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March 20, 2008

NEW: Death Cab for Cutie [Jam] – I Will Possess Your Heart…but wait, There’s more!

So first I’ll lay you out with this kind of epic Death Cab track from their upcoming “let-loose” LP: Narrow Stairs. My initial opinion of this 8 minute and plus jam is purrty indifferent. The build up is a little cool but not f**king cool, and the last four minutes when Gibbard enters stage is melodic and interesting but nothing explosive. It’s definitely a boil that’ll grow on me in time like most of the group’s songs, but as of now I’m not certain of its place in my catalogue of cab.

M P 3 -> Death Cab For Cutie – I Will Possess Your Heart [ mp3 ].

Now. The more part. I got 3 new releases [some still upcoming ac-tually], 2 of them electronic masterpieces and the other 1 being the newest from one of the most prolific acoustic artists of our ages. If I were talking actual band names, it would go a little something like this: M83, Cut Copy,and Sun Kil Moon.

Lucky Magic Number 1

M83 explodes back on the scene with a release glowing of some sort of 80s critique and hush diaries of a 15 year old girl. Anthony Gonzalez pretty much kept everyone in the indie [elektronika] realm on the edge of their seats with the brilliant Before the Dawn Heals Us, and now he returns with a new sound that compliments his dark beat driven mood rock like a charm. I’ll let you loose on the upcoming Saturdays = Youth‘s first single, “Graveyard Girl” and one that really caught my ear upon first listen. I’m still studying the album as a whole, so as of now I can’t describe what its doing for me exactly. It’s quite nice though.

M P 3s
-> M 83 – Graveyard Girl [ mp3 ]
-> M 83 – Kim & Jessie [ mp3 ]

Lucky Magic Number 2

Cut Copy has found a way to make me fall deeply in love with their style and sound within a week. If you want to know the truth, this is my favorite electronic release of the year. The album doesn’t succumb to the normal guidelines of contemporary elektronika. The boundries are bent and twisted to fit the way this group wants to sound. Good. Perfect, I mean. ch-ch-check.

M P 3s
-> Cut Copy – Feel the Love [ mp3 ] (**DH** Highly Rec’d)
-> Cut Copy – Strangers In the Wind [ mp3 ] (**DH** Highly Rec’d)

Lucky Magic Number 3


This effort doesn’t surprise me at all. Mark Kozelek is just the person for the job to create an abundancy of amazing soft folk rock for a decade and still sound incredible. He doesn’t try to change his style or sound, he never frays from the garage feel of his instruments and the faded, almost echoing vocals. Besides all that, the album is amazing as well.

M P 3s
-> Sun Kil Moon – Moorestown [ mp3 ]
-> Sun Kil Moon – Tonight In Bilbao [ mp3 ]

Well that’s it for today. Hoped you were fond of some of the mat. Cheers.

pre-order that shizz ~HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE


March 13, 2008

I Dig the Diggs

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Previous to this recent Ctrl-Alt-Del phase I had only had three tunes from the Brooklyn based trio, The Diggs. This is one of those instances when you go through an album and it flys by like an episode of Entourage, only at the end of this your not screaming “a fucking 22-minute episode?”, but your a little confused by how a record like this could be released without the amount of hype that an album like Neon Bible garnerned. The album flows with track after track of consistent indie rock. Each track carefully crafted to fit its own niche while masterfully coming together to make the album an experience and an event. Enjoy as much as I did, please.

M P 3s
-> The Diggs – Ctrl-Alt-Del [mp3]
-> The Diggs – Careen [mp3]

pre-order that shizz ~HERE

NEW: Animal Collective – Water Curses MP3


Just when I think Animal Collective can’t possibly top their preceding effort, the first track of their newest release just punches me in the face and knocks me the fuck out. Apologies for the lack of courtesy with that last sentence, but seriously, these guys are on another level. Their music is like an explosion of sound that swarms around everything and anything that you are involved with inside your mind. Each track is like a mental takeover, releasing your imagination into depths never traveled before. It’s really an experience.


-> Animal Collective – Water Curses (Off of the Water Curses – EP due out May 6th) [mp3]

pre-order that shizz ~HERE

March 11, 2008

Giant, Human

Just a fast reminder to anyone who stumbles upon this GOLD MINE of a page to watch the best comedy show on the air (due to those bastards who cancelled my weekly dose of Dr. Tobias F√ľnke). Now I’m sure you’re getting this from all blog angles, corners, sides, etc. But this needs to be hammered home, because if I was not introduced to this stupendous comedy troupe, I would be missing out on some of the greatest television to come around in the past decade. The least you could do, is take a half hour out of your life at 11 o’clock, kick the stupid Rob & Big habit you’ve been nesting and stare intensely at your television moniter. I’m already damn excited for tonight’s show.

Spring Sprang Break

So I gots a lots of cool stuff (scratch that, just one topic of discussion) to talk about here at the midway of my ever-so eventful sprang break at home. I’d like to announce at how pleasantly surprised I was to stumble upon a copy of Tokyo Police Club‘s debut Cd that has had just about everyone in the blogosphere endure the painful anticipation as some sort of torture. But it’s finally here, and after a few listens, I guess it has what everyone’s been waiting to hear: a full length Cd of Tokyo Police Club. I mean, they’re a good band, so who wouldn’t be jazzed up for new material. From an actual muzak standpoint, this album include a lot of catchy guitar riffs that are usually riddled with handclaps in some sort of body-shaking flow. The percussion nails the point home…literally, and the seemingly nonchalant vocals of Dave Monks prove that the bands sound is really still cool. Still hip. So enjoy their first single off Elephant Shell, and this other one that has really caught my attraction.


M P 3s
-> Tokyo Police Club – Tesselate [mp3]
-> Tokyo Police Club – In a Cave [mp3]

pre-order that shizz ~HERE

And as a bonus I’ll be throwing up Knife’s “Heartbeats” for a friend of mine who has a special little crush on it. So here you go bud, ch-ch-check.

B O N U SM P 3s
-> The Knife – Heartbeats [mp3]

January 26, 2008

Made In the Dark and A Guide To Love, Loss and Desperation

I’ve had the amazing pleasure of hearing these two works non-stop for the past two days, and they are simply divine. Hot Chip’s release may be a bit fresher than The Wombats’, but I can’t shake myself free of the happy-go-lucky Liverpool indie rock sound that Love, Loss and Desperation masters to a pin.

First off is the electronic masterminds of Hot Chip, and for lack of a better phrase, they did it again. They created a well rounded album that mixes both energetic and calm electronic tracks that all share the trait of absolutely mesmerizing its listener. There are songs on the album that make ya wanna git up and dance, and there’s songs where your surprised that beats could grab hold of your heart and be so emotional. I wouldn’t quite rank it above The Warning but this is definitley something you will want to get your hands on. Check out some tracks.

M P 3s


Next on rotation…

Every song that made its way to my headphones via fate from Liverpool-based indie rockers, The Wombats, has been a complete personal hit. Their work on their new album, The Wombats Present: A Guide To Love, Loss and Desperation, is emphatic and energetic but extremely fun to listen to and masterfully crafted to pretty much go to the exact places you want it to go. A great fun band and an excellent disc that deserves very much attention. Try some of it out.

M P 3s


P.S. – – – On the second track above, I was praying for a Twin Peaks tribute of some sort. Guess it was just a big mad coincidence. By the way, the Gold Edition is wonderful and I am enjoying what I had never seen of the second season, kinda makes me sad that I only have 3 episodes left, but if you haven’t been exposed to this wonderful series, get exposed. Now.

Anyways, cheers, and here’s the links to pre-order these too warm and fuzzy discs that inspired me to break a heavy chain of laziness and broadcast.
HERE– – – – – – – – and – – – – – – – –HERE

January 20, 2008

Chris Walla – Everybody Needs A Home

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I just got a hold of Chris Walla of Death Cab For Cutie‘s upcoming solo disc, Field Manual, and I must say that there is nothing more refreshing then hearing music made by these guys. Chris Walla is the excellent and usually quiet guitarest of the group, and this new release definitely gives proof that he is as much the brains behind Death Cab as Ben Gibbard is, enjoy this track and be sure to check out the entire fresh disc when it hits the iTunes store waves.


January 10, 2008

other blogs have cooler music than disappear here

semi-true. That’s about the first thing I can say about that. This day has been filled with indifference and a sloppy workout for my first visit to the local Y, which I’ve had membership too? Anyway, no parties emerged from the underworld of this small town because my own house and my good friend’s house (the two major “hotspots” for underage boozing partays) have been shut down due to excessive amounts of alcohol being consumed, people and fights that sprouted from absolutely nothing, and also, the kiddies 1 and 2 years younger than my friends and I have hikes-school tomorrow. To sum it all up, I had a lotta spare time tonight, and it hit me that non was spent blogging. Well when I began a new top 44 post, I was struck with a rush of procrastination and started fumbling through my blogroll to find blogs I have not seen for ages to salvage numerous mp3 files. So I came up with some good ones, and I felt like I should show ’em off, and give you guys my top picks of the litter. But as a note, it should be marked, that D i s a p p e a r H e r e also has it’s strengths, I believe we present some noteworthy tracks as well as these other blogs do.


January 7, 2008

Politica and The Golden Age

Well primaries are pretty much right around the corner, and it occured to me last night after the double-header of debates that this election will be one for the books. I consider myself an understanding and reasonable person, so I can’t find myself completely leaning towards one party. I guess I do hold a majority of conservative views, but I am tolerant and even at some points I agree with stands some of the Democratic candidates garner. Just as the candidates are bracing for the final straight of primary electing, I myself buckle in for serious attention to politics, so for the next few months you may be seeing more politically aimed themes: candidates; breaking news, that kind of stuff, every once in a while.

And for a bonus I’ll toss in some new tracks from the new American Music Club album, The Golden Age.

The album sounds great. Mark Eitzel sounds great and comfortable with Vudi still at his side stirring up mesmerizing riffs that can either be so natural that they go unnoticed in the beautiful fog of everything going on in the song or they can jump right in your face leaving you helpless and a lucky victim. There are so many wonderfully crafted tracks on this album to prove that Eitzel makes magic where he has collaboration, and it saddens me that I can’t share all of them with you immediately because of how much of an indulgence it all can be, but the CD will hit shelves sometime this February, so try to be patient.

“I said to my friend Kit, I know I’m just a tourist but it’s your New York duty to turn a tourist frown upside down. So he took me to a patry for fire-eaters, we did drugs in the toilet, yeah, we were so downtown.”

-> American Music Club- The Grand Duchess of San Francisco [mp3] (* * * D i s a p p e a r H e r e Highly Recommended * * *)
-> American Music Club- The Windows of the World [mp3]
-> American Music Club- On My Way [mp3]

January 4, 2008


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It’ll be one hell of a weekend when Vampire Weekend’s self titled hits shelves. The album has had me mesmerized for days now (along with Heretic Pride and Lucky, but mainly this), but one song in particular has been on repeat for me. It’s that type of song that you sort of pass by on first listen of the album, strictly because of sheer excitement to hear an opening riff or drumbeat that will capture your ears in fascinated interest. The type of song that comes on simply because your playlist has been going through the songs as you are doing something else (most likely Madden or being high), as it plays, you listen to it with more attention, more attention then to a song that you would have picked to play. Your interest increases because of that hint of wonder of why this song passed by unnoticed in the first place. Then finally, appreciation hits. Basically, your entire body is flooded with appreciation. You feel it everywhere, in your arms, in your legs, in your fingers, in your toes, in your ears, in your day-dream. The song becomes a giant blanket of warmth for your entire body, and in the instances of your life while your listening to this song, you create a personal relationship with the song, that will probably never be lost. It’s that type of song.

-> Vampire Weekend- Walcott [mp3] (**DH** Highly Recommended)

January 2, 2008

Hi 2008

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My posting checklist is about 8 feet long as of now; loaded with seemingly endless tasks and promises I still need to fufill, so hopefully that will explain why my New Years post for ’08 comes at about late night on January 2nd. I still have a good 8 more best albums to go, and I need to keep up with a relentless and jam-packed beginning to the year. I’ll get to that in a little bit, but first, I’ll give you some good ole New Year tunes.

-> The Go Find- The New Year [mp3]
-> The Walkmen- New Years Eve [mp3]
-> Sarah Blasko- Planet New Year [mp3]

Now, like I said earlier, this year already has a rapid start with music, so I’d like to share with you some of the upcoming releases that have made their way to my headphones a tad bit before the official release.

The Mountain Goats’ Heretic Pride
Nada Surf’s Lucky
Vampire Weekend’s Vampire Weekend
Hot Chip’s Made In the Dark
Jonny Greenwood’s score for There Will Be Blood (This came out in December this year, but the film will not see wide release until early 2008)

The previous are the upcoming releases that caught my ear, so I’ll give them a chance to catch yours now.

-> The Mountain Goats- Tianchi Lake [mp3]
-> Nada Surf- Weightless [mp3]
-> Vampire Weekend- M79 (New and Improved) [mp3]
-> Hot Chip- Ready For the Floor [mp3]
-> Jonny Greenwood- Open Spaces [mp3]

December 25, 2007

The 25 Days of Christmas: Part 24 (Eve Special)

Tomorrow is Christmas, and tonight is Christmas Eve. I hope you all have enjoyed the past 28 days, so I’m gonna throw together a bunch of new Christmas mp3s and give you the links to all the previous ones. Enjoy! (P.S. – It seems i’ve dipped into the actual 25th! Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight).

-> My Morning Jacket- Xmas Time Is Here [mp3]
-> Bing Crosby- White Christmas [mp3]
-> Low- Just Like Christmas [mp3]
-> The Raveonettes- The Christmas Song [mp3]
-> The Killers- A Great Big Sled [mp3]
-> Fiona Apple- Frosty the Snowman [mp3]
-> Bing Crosby- Silent Night [mp3]
-> Sufjan Stevens- Away In A Manger [mp3]
-> Fred Waring & The Pennsylvanians- ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas [mp3]
-> Andy Williams- O Holy Night [mp3]

All Together Now
-> The Carpenters- The Christmas Song [mp3]
-> Sufjan Stevens- Put the Lights On the Tree [mp3]
-> Nat King Cole- Hark! The Herald Angels Sing [mp3]
-> Gene Autry- Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer [mp3]
-> Phantom Planet- Winter Wonderland [mp3]
-> Sufjan Stevens- Holy, Holy, Holy [mp3]
-> Vaughn Monroe- Let It Snow [mp3]
-> Fountains of Wayne- Valley Winter Song [mp3]
-> Vince Guaraldi Trio and the Cast of Charlie Brown- Christmas Time Is Here [mp3]
-> Elmo & Patsy- Grandma Got Runover By A Reindeer [mp3]
-> Iron & Wine- Sodom, South Georgia [mp3]
-> The Swimmers- The Christmas Sound [mp3]
-> Bobby Helms- Jingle Bell Rock [mp3]
-> Sufjan Stevens- Star of Wonder [mp3]
-> Vince Guaraldi Trio- O Tannenbaum [mp3]
-> Alvin & The Chipmunks- The Chipmunk Song [mp3]
-> Sufjan Stevens- That Was the Worst Christmas Ever [mp3]
-> Mark Mothersbaugh- Sparkplug Minuet [mp3]
-> The Walkmen- The Christmas Party [mp3]
-> Chet Atkins- Jolly Old St. Nicholas [mp3]
-> Johnny Mathis- The First Noel [mp3]
-> Jeff Grant- Christmas [mp3]
-> Ryan Adams- Hey Parker, It’s Christmas [mp3]
-> The Bird and The Bee- Carol of Bells [mp3]
-> The Polyphonic Spree- Carol of Bells (Tim’s About To Lose His Marble) [mp3]
-> Roger Whittaker- The 12 Days of Christmas [mp3]
-> Burl Ives- Christmas Can’t Be Far Away [mp3]

and that’s some good ole fun x-mas. Merry Christmas once again.

December 18, 2007

The 25 Days of Christmas: Part 18

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In celebration of M. Bison recently releasing their EP, here’s Jeff Grant to put out some X-Mas vibes for everyone.

-> Jeff Grant- Christmas [mp3]

December 17, 2007

the top 44 albums of 2 thousand 7 (36-33)

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Free Image Hosting

Well, my plane has been delayed for an hour and forty minutes so I have some time to spare. I’ll give you part tres of my favorite 44 albums of the year (p.s. I know I’m moving slow with this but it’s all about the vibe).

pps. Sorry I didn’t include the *SONG OF THE ALBUM* feature in albums 40-37

patrick park: everyone’s in everyone
Patrick Park took my by great surprise this year. I had heard his “Life Is A Song” in the concluding episodes of one of my favorite television shows (The O.C naturally), and I was blown away by its beautiful simplicity. After identifying his album by my knowledge of that song, I was pulled into it’s acoustic aesthetics. I was amazed at how far he went on the album instead of being one of those artists who makes one good acoustic track. Don’t get me wrong, “Life Is A Song” is a wonderful song, but do not let it overpower the rest of the album. *SONG OF THE ALBUM*: “Life Is A Song”.

-> Patrick Park- Here We Are [mp3]
-> Patrick Park- Life Is A Song [mp3]

buy patrick park here.

band of horses: cease to begin
I talked about Band of Horses a lot when this album came out, because to me it was simply mindblowing. This is the only band I know that uses the album cover art as a precursory to the vibe the album will put out. It happened with Everything All the Time with the swamp / woods themed cover, and continued on Cease To Begin. But other than that little tidbit I find important, this album is wonderful. Take a listen or take twelve and it will never disappoint you. *SONG OF THE ALBUM*: “The General Specific”.

-> Band of Horses- The General Specific [mp3]
-> Band of Horses- Window Blues [mp3]

buy band of horses here

bishop allen: the broken string
If you were as big of a Bishop Allen fan as I was while the EP Project happened for a year, then you’ll agree that this should be more a salute to that than this album. This album is great, but it uses a lot of tracks from some of the 12 EPs. Plus, when you’re done with the songs you might have already known, you get a batch of new good ones! If I were combining both this album and the EPs, this would definitley be holding a higher place on my list because of how great that feat was, but this disc is wonderful by itself and should definitley be in your collection. *SONG OF THE ALBUM*: “Rain”.

-> Bishop Allen- Rain mp3
-> Bishop Allen- Chinatown Bus mp3

buy bishop allen here.

bright eyes: cassadaga
This was definitely a breath of fresh air when first hearing this album. It is clearly a departure and a sign of maturity for Bright Eyes, I mean don’t get me wrong, I love their previous records, it’s just I was glad to see them showing off their folk roots a little bit more, and for me, It suited them better. Conor Oberst again proves that he is one of modern music’s most creative songwriters and lyricist while putting out an album that’s just great to listen to. *SONG OF THE ALBUM*: “Classic Cars”.

-> Bright Eyes- Clairaudients (Kill Or Be Killed) [mp3
-> Bright Eyes- Classic Cars [mp3]
-> Bright Eyes- Cleanse Song [mp3]

buy bright eyes here.

top 44 albums of 2 thousand 7 part i (44-41)
top 44 albums of 2 thousand 7 part ii (40-37)

December 14, 2007

Blogging from PCA / The 25 Days of Christmas: Part 14

Here I am, blogging from Port Columbus Airport, awaiting my 5:38 flight into Newark International, and with it being 3:31, I would say I have plenty of time to spare.

Excited, very, I am for taking a month break to enjoy Christmas and the start of 2008. For the past week and a half I slaved over more than 45 pages of final papers, and one grueling Japanese class exam. The easiest way I can express myself write now is to just say Thank God it’s done with. Now, back to business for the most part. All I can really put up right now is this new track from the upcoming album Real Emotional Trash from ex-Pavement muskateer, Stephen Malkmus and his band The Jicks. The track’s called “Baltimore”, and it is raw rock at Malkmus’ best. The guitar work stands out triumphantly and the track bellows with enough power and effectiveness to give anyone with the right mind to be excited about this new release.

-> Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks- Baltimore [mp3]

And for the holiday portion of this post, I am happy to say that I am flying into a fresh foot of snow that covered the northern east coast yesterday, and it seems absolutely serene for my case.

Not a very Christmas-y picture, and the song may raise some questions as well, but The Royal Tenenbaums always reminded me a bit of Christmas. From the snowflakes falling occasionally in scenes to the Charlie Brown motif; this song represents that for me.

-> Mark Mothersbaugh- Sparkplug Minuet [mp3]

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