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November 28, 2007

My Christmas Plan / The 25 Days of Christmas: Part -2

So it’s kind of a thing of mine to get so jazzed up for late December starting immediately after T-Day. But anyway, I got in my head to start my Advent Calender a little earlier than December, say like, right now. Basically every day, if you like to visit this site, instead of opening that little box on the normal Advent Calender to find a toy or a butterscotch candy or whatever it is your tradition entails, you will find a freshly wrapped Christmas-related MP3.

Over the years I have been piling up tunes that are at least one of the following categories: Classic Christmas song, Oldies Christmas tune, Oldies Christmas tune remixed, cover of a Classic Christmas song, a contemporary Christmas song, or just a song that reminds me of the winter / snow / sleigh bells / fireplace warmth during a blizzard / Christmas in general / etc. As all of this culminates to my favorite day of the entire trip around the Sun (And it will be Christmas Eve, because I am not as joyous on Christmas Day because it just means I have to wait another 365 days till that monumental feeling of glee), I will throw together all the remaining Christmas tunes that did not make it on a day on this virtual Advent for a long list of Holiday fun and cheer for everyone of all ages. But like I said, I can barely contain my excitement so the clean cut internet muzak Advant Calender begins today.

And a special P.S.: I will not stop my regular postings, these dailies will just be extra to whatever I would usually be putting on the table. Enjoy day one! And this really is the most wonderful time of the year.

-> The Carpenters- The Christmas Song [mp3]

(be tee dubbs, basically all of these em pee threes are going to be highly rec’d)


November 5, 2007


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Just got a listen to the new Killers b-sides, rarities, and remixes album Sawdust and I thought there was some interesting pieces of work entailed, so I thought I’d share. I’ve been hearing mixed reviews by everyone about the Joy Division cover, “Shadowplay,” that also happens to be on the great new biopic on Ian Curtis, Control (The film is directed by Anton Corbijn and stars Samantha Morton, who just seems to be everywhere I like in film today), but wow I just lost myself from conveying my opinion on the cover. I actually enjoy it quite well, and on that note, I really enjoy a lot of what The Killers put out. A lot of the stuff on the album is good on first listen and great after a few (Though I’m not sure how they’ll be after a lot). I really do think it’s something to check out. So here’s some sampling for yr appetite. Cheers.


-> The Killers- Shadowplay [mp3]
-> The Killers- Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love To Town [mp3]
-> The Killers- Show You How [mp3]

August 28, 2007


Not much in muzak has been happening these days. Oh yes, so I’ve resorted to pumping Grateful Dead, Phish, Big Wu, Allman Brothers Band and agressively ghetto hip-hop music out the stereo system I so appropriately set up in my dorm room. But one thing that caught my attention, again, and more emphatically this time, is the Wheezy F. B. The Wheezy F Baby, Wheeziana, Dwayne Carter Jr., (I could go on and on) Lil’ Wayne.

These past 48 hours have been me valuing this valuable rhythm because of drunk nights that have led to drunken facebook wall-messages filled with random portions of the Wheezy Baby’s lyrics. Many nicknames can come along with this master entertainer of the hip-hop arts, but one style sticks. He calls himself the best rapper alive and that could very possibly be very true, his rhymes are fresh, intelligent, creative, and not entirely planned all of the time. His freestyles do not seem to keep me calm either. To sum all this up, Lil’ Wayne has become my favorite rapper over the past few months, and it was solitified by this environment where all is played is Lil’ Wayne rap, and to tell the truth, I’m damn happy that happened. So here are a bunch of MP3s from either the leaked Tha Carter 3, or from mixtapes, or from random other fun stuff. Ya know! Hopefully more will happen soon enough, if not, oh well. We’ll survive, I mean, we still got The Most Serene Republic, Band of Horses, and Kanye West coming out soon with new albums. Cheers.


-> Lil’ Wayne- La La La
-> Lil’ Wayne- I Feel Like Dying (* Cleaner Version *) (DH Highly Recommended!)
-> Lil’ Wayne- Get It Shawty
-> Lil’ Wayne- Something You Forgot
-> Lil’ Wayne feat. Juelz Santana- Badside
-> Lil’ Wayne feat. Mack Maine- I Know the Future (Timbaland Produced)

P.S.: May I add how much I love the new Band of Horses album cover? What do you guys think?

P.P.S.: I do not get HBO here. What the fuck!

August 9, 2007

Kansas City, Missouri

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I have been a strong supporter of the University of Alabama Football for quite some time now, and all for the reason for this post is QB Brodie Croyle, an Alabama native who was drafted to the Kansas City Chiefs two years ago. Now, here came the dilemma. I have been a diehard Miami Dolphins since I was a young chap, but recently (last year, and this year’s pre-season) I have completely disagreed with every move they made, every decision they decided. I was never as embarrassed to be a Dolphin fan than I was this pre-season. It all started with their Quarterback situation. They could have drafted Brodie Croyle two years ago, but decided not to. Instead they put Daunte Culpepper and Joey Harrington as rotating offensive leaders. I hated this because I knew no good (let alone great) would come from this. Sure they won some games and I was there to cheer them on then, and sure I still do love players like Chris Chambers, Zach Thomas, Ronnie Brown, Jason Taylor, and Randy McMichael, but something seemed to leave the Dolphins recently, and something seemed to be gained for me when they Chiefs announced that Brodie Croyle would be competing for the starting QB spot against veteran back-up Damon Huard. And something was also gained when it was announced that this battle for the starting spot would basically be broadcasted through HBO on an NFL Films show about the Chiefs’ 3 week training camp. This made it very hard for me to not get more excited about the Chiefs than about the Dolphins, and that is the basic conclusion I have come to. I still enjoy Miami football, but the Chiefs have slowly made their name as number 1 in my book. And along with this announcement I would also like to promote watching this show, because it is wonderfully shot, gritty, funny, and entertaining as all heck. “We’re Gonna Beat the Hell Outta You!”

MP3: M. Ward feat. Jim James- Magic Trick (Kansas City Remix)
MP3: Low- Missouri

August 2, 2007


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After a trip to Northern Michigan, and endless hours of reflection and screenwriting, two albums prevailed that I have come to realize never got the deserved praise upon my first completed listen. Those two albums were Greg Gillis’s brainchild, Girl Talk’s Night Ripper and Interpol’s Antics. These two discs caught many a spin on my vacation and gave me a whole new perspective on the shiz. So this one goes out to the mangled minds and their heroic feats in records that took more blood, spit, sweat, and heart than I ever could imagine. It comes through the blasts of the headphones. Listen and catch fire.


MP3: Narc
MP3: Take You On A Cruise
MP3: Public Pervert

Girl Talk
Night Ripper

MP3: Minute by Minute
MP3: Give and Go
MP3: Hold Up

Buy Antics. Buy Night Ripper.

June 4, 2007

kanye’s blowing up again

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Kanye has been hitting the blogosphere at full speed with insurmountable effects. His newest CD, Graduation, is set to come out late August 2007, and is once again (sigh of emphatic relief) produced by Jon Brion. The album is also said to hold collaborations with Common, John Mayer, and Chris Martin of Coldplay, and only 7 of the CD’s tracks have been speculated at this point. Here’s the two songs that have leaked thusfar from the Graduation, and here’s a really cool one brought to my attention by IGIF from his new mixtape, Can’t Tell Me Nothing.


Kanye West- Can’t Tell Me Nothing
Kanye West- Stronger [Radio Rip] (hate the annoying DJ…a lot)
Kanye West- Young Folks (Off the Can’t Tell Me Nothing mixtape, go Peter Bjorn and John!)

Sunday Night Extravaganza: One Finale down, one BIGGER one to go!

Sopranos: Very strong episode, not a second without anxiety and distress, in a good way. It’s all building up. And the ending, whatever it is, began this episode. If it was when either Tony of Phil ordered the whacks on each other, it all started molding at that point. Interesting highlights from the episode included: the failed identification of Phil and murder of the innocent Czechs, Bobby’s death in the toy train shop when the shop keeper told him his son would appreciate it, and Bobby responded by saying, “na, he wouldn’t,” the attempted whack on Sil, Tony being set free from psychiatric help, Tony putting his foot down on his whimpering son, Tony resting in bed with Bobby’s gift, and that eerie flashback from episode one of this season in the boat with Bobby. It is a lot to swallow, but I can’t really spit it out until it’s all in there. So with that said, bring on the series finale.

Entourage: 3rd season finale was ok. It had it’s moments, like Adam Goldberg, Billy Walsh (who I interestingly discovered was based off of Vincent Gallo which is a kinda cool thing), Nicky Ruebenstein v. Billy Walsh, E v. Billy Walsh (did you see? did you see? What E does next season? Which is like in two weeks), Dramas definition of women, Dramas bidding war for his apartment. But other than that, it was a bit short, lacked any real crucial decisions or events because the next season begins in two weeks, so it really didn’t need to. On a side note, I’m am very excited for John From Cincinatti and Big Love, and curious to see Flight of the Conchords

Last but not least, is White Rabbits, with their new release that is causing some major hype, Fort Nightly. This band rocks like you can’t imagine, comparisons have been made, things have been said, one being that they are the next Arcade Fire, which I completely disagree with, this group is all their own. They got power and emotion and they represent it well. And hey! Even Pitchfork likes them, so I mean, they have to be good! Give ’em a try.


White Rabbits- The Plot
White Rabbits- Dinner Party

May 30, 2007

more rap, tegan, sara, more

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more more rap from my friend’s alter ego, DJ Sawce. I may be overloading on my presentation of hip-hop & r + b, but it is what is recently on my playlist, well it’s that and the new Tegan & Sara album. Which is outstanding, and I’ll leave some sample tracks for you to test out because it is highly recommended. But for the rap, that’s all good as well (especially the gross but catchy David Banner [pictured above] song), because there is nothing better than pumping some beat driven hip-hop with windows open in your car in the previewing stages of Summer in Spring.


** Bonus **: As a small extra I’m gonna throw in another AIH I’m warming up to from the new album I’m having trouble warming up to as a whole, the New New Pornographers song that I. Am. Loving,another The Bravery that I’m really enjoying, and FINALLY, a new song from Sufjan (Boy I am really getting my fill this week), carpet rolled out by Stereogum, described as taking a new angle, which is a definite thing when you hear the heavy influence of Sufjan fav’s, The Ex. Enjoy em’.


Allstar Cashville feat. Lil’ Wayne– Grey Goose
Khao- Keys In The Air
Bobby Valentino- Anonymous
David Banner- Suicide Doors
Kanye West- Can’t Tell Me Nothing
Tegan & Sara- Back In Your Head (DH highly recommended AND personal favorite)
Tegan & Sara- Nineteen
Architecture in Helsinki- Nothing’s Wrong
The New Pornographers- My Rights Versus Yours
The Bravery- Split Me Wide Open
Sufjan Stevens- The Words of the Governor

May 21, 2007


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Got some cool new rap muzak that’s flowing through me and my car stereo. This post was inspired by Ratatat’s Hip-hop Remix Volumes 1 & 2:


These remixes are some solid tracks. I love the selection of songs, the turns they take, how different they sound, and how well that difference fits. There has been a lack of hip-hop cycling through my playlist lately, and these remixes definitley re-vamped it, sparking a mini-revolution (next step: Get my friend to burn me a rap mix of the latest stuff he’s liking, the kids got a good taste in rap, what can I say?).

From Volume 1

mp3: Raekwon- Smith Bros. (Ratatat Remix)
mp3: Lox- Dirty Riders (Ratatat Remix)

From Volume 2

mp3: Young Jeezy feat. Bun-B- Over Here (Ratatat Remix)
mp3: Slim Thug, T.I., Bun-B- Three Kings (Ratatat Remix)

Now my friend has an alter-ego: DJ Sawce, and in no way is he ghetto, but he makes a mean compilation of up-to-date good rap songs. He gave me the latest Sawce Presents mix, simply entitled: I’m Coming With! (inspired by our favorite Will Ferrell line from Wedding Crashers).


Akon feat. Lil’ Wayne, David Banner, and Snoop Dogg- 9 Millimeter (DH personal fav. Because of Lil’ Wayne’s rap)
Akon feat. Obie Trice- Look At Me
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony- Candy Paint (DH personal fav.)
Young Jeezy- Corporate Thugging

May 20, 2007


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The boys (and girl) from Aussie land are back to produce another dance producing, multi-instrumented, just musically out of control single that gets a good thumbs up by me. And in addition to the single, some of the remixes are also very well-done, and good for a AIH fan, or a fan of remixes, or just of good muzak.

mp3: Architecture in Helsinki- Heart it Races
mp3: Architecture in Helsinki- Heart it Races (As Played by Soft Tigers) (DH personal fav.)
mp3: Architecture in Helsinki- Heart it Races (Yacht’s I Should Coco Mix)


May 13, 2007

NAME Remix

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So I thought I’d spin things here with a different title that reflected my feelings to everything, my glance of life at the moment. The web address will stay true to the original name, but false to the actual name, but that kinda gives me like 2 names for this blog, and I think that’s fun fun fun. While I’m at it, I may as well give my thoughts on tonight’s segment of the Sunday HBO Extravaganza (I decided that title right now).

Entourage: If only they didn’t try to make a place for Turtle on this episode where he was not needed. If only. The episode seemed very lengthy, and seemed to capture a solid amount of coverage for the short half-hour time period. Ari was a great supporter, funny at enough times, but serious for the joyous climax of getting Vince back and what he really wanted this whole time. E and Vince were stable, showed their devotion and emotion to this business they’re in. Johnny Drama Chase rocked it. Period. He was great, I felt sympathy for him, I laughed when he was passed out in the back of the car with a bottle whiskey, and I felt shivers when he found out his show was a hit. So Right. And Turtle, I can’t seem to relate to him I guess. His flirtation session with Kelly that involved talking about shoes was awkward and lame in my opinion, and the time could’ve been used for more Drama or Ari screentime. Overall an excellent episode. It could’ve been the best of the season, it could still be, but I hope it gets a little bit better. Still I’m more than satisfied.

Sopranos: Okay. I will admit in the first 10 minutes I was scared and dumbfounded. Not at the plot of the show, but I literally thought it was a joke, and hoped it was a dream. The acting of the girls in the other car was ridiculous. The car flipped for a good half-hour, and it just wasn’t as good as I could imagine the Sopranos making it. BUT. The rest of the episode made up for it, making it a really anti-emotional show. I’m not sure what was with the asbestos situation, or where that will lead to. But Phil is a big asshole. And that will lead to something. Tony came right out and told his therapist the direct truth, and he was no where near emotional. He was raw, and smart, and he saw in Christopher’s look in the car that something wasn’t right with him, and from the likes of last weeks episode he was ultimately right. Vegas was cool. That girl was like a 9.5. Only problem was the lack of forward motion. I’m not sure where AJ’s at. At first I thought he was into the violence, but now I’m just confused. Well, we’ll see. 3 more episodes, and I trust the makers to do something that will never be forgotten here, which they’ve pretty much already done with the show as a whole.

Coolio. 2 post day. Here’s a song I like from some real hipsters. This group Tiger Lou has a real indie rock sound that shows nothing but potential. The EP Nixon is a nice buy on iTunes if you have the time and cash. But here’s a track from their upcoming album that is yet to be titled nor finished. A good jingle though.

mp3: Tiger Lou- Functions

YACHT and Other Things

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I Believe In You. Your Magic is Real is a real representative of how big electronic indie music is becoming. From YACHT to The Junior Boys to Justice, electronic is just becoming so in. YACHT is first on my list because the album I Believe is real fun to listen to. It’s at complete full capacity with creativity and the pops and drum beats and unpredictable vocals by Jona Bechtolt, every song has its own little itch that really ends up expanding to form an album that is a spectacle and interesting from beginning to finish. The music is hard to just listen to, you have to do something (dance, groove), something, to complete the listening experience, and I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. Jona’s favored hobby of crowdsurfing is supported (literally) by a YACHT Army. A nation of Jona Bechtolts is a good thing. This music is really catching on, and that is as well a good thing. If not through YACHT, you will see this through Justice who are shaping up to have the most anticipated indie release at this point. should be marvelous because of the tracks out on the intra-net right now, and because of what those guys have accomplished in the past. And the other boys, The Junior Boys are just sitting back (well not really, tours are cool though) and taking in everything from this very respectable crowd of listeners are are wising up because they’re listening to things that deserve it. Ramble Ramble Ramble…Cue hip image and Mp3s.

mp3: YACHT- It’s Coming to Get You
mp3: Justice- Genesis (Special Thanks to The Music Slut for posting this puppy)
mp3: Junior Boys- Like a Child (Carl Craig Remix) (Off the Dead Horse E.P.)

May 1, 2007

Gas Cowboys

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Double post day! And I’m saying it right now, last twenty albums will be the next post, so help me God. But besides that, the reason why this group gets its own post, instead of being mashed in with the wonderful presence of Modest Mouse (Not like there’s anything wrong with that), is because Gasoline Cowboy deserves the headline of their own post, they’ve earned it, and have won me over…with two songs…as of now. The two songs I have heard though, have simply floored me. They hail from New Zealand and create a sound that sounds like a mixture of groups you know but cannot quite name. The scratchy vocals and harrowing guitar screams evoke tender feelings, whether they be familiar and ebullient, or they invent shivers up and down your forarms. The two songs are very different, and that is how this band varies so well within the limits of 2 songs. Which I find truly amazing, and I cannot stand the wait to discover the boundaries these guys cross with their upcoming album, Pave the Way.

mp3: Gasoline Cowboy- Outta My Hands (Ew. Myspace rip. Sorry for that, but it’s the only way I could get the song, pay attention to the songwriting and singing over the awful quality and just believe)
mp3: Gasoline Cowboy- Beach In Cali High

April 15, 2007

God that was strange to see you again.

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Nostalgia sometimes has a cure, in the form of remix albums. This is certainly the case for Stars’ remarkable release Set Yourself On Fire that has been remixed and flipped around to make Do You Trust Your Friends?, and has made quite possibly my favorite remix album of 2006 or 2007 (so far). From the opening chords of Final Fantasy’s rendition of “Your Ex-Lover is Dead” you will realize that this thing does justice for it’s original (Let me slightly trail off and explain how great of an album Set Yourself On Fire was. It was such a solid and flawless release from a great group and it captures everything and anything one would ever need in a beautiful instance and delivers it to the listener in a form of wonderful and sweet brevity). The (remix) album flows like the shadow of the original, abiding to the guidelines of that should-be-respected masterpiece, but also throws in necessary twitches and changes that add to the creativity and leaves the listener with something new of something that was originally their favorite. You can’t go wrong with listening to this if you like good music (Just my opinion, I guess that’s fine if you don’t like the hush and mystical sounds of Stars), I mean, Arts & Crafts basically hands this thing to you on a golden platter with the bands remixing glorious music (Apostle of Hustle, Junior Boys, The Dears, The Stills, Russian Futurists). But anyway, I thought this was a more than interesting little listen, and a definite buy. Always with love…BK

mp3: Stars- Your Ex-Lover Is Dead (Final Fantasy Remix) (p.s. the piano melody may be one of the most beautiful things I have heard in ages, it sings hope and distress at the same time, simply astonishing, I’m speechless by the ways of Owen Pallett)
mp3: Stars- Set Yourself On Fire (Montag Remix)
mp3: Stars- Sleep Tonight (Junior Boys Remix)

Buy that pile of hot fuss right here.

Sufjan Covers Joni, Voxtrot Has a Party

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Any Sufjan song is worth going through hoops to get, this one is no different, but it wasn’t too hard to come across, the song? Sufjan’s cover of “Free Man in Paris” on the new Joni Mitchell tribute album, properly named: A Tribute to Joni Mitchell. I really enjoy the song, though I basically love anything Sufjan puts out there, so have a look for yourself.

mp3: Sufjan Stevens- A Free Man Paris

Also I just got a copy of the soon-to-be-coming s/t Voxtrot album, and I’m pretty sure after this first listen that it’s going to be like every other Voxtrot I’ve heard: At first I’m iffy and not too confident that the song is good, but I do notice the potential. Then after a few listens, I can’t get the song out of my head. So I am pretty sure that’s what is going to happen with this whole album, because I even am picking up some clever riffs on first listen, and I’m actually really into some of the songs on the first listen, which is a good sign. So here are some of the tracks that caught my attention immediately. Always with love…BK

mp3’s have been removed. But be on the look out for this disc. It’s really growing on me.

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