellent in particular, the doctor was a favorite character of mine, as well as the softening side of Freddie and his messenger. Kai’s revelation was a remarkable scene, the foggy lens following a knee injury and a shootup by Butchie. And the final shot of the vert half pipe was impressive. A solid HBO program, be on the lookout.

And here’s the theme song that I just cannot get enough of.
mp3: Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros- Johnny Appleseed

Entourage: Last nights episode was a decent one. All parts were funny, even turtle, and all parts delivered sufficient performances. The only problem is my worry with the movie, and whether Eric’s right (it sucks), or Vince is right (it doesn’t), what even excited me more is the fact in the preview for next week Eric mentions it was entered in Cannes, I am interested to see how that turns out. The season premiere on the other hand was great. Hilarious, great plot line, great technique with the documentary film crew, great ending, great previews into Medellin. The season looks like it may be better than the third, I can only hope.

June 14, 2007

sopranos and porn

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Now first things first, I haven’t been able to post that much recently which I explained in the previous post, but getting to this topic of discussion has been crucial.

Sopranos: Final episode ever. And my conclusion? I loved it. They couldn’t have ended it any other way. Best episode of the season, and here’s why. First off, the unforgettable whack on Phil Leotardo. Classic. First, just the plain old fact that he was whacked, second, the car rolling over his head. And second off comes the ending. Quintessential IMHO. You could really look at it any way you want to, and that is why I loved it, any of the theories brought up could be plausible and make sense. The two theories I feel an attachment to are the one where the scene is just ending at a random point, we leave Tony the same way we found him, living his life the way it needs to be lived. The paranoia, the suspicion of everyone. It could have just ended at that instant just because it had to end at some point. It could have been nothing grandiose, just mundane. The second theory, a rather more exciting one, is that Tony was shot as the man came out of the bathroom, and everything went black (Like the clip shown in the previous episode at the end, and the clip originating from the first episode of the second half of the season). Others could be that Tony was ratted out by Carlo because his son got out of the ecstasy selling charges, and because Patrick was not with Meadow going into the diner after the fact was made in a scene that Tony and Carmela were comfortable with Meadow and Patrick dating, we can’t really be sure, and that’s the great thing about it. It’s up to you to decide what you believe the ending is, and you can make it just. Wonderfully done. Perfect. Bravo.

Other stuff

I ❤ the new New Pornographers CD. Really though, who won’t?. Their sound is the same (if not better) than it has always been. The unpredictable arrangements spliced with blissful pop and soft voices and guitars. A.C. Newman completes another task and continues to grow bigger. Here’s some tracks I recommend you listen to.


The New Pornographers- Mutiny, I Promise You
The New Pornographers- Adventures in Solitude (DH **Personal Favorite**)

…and here’s a song I’ve been loving too. Can’t wait for him to blow up even more with Graduation.

MP3: Kanye West feat. John Mayer- Bittersweet

My favorite thing of the past two days…

Sierra Nevada 2007 Bigfoot Ale
9.6% Alcohol by the volume in a beer. It was like a kick to the face every sip. But boy was it tasty.

June 4, 2007

kanye’s blowing up again

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Kanye has been hitting the blogosphere at full speed with insurmountable effects. His newest CD, Graduation, is set to come out late August 2007, and is once again (sigh of emphatic relief) produced by Jon Brion. The album is also said to hold collaborations with Common, John Mayer, and Chris Martin of Coldplay, and only 7 of the CD’s tracks have been speculated at this point. Here’s the two songs that have leaked thusfar from the Graduation, and here’s a really cool one brought to my attention by IGIF from his new mixtape, Can’t Tell Me Nothing.


Kanye West- Can’t Tell Me Nothing
Kanye West- Stronger [Radio Rip] (hate the annoying DJ…a lot)
Kanye West- Young Folks (Off the Can’t Tell Me Nothing mixtape, go Peter Bjorn and John!)

Sunday Night Extravaganza: One Finale down, one BIGGER one to go!

Sopranos: Very strong episode, not a second without anxiety and distress, in a good way. It’s all building up. And the ending, whatever it is, began this episode. If it was when either Tony of Phil ordered the whacks on each other, it all started molding at that point. Interesting highlights from the episode included: the failed identification of Phil and murder of the innocent Czechs, Bobby’s death in the toy train shop when the shop keeper told him his son would appreciate it, and Bobby responded by saying, “na, he wouldn’t,” the attempted whack on Sil, Tony being set free from psychiatric help, Tony putting his foot down on his whimpering son, Tony resting in bed with Bobby’s gift, and that eerie flashback from episode one of this season in the boat with Bobby. It is a lot to swallow, but I can’t really spit it out until it’s all in there. So with that said, bring on the series finale.

Entourage: 3rd season finale was ok. It had it’s moments, like Adam Goldberg, Billy Walsh (who I interestingly discovered was based off of Vincent Gallo which is a kinda cool thing), Nicky Ruebenstein v. Billy Walsh, E v. Billy Walsh (did you see? did you see? What E does next season? Which is like in two weeks), Dramas definition of women, Dramas bidding war for his apartment. But other than that, it was a bit short, lacked any real crucial decisions or events because the next season begins in two weeks, so it really didn’t need to. On a side note, I’m am very excited for John From Cincinatti and Big Love, and curious to see Flight of the Conchords

Last but not least, is White Rabbits, with their new release that is causing some major hype, Fort Nightly. This band rocks like you can’t imagine, comparisons have been made, things have been said, one being that they are the next Arcade Fire, which I completely disagree with, this group is all their own. They got power and emotion and they represent it well. And hey! Even Pitchfork likes them, so I mean, they have to be good! Give ’em a try.


White Rabbits- The Plot
White Rabbits- Dinner Party

May 21, 2007

feeling spooky

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Well. At the moment, I am viewing the 2006 version of The Omen, and of course this led to a fairly extensive wikipedia scavenger hunt, if you can call it so much. And now I’m just rummaging through links upon links of spooky coincidences, like unexplained horrific phenomenas on the sets of these movies. But, that’s just the mood I’m in. Here’s to a packed to the brim sunday!


Audible- Sunday Bell
Blondie- Sunday Girl
Art Brut- Late Sunday Evening
Jimmy Eat World- A Sunday


Entourage: Entourage lacked the oomph tonight. Somewhat enjoyable plot premise, Drama was funny with Brett Radner, more talk about Medellín which is always fun to dream about, but there was also the worst, lot of Turtle airtime. I mean, I don’t hate Turtle, but the time could be used to more exciting and enjoyable plot minutiae that Turtle could of course be included in, but not centered on. Watchable episode, A BIT short. Scenes for next week look badass mainly because Adam Goldberg is back and the man…And they still need the money? Did Vince not choose to boink the Ukraine model type? I don’t know either.


Sopranos: Sopranos seemed to start off slow, but really began to pickup following AJ’s botched suicide attempt (where he looked like a complete idiot). It was interesting to watch, and for some reason reminded me of the old season. Then that prick said the stuff to Meadow and set Tony off. Meadow hasn’t been in it much until this episode, and it was good, also a reminder of older seasons. Then Tony did what he did best (Curb-biting, applause), I was cheering on the horrific act for reasons that just lie deep inside my psyche. The ending of the episode basically led me to this realization. The last two episodes will be incredible, simply because they will be jam-packed with explaining everything that’s building up. I’m getting the shivers. 2 left!

P.S.– Nothing next week? Whaaaaaatttt? Lame!

May 13, 2007

NAME Remix

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So I thought I’d spin things here with a different title that reflected my feelings to everything, my glance of life at the moment. The web address will stay true to the original name, but false to the actual name, but that kinda gives me like 2 names for this blog, and I think that’s fun fun fun. While I’m at it, I may as well give my thoughts on tonight’s segment of the Sunday HBO Extravaganza (I decided that title right now).

Entourage: If only they didn’t try to make a place for Turtle on this episode where he was not needed. If only. The episode seemed very lengthy, and seemed to capture a solid amount of coverage for the short half-hour time period. Ari was a great supporter, funny at enough times, but serious for the joyous climax of getting Vince back and what he really wanted this whole time. E and Vince were stable, showed their devotion and emotion to this business they’re in. Johnny Drama Chase rocked it. Period. He was great, I felt sympathy for him, I laughed when he was passed out in the back of the car with a bottle whiskey, and I felt shivers when he found out his show was a hit. So Right. And Turtle, I can’t seem to relate to him I guess. His flirtation session with Kelly that involved talking about shoes was awkward and lame in my opinion, and the time could’ve been used for more Drama or Ari screentime. Overall an excellent episode. It could’ve been the best of the season, it could still be, but I hope it gets a little bit better. Still I’m more than satisfied.

Sopranos: Okay. I will admit in the first 10 minutes I was scared and dumbfounded. Not at the plot of the show, but I literally thought it was a joke, and hoped it was a dream. The acting of the girls in the other car was ridiculous. The car flipped for a good half-hour, and it just wasn’t as good as I could imagine the Sopranos making it. BUT. The rest of the episode made up for it, making it a really anti-emotional show. I’m not sure what was with the asbestos situation, or where that will lead to. But Phil is a big asshole. And that will lead to something. Tony came right out and told his therapist the direct truth, and he was no where near emotional. He was raw, and smart, and he saw in Christopher’s look in the car that something wasn’t right with him, and from the likes of last weeks episode he was ultimately right. Vegas was cool. That girl was like a 9.5. Only problem was the lack of forward motion. I’m not sure where AJ’s at. At first I thought he was into the violence, but now I’m just confused. Well, we’ll see. 3 more episodes, and I trust the makers to do something that will never be forgotten here, which they’ve pretty much already done with the show as a whole.

Coolio. 2 post day. Here’s a song I like from some real hipsters. This group Tiger Lou has a real indie rock sound that shows nothing but potential. The EP Nixon is a nice buy on iTunes if you have the time and cash. But here’s a track from their upcoming album that is yet to be titled nor finished. A good jingle though.

mp3: Tiger Lou- Functions

May 9, 2007

the go from tactical

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So I have been practically in love with this song for the longest time, and it is near impossible to find any information on this group called The Caribbean, the song name: “The Go From Tactical”. Emotion pours from this track and it creates the illusion for one of my favorite environments: the woods. And better yet, I think it can latch on to any listeners specific desired atmosphere and bring it face to face with imaginable reality. The song does that, it’s emphasized vocals, the dark in depth acoustic guitar, the point when the back-up vocals kick in like a drunk and hum, “that was the go from tactical,” everything is arranged to really connect with the listener on a personal level. I seriously can’t stop directing myself to this song when scrolling my iPod, and it’s for good reasons. The new album the band is coming out with is titled Populations, and you can check the band at Hometapes, Their MySpace, or just their good old home site, which doesn’t really look anything like a band’s website should look like, but it’ll give you a laugh. You can buy The Go From Tactical 7″ right here, and I’ll definitley keep you updated on anything I hear about this band.

mp3: The Caribbean- The Go From Tactical

Now it may be belated, but I’ll do it anyway…

Entourage: This week was excellent, I knew it would be because of the setup from last week. Ari was at prime hilarious-ness, and ,especially with Adam Goldberg at his side, was able to execute this hysterical situation on the Holy Holiday of Yom Kippur at peak ability as well. I actually enjoyed the whole crew (everyone) this week, Drama and Turtle were good with the horse subplot, E and Vince made me happy because they doubted that bitch and showed how they missed Ari. Even though she seemed to be proving them wrong at the end of the episode, I still hate her and am so glad to see her walk, she could’ve sealed Medellin if she would’ve agreed to put Vince on the plane, so yeah she did f things up. Overall great episode. Now they’re back with Ari, and things can start rolling again (I’m especially psyched for Drama’s pilot’s premiere).

Sopranos: Strong episode. Really stable. Everything is building up, and with four episodes left, it really needs to be. I loved everything with A.J., the way how near the end of the episode he discovered this thirst for violence, and how jittery and excited and pumped up he was after injuring a fellow human being. Christopher’s becoming paranoid, and that is not a good thing for Tony. I can see this ending two ways, tons of law being carried out on the crew and Tony somehow seeing the light with his help to the Terrorist-related detectives (Which I expect will maybe increase), or Christopher killing Tony, because the scene in the bar, when Christopher was having a mini-panic attack, and the he looked around the room at everyone laughing, the shot of Tony was scary. His face grinning evil-like, smoke surrounding his devilish look, Christopher saw this. And his threats to the cops might actually be something that would be a possibilty. The re-planting of the tree at the end? I’m not sure about. It could be his desire to live a normal life, rural life, it could be his desire to make things right, it could be anything, you never really know with this epic series.

April 30, 2007

pre-modest mouse post

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An excellent weekend that began with a shaky and very scary debacle with entrance of a very-old looking 17 year old into a bar hosting a giant party called Craig’s Fest for most of the Loyola College in Maryland’s student body. Oh and that 17 year old was me. And I pulled one past the law once again with the help of someone with a picture I.D. that looked practically nothing like me. Boring Boring Boring. Anyway, the next day of festivities was killer. I was at first only expecting the likes of Guster to show up, but I was pleasantly surprised to arrive a bit early and hear the opening notes to “If Work Permits” and see the energetic boys of The Format making their rounds. I felt they rocked a solid set, I mean I was never crazy about the band, but I always had tons of appreciation and I do generally enjoy most of their songs to the point to hum-a-long to. Now Guster, I must admit, didn’t really impress me. I mean it wasn’t like I was going down there to see them, like that was the specific reason, but I was down there conveniently the same weekend they were playing, and I had seen them in concert with Ben Folds and Rufus Wainwright and had loved every minute of their set, but the difference this time was more Ganging Up on the Sun, and less Keep It Together/Lost and Gone Forever. It was a cheerful little afternoon nonetheless, free burgers, dogs, colas, t-shirts, cotton candy, snowcones, rides, inflatable games. Good weather. Friendly people. And most importantly, music you could hear behind conversing with friends and strangers, and taking that moment in.

mp3: Guster- Happier (My favorite song that they played during the show. Not live though. Psh.)
mp3: The Format- Pick Me Up

Now that was one hell of an entertaining Sopranos episode. Very emotional in every aspect, and very defining of the main outlook of things to come. The heavy use of steady cam and close ups really highlighted the shaky-ness of everything, and the nervousness present the entire time really sunk in deep to solidify the realization that Tony reall is losing it. And with this episode, he’s finally starting to see that. Although I will say this much, the ending provided a possible theory that he may be losing it, and he may know that he’s losing it, but he certainly isn’t going to just let that happen.

Thank God this picked up this week. 28 minutes, funnier Ari, more emphasis on Johnny Drama, and less (although it was certainly there) on E and Vince’s relationship. And the best part of the episode was the way it left off, and the previews for next week. It was what I like to call, a perfect “bridge” episode. It wasn’t such a great episode on its own, but it played out very entertaining and it created a lot of different paths to take off to. Basically this was the first episode of the season to really start mapping out what direction the show will be taking.

And for the rest of my blah-blah, here’s a track getting a lot of buzz and a track from a band that should be getting a lot of buzz.

mp3: Interpol- The Heinrich Maneuver (Radio Rip)
mp3: M. Bison- Jealousy

Modest Mouse in a couple hours, so that should be a fun time, I’ll post back later with how it was. Cheers.

April 26, 2007

Buffalo ’66 & Rooney(s)

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So a person has been rambling about Vincent Gallo. He is mainly an actor but he definitley does not stop at that point (Writing and Directing films he stars in that sometimes get nominated at Cannes, no big deal or anything, he also does the editing and scores for his films. One man wonder, if you want to see it like that), Tonight this person shouted through the halls that his 1998 film, Buffalo ’66, was arriving at a rare appearance on one of the HBO channels. I scurried over to that room, and focused intently, watched the movie. It was quite spectacular in the ways of it’s simplicity and reliance on the characters, who just do a piercing job with their homages to the characters (the film is loosely based around Gallo’s life, certainly not the murdering of a certain field goal kicker misser, but I’m near sure the family members and friends are cleverly depicted) from Gallo’s life. The music is beautiful, done by Gallo, the shots and cinematography are lovely and masterful (especially the dinner scene shots at Billy Brown’s parent’s house), also done by Gallo, and the writing is witty and horrifying at the same time, another job done well by Gallo. Besides Vincent Gallo, the film stars a notable and impressing cast, Christina Ricci, Angelica Huston, Ben Gazzara, Mickey Rourke, and Rossana Arquette. A very eery rendition of mundane life, but in my opinion a must see. I never said, but I did really enjoy it.

Here is a little sample of Gallo’s musical background.
mp3: Vincent Gallo- So Sad

Two days ago held a very intense Football battle between two of the Premiere Leagues finest opponents, Manchester United and AC Milan. Although being an Arsenal fan and being too upset to post about their injury-stricken year, I have to see I was happy to see Wayne Rooney pump that quality goal in during the final moments of the tied game, but more happy to just see AC Milan lose. Kaka played well like always and is just so darn fast, but Rooney pulled his act together from nothing more than a lackluster performance early on to win the match and give Man U. the advantage. A pretty fun game to watch I must admit, and if you like English Premiere League Soccer (And I guarentee you will, it is plain old fun to watch with some friends) then you should check out your listings for the next game held at Milan’s stadium.

* * * * * * * *

Also I got a chance to hear some of the new Rooney album, Calling the World, that’s looking to make its way to the stores by June 19th. The songs, from what I can tell at this point, are pretty much all and all Rooney-ish. I do like the single (“When Did Your Heart Go Missing?”) better than the title track right now, but they’re both very fun listens, because Rooney’s typical pop sound is always fun to groove to. Groove this. Enjoy for the morning.

mp3: Rooney- Calling the World
mp3: Rooney- When Did Your Heart Go Missing?

April 23, 2007

Me and You Baby, We Got Busy-ness

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Sorry for the busy-ness and the business that consumed me over the past week making it practically impossible to post. Endless reconstruction and renevation of the site has come to a stop (for now, we’ll see if I remain satisfied), and my last college visit has been visited. So now we can start up slow and hopefully I’ll have those final 20 albums for you in the real near future. So to start this escapade off I’ll lay out some songs I’ve really been into in the past 72 hours.

mp3: Le Guillotine- Raccoon
mp3: Rich Boy feat. Polow Da Don- Throw Some D’s
mp3: CocoRosie- Rainbowarriors
mp3: Klaxons- Gravity’s Rainbow (Love the last minute of this song when they’re shouting, “come with me come with me, we’ll travel to infinity, I’ll always be there my future love,”)
mp3: The Go Find- Bleeding Heart
mp3: BUILT TO SPILL- KICKED IN THE SUN (The ultimate, I love when I find a song I never really appreciated and it out of no-where becomes an unhealthy obsession)

Sopranos and Entourage Two Week Roundup

Two Weeks Ago…
Sopranos: Good, very good. The Whacking scene in the restaurant was the best part of the season so far, remarkably filmed and executed. Cleaver is such a fun plot twist, and Christopher is one of the characters to watch right now. Tony continues to question near everyone he’s friends with, and the final scene with that song. Made me sweat a little bit, it was an excellent final scene and in my opinion the best episode yet for this season. Here’s that closing song from the episode.

mp3: John Cooper Clarke- Funky Chickentown (zShare download)

Entourage: Meager episode, it seemed to rely on the wits of Ari and Lloyd O so much, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it could have been crafted more carefully. The weekend excursion escapade was also a lame and drawn out, only to point out the complete obvious: Vince’s problem with committment and E’s life of relaxing in the boasting shadow of Vince. It was overall an episode just to fill an episode slot. I do not mean to be so harsh, I just think they can do so much better and I want them to just start kicking tail like the first episode so I can be more than extraordinarily pumped for every time the clock hits 10:00 P.M. on a Sunday this Spring. (p.s. Emmanuelle Chriqui was worth watching every minute of the episode)

Last Night…

Sopranos: A rather slow episode. It made me scared every time Tony contemplated killing Paulie. But the end was suffice for everything else that happened. First reason being Tony’s look when Paulie continually talks just complete and utter shit, the look as if Tony had made a mistake that would harm him because he cared for Paulie (Like he is getting soft, and like he is made at himself for making this mistake he wouldn’t normally make). And the second reason of course being that killer whack job at the end. POP. Right in the eye. Brilliant, daring, it made the fans sigh a breathe of relief because last seasons Sopranos are gone and not coming back.

Entourage: Sucked. I’m seriously pissed off. Did anyone else look at their clock as the episode ended, dumbfounded, and whisper, “what the f**k?” Well I certainly did, and so did everyone in the room with me, so those whispered made it kind of evident that they need to make next week’s episode real worth it, because this cannot last.

Well gosh darn it, it’s gotten late. Well this post wasn’t as thorough as I would have liked it to be, but I’m promising a post tomorrow to cover the rest and more. Always with love…BK

April 15, 2007

rainy sunday and amy regan and entourage and thanksgiving and backwards order

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Plymouth Murder Movie, I wish it was real.

Now. I never fully critiqued last Sunday’s evening of mass entertainment (hence The Sopranos followed by the enchanting and addictive Entourage [p.s. by the way. When does Big Love start up again?]), but here I have the divine chance to, only hours before the second establishments of both of their seasons.

Now, The Sopranos debut episode of their last season was very approapriate. It started off with a little twist of the past plotline that gave a peek into the ever-growing case against Anthony Soprano, and after every thing (seemingly) cleared out of that early hassle, the episode entered a very calm setting in which it was very familiar to (cough cough last season). In a cabin, on the lake, still waters, drinks very comforting…Until the ever so haunting Monopoly is played, this time the drinks are at a point where there not so much comforting but damaging. I believe this was the most crucial scene in the entire episode. It was pretty much Tony getting beaten in a fight by Bobby, it symbolized Tony’s upcoming and slow downfall from the top, he cannot even defeat his brother-in-law in a scuffle that is reminiscent of two grizzly bears wrestling, a brother-in-law who usually takes all the smack Tony talks, who plays with trains, who cannot even stand up to his own son’s rebellions, who hasn’t even killed a person yet, which brings me to the second most crucial scene. Tony assigns a hit for Bobby to carry out because Tony believes he can catch Bobby in a situation that emasculates Bobby, and thus makes Tony the stronger of the two, but instead he makes a very critical error. Bobby follows through with the hit, and “popps his cherry,” if you will, and he enters this new state of balance. He enters a postition of confidence and power because of his beating of Tony and his strength to kill a man. Am I saying that Bobby is going to try to take over? Or even think it? No, I’m just not ruling it out, and remember the main idea of the episode in my opinion was the beginning of Tony’s (what will be) slow downfall. and P.S. Christopher’s 3 second cameo made me laugh for minutes, and minutes after the show as well.

On to Entourage, the show never ceases to amaze me. Bright lights, big city, big star, his friends, Victoria’s Secret, Skyy, and Ari Gold. Is Medellín really available?, and Is there something inside Vince that really does want him to get back with Ari?

* * * *

Now to Amy Regan. Amy Amy Amy Regan. I know of her through a friend, and he hooked me up with her promotional EP or something like that. And it’s wonderful. Amy is graduating from Skidmore this year and is already on the rise, she’s even played some nights at CBGB’s a while back in her Junior year. But anyway this girl has some pretty noticeable talent. Her voice really barrels through anything you would suspect from a rookie of this sort and takes you by full suprise, its beautiful and raw and it really speaks in my opinion. And also, the instrumentals are just as needed than the vocals, which from up to this point I thought was her majority quality, but I was way wrong. The melodies really grab you and take you into a place, more specifically a place in a certain season (Mostly Fall and those rainy Spring days*). A great little listen from someone who will be turning lots of heads in music world in the near future. *Now to my final area of discussion. The rain. Today is one of those rainy spring days, and I love it. Drenched with a hangover from a long last Saturday night of my sprang break, a nice rainy day is just exactly what I could have dreamed for. Nothing beats sitting around, watching movies, being lazy, mixing the Pom Juice with sparkling water, and just straight up relaxing on a Sunday, nothing does. Enjoy Amy. Always with love…BK

mp3: Amy Regan- Carry On (p.s. I think I do shiver at the chorus when the words “so carry on then carry on” are whispered)

mp3: Amy Regan- I’ll Take the Wine

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