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November 27, 2007

wyclef and the carnivale part 2

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I was blessed today to stumble upon a copy of the new Wyclef CD. Each track is packed with soul and great contributors from the likes of T.I. to Paul Simon. It has been a while since the world has been graced with the rap-reggae style of Wyclef or The Fugees, so this batch of gorgeous tunes is definitley a breath of fresh air. Overall, muzak has been slow lately, but in the world of hip-hop I have been so occupied with constant Lil Wayne mixtapes that continue to stun me with both their quality and quickness of release, and another song that has been driving me nuts has been the dice-rolling song from Knocked Up. So enjoy these Wyclef tracks, and the bonus babe that hits hard.


-> Wyclef Jean feat. T.I.- Slow Down [mp3]
-> Wyclef Jean feat. Paul Simon- Fast Car [mp3]
-> Wyclef Jean feat. Norah Jones- Any Other Day [mp3]

bonus mp3

-> Savage- Swing [mp3]

Oh shit, shake that ass and move it like a gypsy. Stop, aw, back it up and let me them hips swing


November 26, 2007

what is it? like b-sides/rarities month?

Seriously, there’s been like a trillion B-sides and Rarities Discs that have hit shelves in the past few weeks, well more like four, but really, The Killers, Cake just dropped one, and now these two which happen to be my favorites. It’s seriously like the only good stuff coming out, instead of actual new CDs (It’s been like a drought of wonderful indie muzak rain lately). SO anyway, here are the two that I really like. The Annuals’ b-sides from pretty much my favorite album of 2006, Be He Me, and some fresh new jumpy pop tunes from The Format. Enjoy.

-> Annuals- Ease My Mind [mp3]
-> Annuals- Sewn To Kites [mp3]
-> Annuals- Frelen Mas [mp3]
-> The Format- Lottery Song [mp3
-> The Format- Glutton Of Sympathy [mp3]

May 30, 2007

more rap, tegan, sara, more

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more more rap from my friend’s alter ego, DJ Sawce. I may be overloading on my presentation of hip-hop & r + b, but it is what is recently on my playlist, well it’s that and the new Tegan & Sara album. Which is outstanding, and I’ll leave some sample tracks for you to test out because it is highly recommended. But for the rap, that’s all good as well (especially the gross but catchy David Banner [pictured above] song), because there is nothing better than pumping some beat driven hip-hop with windows open in your car in the previewing stages of Summer in Spring.


** Bonus **: As a small extra I’m gonna throw in another AIH I’m warming up to from the new album I’m having trouble warming up to as a whole, the New New Pornographers song that I. Am. Loving,another The Bravery that I’m really enjoying, and FINALLY, a new song from Sufjan (Boy I am really getting my fill this week), carpet rolled out by Stereogum, described as taking a new angle, which is a definite thing when you hear the heavy influence of Sufjan fav’s, The Ex. Enjoy em’.


Allstar Cashville feat. Lil’ Wayne– Grey Goose
Khao- Keys In The Air
Bobby Valentino- Anonymous
David Banner- Suicide Doors
Kanye West- Can’t Tell Me Nothing
Tegan & Sara- Back In Your Head (DH highly recommended AND personal favorite)
Tegan & Sara- Nineteen
Architecture in Helsinki- Nothing’s Wrong
The New Pornographers- My Rights Versus Yours
The Bravery- Split Me Wide Open
Sufjan Stevens- The Words of the Governor

May 29, 2007

Sufjan Stevens Gets a Makeover

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Sufjan’s early straight banjo/guitar folk masterpiece is getting an encore. Seven Swans is being re-issued off Sounds Familyre [Purchase] and being thrown in is a 7 featuring two unreleased b-sides from the Swans era of crackily vinyl sufjan-y goodness. So much excitement for the other bonus song, because Shameless Complacency got a hold of one of them and calmed our anxiety by posting it, thanks so much for us who are impatient. Sufjan deserves the re-issue, can’t wait for any news on the new state or project, doesn’t matter to me.


Sufjan Stevens- Sister
Sufjan Stevens- Waste of What Your Kids Won’t Have (Courtesy of Shameless Complacency)

demolition in helsinki

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As much as I hate saying this, Architecture in Helsinki has gone too experimental, and too overboard with their new LP, Places Like This. In my opinion they hit the highest they could go with artsy noise pop that still sounded cool on In Case We Die, which was a excellent album, but on this one, they take it too many steps too far. Unnecessary synthesized deep voices, random arrangements that don’t clash well at all, short track list, ect. (It’s really just so 80s pop, and not in a good way). Now now, this is all upon first listen, and I am praying that some tracks can be salvaged from this first impression and be put together to give me a better understanding of what’s all going on. I do enjoy some of the songs so far somewhat, so I may be overreacting right now. But I’m sorry, I just love this group so much I feel like I’m hyperventilating (Fingers Crossed).


Architecture in Helsinki- Debbie
Architecture in Helsinki- Underwater

(p.s. Good News, I am enjoying another song more! So stock is rising, but still, I am not completely regretting this post)

April 15, 2007

rainy sunday and amy regan and entourage and thanksgiving and backwards order

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Plymouth Murder Movie, I wish it was real.

Now. I never fully critiqued last Sunday’s evening of mass entertainment (hence The Sopranos followed by the enchanting and addictive Entourage [p.s. by the way. When does Big Love start up again?]), but here I have the divine chance to, only hours before the second establishments of both of their seasons.

Now, The Sopranos debut episode of their last season was very approapriate. It started off with a little twist of the past plotline that gave a peek into the ever-growing case against Anthony Soprano, and after every thing (seemingly) cleared out of that early hassle, the episode entered a very calm setting in which it was very familiar to (cough cough last season). In a cabin, on the lake, still waters, drinks very comforting…Until the ever so haunting Monopoly is played, this time the drinks are at a point where there not so much comforting but damaging. I believe this was the most crucial scene in the entire episode. It was pretty much Tony getting beaten in a fight by Bobby, it symbolized Tony’s upcoming and slow downfall from the top, he cannot even defeat his brother-in-law in a scuffle that is reminiscent of two grizzly bears wrestling, a brother-in-law who usually takes all the smack Tony talks, who plays with trains, who cannot even stand up to his own son’s rebellions, who hasn’t even killed a person yet, which brings me to the second most crucial scene. Tony assigns a hit for Bobby to carry out because Tony believes he can catch Bobby in a situation that emasculates Bobby, and thus makes Tony the stronger of the two, but instead he makes a very critical error. Bobby follows through with the hit, and “popps his cherry,” if you will, and he enters this new state of balance. He enters a postition of confidence and power because of his beating of Tony and his strength to kill a man. Am I saying that Bobby is going to try to take over? Or even think it? No, I’m just not ruling it out, and remember the main idea of the episode in my opinion was the beginning of Tony’s (what will be) slow downfall. and P.S. Christopher’s 3 second cameo made me laugh for minutes, and minutes after the show as well.

On to Entourage, the show never ceases to amaze me. Bright lights, big city, big star, his friends, Victoria’s Secret, Skyy, and Ari Gold. Is MedellĂ­n really available?, and Is there something inside Vince that really does want him to get back with Ari?

* * * *

Now to Amy Regan. Amy Amy Amy Regan. I know of her through a friend, and he hooked me up with her promotional EP or something like that. And it’s wonderful. Amy is graduating from Skidmore this year and is already on the rise, she’s even played some nights at CBGB’s a while back in her Junior year. But anyway this girl has some pretty noticeable talent. Her voice really barrels through anything you would suspect from a rookie of this sort and takes you by full suprise, its beautiful and raw and it really speaks in my opinion. And also, the instrumentals are just as needed than the vocals, which from up to this point I thought was her majority quality, but I was way wrong. The melodies really grab you and take you into a place, more specifically a place in a certain season (Mostly Fall and those rainy Spring days*). A great little listen from someone who will be turning lots of heads in music world in the near future. *Now to my final area of discussion. The rain. Today is one of those rainy spring days, and I love it. Drenched with a hangover from a long last Saturday night of my sprang break, a nice rainy day is just exactly what I could have dreamed for. Nothing beats sitting around, watching movies, being lazy, mixing the Pom Juice with sparkling water, and just straight up relaxing on a Sunday, nothing does. Enjoy Amy. Always with love…BK

mp3: Amy Regan- Carry On (p.s. I think I do shiver at the chorus when the words “so carry on then carry on” are whispered)

mp3: Amy Regan- I’ll Take the Wine

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