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October 10, 2007


so I get up. go to class. sprint back. and check my e-mail. this morning. There it was. Do not reply: In Rainbows. Or something like that. I’ll tell you something my fingers have never been as swift and meticulous as they were getting to that download link. And it has come. I’m midway through my first listen right now and I’ll leave 2 of my favorite tracks, oh my god, I just realized all five are my favorites, and now 6 is two as it has just came on. So i’ll just leave the last two of the first 5 songs cause they’re freshest in my memory. I’ll keep ya updated.

-> Radiohead- Weird Fishes / Arpeggi [mp3]
-> Radiohead- All I Need [mp3]

Shoot, gottanother class so this won’t be up for a little bit. Thank God for iPod’s. But anyway, probably a smarter idea would be to just get the whole thing for FREE or whatever donation you wish.


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